Saturday 26 September 2015

Elon Musk: Tesla Is In Talks With Other Automakers About Sharing The SuperCharger Network.


  This is the last nail in the coffin of ICE cars. Electric cars are already better, we just need to make them cheaper and Tesla's Gigafactory will make it happen. It is the major step forward if other auto-makers will be allowed to share Tesla Superchargers Network and will co-invest in rapid deployment of these Networks all over the world. We are getting very fast to the mass market for electric cars now. 
  Now we have to send this article to the New Volkswagen CEO, they could not find Tesla Superchargers with him at Porsche before …

Lithium Technology: Can Someone Wake Up Porsche And Tell Them About Tesla Superchargers? 


  I could understand this article five years ago, but to read today that Porsche is still looking for conviction to build all electric cars is just mind-boggling. I guess, it is difficult to admit to its shareholders that VW group has wasted billions of dollars on Hydrogen with other German auto-makers and still promoting "Clean Diesel, which is killing us all with horrible air pollution. 
  So this "Tesla Killer" - Porsche Mission E could be produced within five years time and Porsche is calling for the new charging standard. I guess someone should wake them up and in between of rounds of golf and napping they can check this Map of Tesla's Supercharging Network in Europe. Tesla can be charged within 20 minutes up to 80% of its lithium battery capacity. I think that it is just enough and Porsche can just join Tesla with other German automakers and invest in expanding Tesla Superchargers Network if they are for real in our Electric rEVolution. Later all this network can be upgraded if this 5 minutes saving time will become so crucial. We do not ask you for apologies with harakiri to follow for the "Clean Diesel" -  just do not treat everybody like total idiots. GMO is taking its toll, but we are still fighting and some still can even read. Just come clean finally and move on into EVs for real and join disruption or be disrupted.

Powered By Lithium: Tesla Model S Owners Get Charged Up All Over EU This Summer. 

Tesla Motors has rolled out its Supercharger network in Europe with unbelievable speed and now you can travel pretty much all over Europe free of charge! We have one more reason to dump the pump. Tesla stands on its own with its luxury green style proposition, but  sales of all EVs in Europe are rising - we are moving fast in the post carbon society now. Read more.

International Lithium: President's Message And Private Placement.



Elon Musk: Tesla is in talks with other automakers about sharing the SuperCharger network

Tesla Supercharger (Jeff Cooper)
Competing fast charging standards are a major impediment to electric road trips. If Tesla’s vast Supercharger network could be used by other automakers’ EVs, it would do much to remove this roadblock. Elon Musk has discussed this possibility in the past, and at a recent press conference in Germany, he hinted that it may soon become a reality.
“Our Supercharger network is not intended to be a walled garden,” said Musk. “It’s intended to be available to other manufacturers if they’d like to use it. The only requirements are that the cars must be able to take the power output of our Superchargers, and then just pay whatever their proportion their usage is of the system. We’re actually in talks with some manufacturers about doing just that, and it will be exciting to share that news.”
“The general philosophy of Tesla is to do whatever we can to accelerate the advent of electric cars,” added the Ambassador of Electrification. “Electric cars…are really the key to a sustainable future. It’s incredibly important that we transition away from fossil fuels.”
Musk also praised his hosts for being “the world’s leader in solar power.” Germany generates so much solar energy that at times supply outstrips demand, and power must be sold to neighboring countries. The solutions? More electric cars to absorb and buffer that power. And of course, stationary storage.
Supercharging corridors Tesla plans to enable in 2016
Tesla Superchargers USA 2016
Tesla Supercharger Europe USA 2016
Tesla Superchargers Asia 2016 copy
Tesla Superchargers Australia 2016 copy

Sources: Teslascope nieuwsTop Image: Jeff Cooper (CC BY 2.0)"

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