Wednesday 23 September 2015

How It's Done: DieselGate, Volkswagen And Exxon Climate Change.


  It looks like all this is coming together now. Volkswagen DieselGate is spilling into the PetrolGate and Exxon Climate Change has changed quite a while according to this very interesting discussion at The Energy Gang. While Oil is so desperate now to keep the status quo is on the links below.

Big Oil: Exxon Has Known About Climate Change Since The 70s And Is Still Trying To Block Climate Action.

  "Here comes another deception from the Big Oil's play book. What will they pull over this time to keep the status quo? Another War? Read More."

"Exxon Confirmed Global Warming Consensus in 1982 with In-House Climate Models

The company chairman would later mock climate models as unreliable while he campaigned to stop global action to reduce fossil fuel emissions."

Nothing Is Ever Clean About Oil: VolkswagenGate Continues - Now Millions Of Petrol Cars Could Be Affected.

  "It didn't take long. There is nothing clean with Oil, ever. There is just no such thing as "Clean Diesel" or "Clean Petrol". I guess, that nobody can really comply, but let's courts to decide here. Clean, Performance and Cheap - are not the words from the same sentence as Petrol, Gas, or Diesel. Billions in Fines and Fraud - these can be fixed easily with BP, Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" so far and … 
  What will happen next will be very interesting. There are already reports that all this VolskwagenGate was almost swiped under the rug in UK. Where the billions will go now? To lawyers and PR companies to make other lies or, finally, somebody will show Porsche CTO where to charge his Mission E and Tesla Superchargers Network? 
  There will be a lot of scams, as usual, when disruption is coming to 4 Trillion auto-industry. Just wait to read again about Electric Cars polluting more than ICE ones. Whatever. It is all not important any more.  Tesla Gigafactory makes Oil ICE powered cars obsolete, Apple Electric iCar will smash the floodgates.  Tide is coming. If you are looking how to enjoy the sailing, just read my disclaimer and welcome to the links below.
  Now the real economics will work for EVs. The real deal with VolswagenGate is that Cheap, Powerful and Clean are NOT about any of the ICE car any more whether its is Diesel or Petrol. Would you like to buy Porsche performance, but pay Toyota price? They are coming: Electric Cars are just better.
  Now who will, finally, start the FrackingGate? Read more."

Tony Seba: Clean Disruption - Learning From The Past And "Horse Manure Crisis".

  "Tony Seba gives another brilliant presentation on Clean Energy and Transportation Disruption. Do you now that the world was facing unsolvable "Horse Manure Crisis"? It was back in 1880 and apparently we have survived, but it was the Climate Change of the day in the past. There were even "Horse Manure Crisis" deniers. This crisis was solved not by "Clean Poop" or "Manure Capture and Storage". It was not "Fracking Manure" or even "Biofuel-poop" - just think what Energy Industry is selling you today. It wasn't solved by government "targets" of 30% less manure in 20 years! It was solved by two disruptive technologies: automobile and electric streetcar.
  Today we are facing the crisis of our time - Climate Change and we now even have the Clean Power Plan to address it. New disruptive technologies will change completely our Transportation and Energy. Lithium technology allows us to store energy very efficiently and electric cars will take our streets over. Just look at Tesla Model S and wait for Model X and Model 3 to ignite the mass market in EVs. Solar will power our houses and EVs and lithium batteries for Home Energy Storage will make it work 24/7. Watch video."

The Future Of Oil: Electric Cars Have Reached The Point Of No Return With Tesla Gigafactory.

  "The short answer: All cars will be electric and the rest is history. If you like some details you are welcome! Nobody knows the future. We can only speculate and try to extrapolate the existing trends into the future. I would like to remind you that all expressed opinions on this blog are my personal ones and do not reflect the official position of any companies I am involved with. 
  Actually, I do not have anything against oil and, particularly, those hardworking women and men who were powering our technological progress for a little bit more than one hundred years. I just hate to pay so much for my petrol - guilty, I like Big and Powerful cars.  Particularly I hate that this money is going to pay for Wars and provide dirty politicians which are bathing in oil denying the climate change. And I hate that my own money will pay for the use of One Hundred Years Old Technology based on controlled explosions of Dinosaurs Poop with less than 35% efficiency: heating everything around it and chocking us all with deadly air pollution. But not for long, Elon Musk has changed everything - I can get my Big and Powerful car from Tesla now. Read more."

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