Tuesday 7 June 2016

What Is Next: The Big Picture By Mary Meeker At The Code Conference.

   Mary Meeker has delivered another brilliant presentation on the Internet trends. As you know, I consider Energy space as The World Just Before The Internet. Let's study those millennials which are going to drive or, maybe, even only use all those electric cars we are talking here about. And Robots are coming next...
  These trends are showing the very powerful influence of millennials in all spheres of 21st century economy and even more importantly: they are driving the trends themselves. What is considered to be cool can make all the difference. They already represent 27% of consumer base in the U.S. and world-wide this demographic sector will only gain more and more significance with rising middle class in China, India and Asia as a whole following by Latin America and Africa.
  Millennials care more about environment, do not like big corporations in general and prefer to buy a service vs ownership when it is not absolutely necessary. It looks like a perfect picture of EVs running for "Ubers" in the megalopolises in few years time.  And once they have some money, the possessions speak volumes about the owner - here Tesla Model Y or Apple iCar will match the latest smart phone to pair.

International Lithium At Wentworth 2016 Presentation.

Why All Cars Will Be Electric: Elon Musk's Full interview At Code Conference 2016.

  "Why all cars will be electric? Because we have now lithium technology to make it happen. Cheap lithium batteries change everything. And we have people like Elon Musk who makes it happen. Just listen to the interview and look at his eyes. He is in the zone. And now others are following. We will try to cover the field where he still relies on good will of his Lithium cells suppliers. Everything else he can do now, we just need to multiply it and make millions of the best electric cars.  
  Below is my very personal view why security of lithium supply will play such a life changing opportunity. Not everybody believes yet that all cars will be electric and I can be totally wrong, but what will happen if Elon Musk is right? The good start will be to read his biography and I will provide a few links to dig into this subject. Read more."

Cheap Lithium Batteries Change Everything: EVs Sales Rising Exponentially And Solar Energy 

Storage Next.


  "InsideEVs brings to our attention the major driving force behind the exponential growth of sales for EVs from the very low base.  Cheap lithium batteries change everything. Tony Seba is the best to explain why all cars will be electric by 2030.Elon Musk with Tesla Motors is doing this trick and now Tesla Model 3 will ignite the real transition to the best cars which just happen to be electric. 
  Oil and Auto industry are poisoned by their own toxic cancer hazard emissions from diesel and gas powered ICE engines and still in denial at their own peril about the dramatic shift in technology  announced by Elon Musk last month. Now even truly rEVolutionary estimations for the cost of lithium batteries by Tony Seba are not relevant any more. 
  Elon Musk has announced that Tesla can already produce lithium battery with all-in cost of $190 per kWh. Mass production of batteries at Gigafactory will bring cost even lower, next stage will be Lithium Solid State with prices at $100 per kWh and Tesla Model S and X with over 500 miles range. I believe that Elon Musk is already working on LSS at Gigafactory. Dyson has joined the lithium race as well and bought out Lithium Solid State pioneer Sakti3 with promise to invest $1 Billion to commercialise this technology. Lithium Air is still years away from the field applications, but this lithium technology promises to bring us batteries with cost below $100 per kWh and electric cars with 1,000 miles range. Solar Energy Home and Utility Storage Systems will benefit next from this dramatic decrease in technology cost and will become even larger market for lithium based batteries. We are talking here about disruption of $4 Trillion Transportation and $8 Trillion Energy Industries. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution.
  International Lithium continues to build vertically integrated lithium business with $4.5 Billion MC giant from China Ganfeng Lithium and now we have 3 Lithium projects in our Upper Canada Pool to secure lithium supply for the West and North American market. Read more."

Lithium 2.0 Launch: Security Of Supply - Galaxy Resources To Buy General Mining In Lithium Takeover.

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