Saturday 22 January 2022

Why Banksters Are "Fighting" The FED With Tether Using Your Money? And Who Is Buying All Gold And Silver Now?

Bitcoin plunges to lowest levels since August 2021 following, triggering and igniting the sell-off in technology sectors. Everything is already here and it is happening all at once. 

"How could twisted minds be allowed to hijack the "End The FED" and "Freedom Fighters for Honest Money" movements and exploit so basic Greed and Lust all over again? Look around you, why banksters "are fighting" with you now banks and FED for the future of Honest Money and for the "given by God right" to go "To The Moon" without paying Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos for the tickets?" 

The Treason. The Art of War. The whole generation.

The new very important chapter in The Great History of Cults is being turned over. The next chapter is Gold. The Catalyst is upon us. 

"Freedom fighters" are learning the hard way principles of Crypto Pumpernomics which are masterfully masqueraded by the explosive mixture of technical crypto nonsense with some brave ideas promoted by the early adaptors of the Australian School of Economics. 

Crypto myths are being dismantled one by one: Bitcoin is NOT Gold 2.0, Bitcoin is not an inflation hedge and Bitcoin is not a new asset class that will take the place of bonds in the "deworsified" model portfolios. Bitcoin is triggering, following and igniting the burst of all bubbles starting with technology sectors. 

There is no Gold 2.0 - there are more than 5,000 years of human history with Gold. We have another confirmation of the unique status of Gold - as the ultimate hedge for all portfolios constructed with equities, bonds and crypto-assets.

While Bitcoin is finishing its McDonalds pattern, you still have some time to dive deep into my stream of consciousness and maybe you can find your own answers to why banksters are "fighting" the FED with Tether using your money?

And who is buying all Gold and Silver now? Stay safe. Hedge your dreams. 

"How could so many bright people miss the whole point of another beautiful idea... again? How could dirty hands corrupt so quickly with Greed and Lust FOMOs the commandments of The White Paper? Bitcoin Crypto Bubble, like every other Great Bubble, demands from the Great People to self-sacrifice in order to become The Great Crypto Bubble. "The revolution always eats its own children."

Please read my legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blogs. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

Brave Bitcoin Fighters With Ugly FIAT, Comrades, Be Prepared! Always Prepared! Proud People of El Salvador, Meet Tether: "FED" Of The DeepFake Bitcoin Crypto EcoSystem - "Give Me Just One Generation Of Youth And I'll Transform The Whole World." 

InterNational Human Wealth of Wisdom. Attributed to Russian People. 

Dear Friends, I will not waste your time today with my personal stream of consciousness for too long. Everything is already here. Now. Everything is already written, you just need to find it. 

The UniVerse is unfolding this Life in front of our eyes by moving us in our perception through time and space along all turns on the timeline of The Blocks of Life Chain Great Spiral. You cannot step in the same water under the bridge twice. History never repeats itself, but it rhymes. 

Blessed are the young with their ignorance and they will be forgiven. But those who know, will not escape their own judgement, they know better. When The Great History of Cults is written, this chapter will be one of the best page-turners. 

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