Monday, 11 January 2016

Lithium Race: Top 10 Electric Cars - Ranked.

The Telegraph.

  Lithium Technology is here and now you have more and better Electric Cars to choose from. 2016 will be truly the pivotal year for EVs: I expect China to become the largest EV market in the world and mass market for EVs is coming with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3. Lithium is the magic metal at the very c enter of this Energy rEVolution. Cheaper Lithium Batteries change everything in Auto and Energy Sectors. Security of Lithium supply is the major concern for all insiders in this exponentially growing market.

Energy rEVolution: Lithium Battery Charts To Charge You Up!

  "I would like to share with very interesting charts from our Lithium Universe presented by Zach. Now you can have a better grip on our discussion about Asia, China, Lithium and Energy rEVolution. Read more."

International Lithium: Mavis Lake Lithium And Tantalum Project, Canada.


  "With GM Bolt and Faraday Future unveiling at CES 2016, Lithium Technology is in the headlines these days and getting finally on the investor's radar screens. Today I would like to present International Lithium's  Mavis Lake Lithium and Tantalum project in Canada. Our J/V projects with Ganfeng Lithium: Avalonia in Ireland and Mariana in Argentina are better known: we are advancing another $4 million exploration programs on these projects now. Mavis Lake presents another very important opportunity for development of potential source of conflict free strategic commodities in politically stable Canada. We are talking here about the security of Lithium Supply for the West now. With our J/Vs with Ganfeng Lithium solidly on track for the development, we are concentrating now on the Strategic Partnership to build the Next Lithium Producer in North America. Read more."

  The Telegraph:

Top 10 electric cars – ranked

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