Friday 10 March 2023

Gold In The USA, Alaskan Elephant Country: Kirill Klip GEM Royalty TNR Gold Presentation

"My belief is TNR's Shotgun Gold Project can potentially grow and become a foremost, immediate satellite site Gold deposit to Donlin Gold's Mining Camp infrastructure. This vision is based on our exploration work and academic studies like the ones from Dr Tim Baker in which Shotgun Gold Project is not only listed alongside Donlin Creek as one of the "Major Porphyry Gold Deposits" but is also projected to contain the similar porphyry intrusion-related type system as Donlin." 

Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman

TNR Gold Corp.

Gold hit 1,954 in January - just 6% below an all-time high of 2,070 in 2020. Central banks are buying a record amount of Gold and China is increasing dramatically its officially announced Gold reserves. 

We have The Catalyst for Gold in place after the Crypto bloodbath massacre. As we discussed before, even when you are playing Crypto Video Games your losses will be real. Retail chasing Crypto Dragons in the MetaVerse had a rude awakening after Dragons have flown away with their money and "Crypto friendly" banks are collapsing one after another.

Gold becomes The Ultimate Hedge for all portfolios constructed with stocks, bonds and crypto assets. Solid values in uncertain times.

Gold miners are printing money again with expanding margins and they will have to start looking more aggressively for new major Gold projects. They must replenish their reserves in time just to keep their production levels during the higher Gold prices. We have The Peak Gold Supply in place which will be driving the new M&A cycle for the Gold industry. 

"There is no Gold 2.0, there are over 5,000 years of humankind's history with Gold. Investors are tired of loosing money by chasing Crypto Dragons and Bitcoin Dreams in the Tether Metaverse."


The extreme volatility and the recent crash in the crypto markets have evaporated more than 2 trillion dollars of "crypto capital" and have wiped out millions of "investors", some of them with all their life savings.

"Crypto myths are being dismantled one by one: Bitcoin is NOT Gold 2.0, Bitcoin is not an inflation hedge and Bitcoin is not a new asset class that will take the place of bonds in the "deworsified" model portfolios. Bitcoin is triggering, following and igniting the burst of all bubbles starting with technology sectors."

Kirill Klip GEM Royalty TNR Gold Presentation from Kirill Klip

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TNR Gold started the new exploration program last year and is actively introducing Shotgun Gold to potential partners to decisively drill the entirety of these prospects. The objective of such a partnership would be to expand the known area of mineralisation, define new mineralised areas and conclusively assess the Project’s potential top-end valuation.

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