Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Joe Lowry: Preliminary Look at 2015 Global Lithium Demand.

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  We have great data from Joe Lowry today on preliminary results from 2015. He was spot on the target with his estimation of 160k MT of LCE with actual so far estimated by him at 163k MT LCE. Lithium Battery consumption is closing to 40% now! And it is before Tesla Gigafactory and all new Megafactories coming on-line. Electric Cars: the largest Lithium Battery Devise in our households - are still below 1% of world wide sales, but is growing exponentially now.

International Lithium: Mavis Lake Lithium And Tantalum Project, Canada.


  "With GM Bolt and Faraday Future unveiling at CES 2016, Lithium Technology is in the headlines these days and getting finally on the investor's radar screens. Today I would like to present International Lithium's  Mavis Lake Lithium and Tantalum project in Canada. Our J/V projects with Ganfeng Lithium: Avalonia in Ireland and Mariana in Argentina are better known: we are advancing another $4 million exploration programs on these projects now. Mavis Lake presents another very important opportunity for development of potential source of conflict free strategic commodities in politically stable Canada. We are talking here about the security of Lithium Supply for the West now. With our J/Vs with Ganfeng Lithium solidly on track for the development, we are concentrating now on the Strategic Partnership to build the Next Lithium Producer in North America. Read more."

Joe Lowry: What Is The Price Of Lithium In 2016?

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  "Joe Lowry is providing us with another glimpse into the "Opaque Lithium Kingdom". Pricing of Lithium Carbonate remains at the mercy of direct seller-buyer relationship and is not fixed like gold or copper on the spot market. And it is now Seller's market. Ganfeng Lithium has increased its prices twice in October to the all-time-record of $11,049/MT. My personal take will be that LCE prices in China can reach $15,000/MT as new supply is very limited and Tesla Gigafactory will be coming on-line in 2017 creating panic to secure lithium supply from other Megafactories following after Tesla from BYD, Foxconn, LG Chem, Samsung SDI, Boston Power, A123 and numerous start ups (as many as 17 according to my understanding) in China. The value of Lithium materials in the lithium battery is less than 3% of its total cost, the security of lithium supply becomes everything, when availability of supply is more important than its price. Read more."

Joe Lowry:

Preliminary Look at 2015 Global Lithium Demand

  "A first look a global lithium demand in 2015 by major use. This data is preliminary and will be updated by the end of Q1 when all data is in. Lithium ion battery use approaches 40% of demand."

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