Wednesday 30 September 2015

Lithium Technology: Tesla Model X - First Drive Of The Electric SUV.

This is the first take on Tesla Model X from CNET.

There are great pictures of Tesla Model X on  The Verge:

Tesla’s Model X is finally here, and I got to drive it

Joe Lowry: The Tesla Lithium Supply Question.

  After all my excitement about Tesla Model X launch, time is to Play Imany's Slowdownand to check Joe Lowry's latest insights from behind the scenes of the most dramatic ongoing technology disruption in the 21st century. Elon Musk is taking on 4 Trillion auto-industry and Energy with Utilities are next. He smiles a lot, but he will not take any prisoners. Apple is rushing into the 1 Trillion market cap dream with its very own Electric iCar now as well. Where are the Lithium Bottlenecks and who is holding the keys to the future of Transportation, Mobile Communication and Energy Storage?

Watch Launch Event Video: Powered By Lithium: Tesla Model X - The Safest SUV Ever, Bioweapon Defense Mode Included.

   There will be a heavy silence this morning in a lot of Oil and Auto Boardrooms, which will be followed by the very heavy drinking. The Time Has Come. Dump The Pump And Go Electric. Elon Musk presents the ultimate fighting machine against "Clean Diesel and Dirty Oil.
  Tesla Model X is "the safest SUV ever", according to Elon Musk. It equipped with emergency breaking and side collision avoidance systems, which are active all the time! Air filtration system is comparable to "the operating room in a hospital". Bioweapon defense mode … is included. You have just to see it. The best example of Lithium Technology is here - electric cars are just better.
  People will start to talk about the price. Yes, it is very expensive, but when you compare it to the high end luxury cars Elon Musk's Tesla Model X beats them on all accounts: safety, performance and it is clean. This is the future. After the air pollution charts about the life expectancy reduction in major world cities demonstrated by Elon Musk, wealthy buyers will be piling up to buy Tesla Model X. What is left for the rest of us? Volkswagen, other ICE cars with "Clean Diesel" and "Not So Dirty Petrol" scam jokes? Thank you, but No, Thank you.
  This wait will be over very soon. Cheap lithium batteries will change everything, Tesla Gigafactory will drive us to the Holy Grail for EVs with dramatically reduced cost of lithium batteries to $100 per kWh. It means that Tesla Model X battery with 90 kWh will cost less than $10k! This is where the 600 miles range for Tesla in two years time will come from, Elon Musk is talking about.
  My personal EV magic formula is 20/200, when $20k buys you Electric BMW 2 sedan class with 200 miles range! We will get there. Average price paid for the new car in U.S last year was $23k. With $20k price, better performance and without air pollution mass murder participation Electric Cars will take over the world by the storm.
  For now just stop buying air polluting rubbish and finance 100 years old ICE technology. I would like to introduce the very simple ultimate emissions test. Let's put every Auto CEO with their cars with engines running for a night into the closed garage. I will go first, Elon Musk, please, give me Tesla!
  Spread the word, please, donate your RT and buy your own electric car once you can. There is no other excuse for Range Rover crowd any more, just the availability of Tesla Model X.  Electric Cars have reached The No Return Point and Elon Musk will start the mass market for electric cars with Tesla Model 3 to be unveiled at Geneva Auto Show next March with 35k price tag and 200 miles range. Read more."

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