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Lithium Race: Germany Wants To Put 2 Billion Euros Into Encouraging Electric Cars.

Electric Vehicles News.

  As you already know, in my very personal opinion all cars will be electric and very soon, now we can see that the West is slowly waking up to this really after wasting billions on Hydrogen and "Clean Diesel". Who will hold the keys to the future now? Tesla is talking to German government about Gigafactory, Volkswagen is pushing its Lithium Mea Culpa with BUDDY-e, Audi and Mercedes are going electric and BMW looks to be finally committed to be electric as well. Slowly, but surely we are drifting towards the green future with electric cars being better and getting cheaper than any cancer hazard polluting ones. 

Lithium Race: Tesla Is In Talks With German Officials Over Building 'Gigafactory 2'.


  ElecTrek reports on the Tesla talks with Germany to build there Gigafactory 2. International Lithium is very well positioned to participate in this Lithium Race with its J/V Avalonia project in Ireland financed by giant from China Ganfeng Lithium. Even before the first Gigafactory came on-line Ganfeng has increased lithium prices twice last month to the record of $11,049 per Tonne! 

International Lithium Meets With Hero Kevin Michael Vickers The Ambassador of Canada To Ireland.

The Economist On Lithium - This Increasingly Precious Metal Powers Your iPhone, Tesla's Cars And NASA's Mars Rovers.

  "The Economist presents to us very interesting and deeply researched article on Lithium. Now this magic metal will be getting on the investor's radar screens and recent huge price spike in China will be the best advertisement for this Strategic Green Energy Metal. I will provide a few links for your research on what is actually behind this spike and why my outrages Lithium price prediction for 2016 is already so close.
  The key for everybody will be this opening paragraph from The Economist:

"SQM, Chile’s biggest lithium producer, is the kind of company you might find in an industrial-espionage thriller. Its headquarters in the military district of Santiago bears no name. The man who for years ran the business, Julio Ponce, is the former son-in-law of the late dictator, Augusto Pinochet. He quit as chairman in 2015, during an investigation into SQM for alleged tax evasion. (The company is co-operating with the inquiry.) Last month it emerged that CITIC, a Chinese state-controlled firm, may bid for part of Mr Ponce’s controlling stake in SQM, as part of China’s bid to secure supplies of a vital raw material."
  China already controls 75% of Lithium Hydroxide production which is used in Tesla Motors lithium batteries and is the largest Lithium Market in the world, now if CITIC will be able to get hold of that stake in SQM we are all going to see consequences very fast and this spike will become not just "local market disturbance", but the reflection of strategic value of Lithium for the Next Industrial Energy rEVolution. Another key fact for you to ponder: the cost of lithium as material in the lithium battery is below 3%. Read more."

 International Lithium is building vertically integrated lithium business with Ganfeng.

BMW i8 Spider Concept: BMW, Please Get Serious And Buy From Tesla Full Electric Powertrain.

  "What can I say here? This concept of BMW i8 Spider is just beautiful, but what can bring it to life fast? When BMW and other Big German Autos will have strength to endorse Electric Cars for real? The wasted billions on Hydrogen and "Clean Diesel" are not helping management to embrace the change, but maybe shareholders can demand it? You cannot just build your business plan on corrupted politicians preventing us all from progress and clean air to breath as a result. 
  Reality is that any level of any pollutions being it Diesel or Petrol are harmful for our health. We have Lithium Technology to address it. If Tesla can make it from scratch with Elon Musk, why Great German Autos cannot do it? Just go and make a strategic alliance with Tesla, get the full electric powertrain matching your 21st century design, build next Lithium Batteries Gigafactory in Europe and more Tesla Supercharges and bring us mass market for electric cars moving down the models and pricing range. In my ver personal opinion for BMW just to stay relevant in the next 25 years, it should not be just a wish from any "Green" BMW shareholders, but must be government backed plan to save German Auto Industry. Just hiding the facts about cancer hazard toxic emissions is not working any more. Volkswagen will never get over it, BMW still has a chance. The worst for all of us outcome will be in case of German government saving German Autos by killing German kids with deadly pollution and all those auto jobs just going back to China again. Read more."

"The pain is coming, you can't stop it. Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) will be dying with Fossil Fuels. It is just the law of nature. Electric Cars are better and they will become cheaper as well  very soon. We can make it as a pain of growth, but who will make it?  All these jobs for The Next Industrial rEVolution could be here, not just going again to China. Germany with its brilliant engineers can produce lithium batteries and electric cars and it can happen in every country. It is all here, with all numbers on the links below. Just spread the word.

Volkswagen DieselGate Fallout: The Dirty Truth About ‘Clean Diesel’.

New York Times.

  "I do hope that you have recharged your batteries and even managed to start detoxing after the festivities. 2016 is knocking impatiently on the door with the global sell-off in the markets: China has the worse ever duties trading start with circuit breakers applied today and Saudi Arabia is ready to blow out in the developing crisis of epic proportions. 
  Time is to remind ourselves that all "Democracy Wars" are based on our dependence on Oil and now we have the Solution: Lithium Technology is here and Electric Cars are already better than the one-hundred-years-old ICE cancer hazard polluting rubbish. We just need to make them cheaper and better. While we are working on it, please, find links below for your own research. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, China can be perceived as something quite afar and not an immediate danger, more information on how your own car is slowly killing your own kids, maybe, can do the trick. New York Times article will put you research into the right direction today. All the links are still there, as, very unfortunately, all "Clean Diesel" cars on our streets and "Not-So-Dirty Petrol" ones. Read more."

Electric Vehicles News.

Germany Wants To Put 2 Billion Euros Into Encouraging Electric Cars.

"German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel wants to commit two billion euros ($2.17 billion) to encourage more people to buy electric cars, the newspaper Die Zeit reported on Wednesday.
Buyers of electric cars would receive a subsidy from the government, the newspaper said, giving no further details.
Gabriel also wants to expand charging stations and encourage federal offices to use electric cars - an initiative that will be funded under the current German budget without tax increases, he said.
The German government aims to put one million electric cars on the roads by 2020. Among the country's carmakers, BMWMercedes and Volkswagen now produce all-electric cars; Audi and Porsche have plans to build one.
Sales of electric cars totaled some 19,000 in 2014, but at the end of 2014 Germany had only 2,400 charging stations and around 100 fast-charging points.
Calls for supporting electric cars grew at the end of last year after the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Both Gabriel and his fellow Social Democrat Environment Minster Barbara Hendricks have called for a quota for electric cars."

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