Tuesday 28 June 2016

Presentation: TNR Gold Shotgun Project, Alaska.

Energy Metals Royalty Company TNR Gold Corp. Announces Restructure of Loan.

  We are very fortunate at TNR Gold and International Lithium to have our very strong core partners who are supporting us through thick and thin. Today I am very pleased that Gary and myself are opening the new chapter in TNR Gold's history and we will move forward our Energy Metals Royalty Company business plan forward. We have managed to protect and even built new assets for all our shareholders at TNR Gold during this recent massacre in junior mining and commodities sectors.  
  Even if markets are not there to appreciate it we still have everything we fought so hard for: Royalty in one of the world's largest Los Azules Copper deposit in Argentina, Shotgun Gold project in Alaska and our Stake in International Lithium. We are coming back in business with TNR Gold and now we have time to monetise our assets and capitalise on the Mega Trend I am writing here about: Next Industrial Energy rEVolution powered by Lithium Technology. Electric Cars, Solar and Wind power generation and distribution are demanding a lot of Copper and Gold will not only provide the best conductivity and connections, but one day will shine as the one and only true money without anyone obligation.
  Please check carefully my legal disclaimer and never make any investment decisions without consulting your qualified financial adviser. Read more."

TNR Gold And International Lithium: Argentina Fever Is Back For Investors Who've Waited 14 Years.

 I hope that this excitement will get to our companies as well one day! We are ready, we have not only saved our assets but built a new business in Argentina with Ganfeng Lithium - $4.5 Billon market cap giant from China, which is financing International Lithium Mariana J/V project in Argentina.

  TNR Gold holds:

3. Stake in International Lithium, which develops J/V Mariana Lithium project in Argentina being financed by a giant from China - Ganfeng Lithium. 

  Please carefully read my legal disclaimer and you can find all latest financial information about TNR Gold and International Lithium on SEDAR. Please never make any investment decisions without consulting with your preferred qualified financial adviser. Read more.

"The Shotgun Gold Project is an advanced-stage exploration prospect in southwestern Alaska.  TNR Gold Corp. (“TNR”) owns 90% of the Shotgun Gold Project  consisting of a total of 108 claims covering an area of 6,993 hectares (17,280 acres).
The Shotgun Gold Project is located in southwestern Alaska approximately 150 km north of Dillingham and 190 km south of the Donlin Gold Project. TNR Gold."

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