Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Lithium BOOM: Tesla Chief Elon Musk Says Apple Is Making An Electric Car.



  We have another catalyst for our Lithium Universe. Elon Musk confirms the obvious to our industry, but magnified by BBC and his star power this message will reach far and beyond our very small community: now mainstream investors will be rushing to find how to play the Next Big Thing - mass market in Electric Cars. Next will be the official announcement from Apple about its Electric iCar - you just cannot hide it any more, Tim Cook, bring it on!

Future Of Building Lithium Supply Chains For Robots: ILC and Ganfeng J/Vs And The Largest Auto Market In The World In China.

  "As we are discussing here, Lithium Technology will power us for the next 50 years and after that Robots. If you look into the real advance in the Silicon Valley these days it is not about just Cars being fully Electric and autonomous very soon.Silicon Valley giants like Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Uber among others are going for the real change not only in the $10 Trillion market related to the automotive sector, but they are igniting the tectonic shift in our civilisation. Robots are coming. Read more."

Lithium Race To A $1 Trillion Dollar Market Cap: Electric iCar - Apple Registers Apple.car And Apple.auto.


  Oscar Raymond from Macworld reports the latest confirmation that Apple is taking Electric iCar seriously and, as we have discussed before: we can hope that it is coming very soon to bring to Apple the status of the First Trillion Dollar Market Cap Company and to all of us mass market for electric Cars! They just have to play it right, everything else is ready for this jump - Lithium Technology is here.

International Lithium: Mavis Lake Lithium And Tantalum Project, Canada.


  "With GM Bolt and Faraday Future unveiling at CES 2016, Lithium Technology is in the headlines these days and getting finally on the investor's radar screens. Today I would like to present International Lithium's  Mavis Lake Lithium and Tantalum project in Canada. Our J/V projects with Ganfeng Lithium: Avalonia in Ireland and Mariana in Argentina are better known: we are advancing another $4 million exploration programs on these projects now. Mavis Lake presents another very important opportunity for development of potential source of conflict free strategic commodities in politically stable Canada. We are talking here about the security of Lithium Supply for the West now. With our J/Vs with Ganfeng Lithium solidly on track for the development, we are concentrating now on the Strategic Partnership to build the Next Lithium Producer in North America. Read more."

$1 Billion Dollar Ticket To The Lithium Race: Electric Cars Are Coming From Faraday Future.

 "I am glad that Apple looks like not to be involved in this project and we still can hope that it will reach 1 Trillion Market Cap with its own electric car catering mobility powered by lithium technology with bottled electricity to the masses. The real game changer is coming this year with Tesla Model 3, GM Bolt, BYD and Tesla Gigafactory with Megafactories to follow."

The Nightmare: Rumour Claims New Electric Car Maker Faraday Future Is Front For Apple iCar.

  "It is the best chance for Apple to navigate the stormy economic waters of the 21st century and bring up its leadership again to one of the most important topics of the future technological disruption. Four Trillion auto-industry is under siege by Elon Musk and now Apple will flex their mussels as well. I do hope that Tim Cook will not flop it and Apple iCar will crystallise everything what is Apple Brand for us. The time has come. All cars will be electric. The Next Fifty Years Will Be Powered By Lithium Technology. Lithium is the magic metal in the very heart of this Next Industrial rEVolution. Tim Cook, thank you. Apple you are welcome to our Lithium ClubRead more."

Lithium BOOM: Apple Meets California Officials To discuss Self-driving Electric iCar.


   It is coming. Apple Electric iCar will change auto-industry landscape overnight and this total disruption of 4 Trillion transportation industry will happen even faster now.

The Future Of Oil: Electric Cars Have Reached The Point Of No Return With Tesla Gigafactory.

"The short answer: All cars will be electric and the rest is history. If you like some details you are welcome! Read more."


Tesla chief Elon Musk says Apple is making an electric car

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