Wednesday 22 June 2016

Elon Musk Moves To Tesla Solar Cities: The Goal - Exit The Fossil Fuels Era As Soon As Possible.

  There are very heated debates on the CNBC, Bloomberg and in social media about Elon Musk's bold move to buy out SolarCity by Tesla. Number crunchers will point out to the SolarCity problems, family connections, conflicts of interests and "how many people would be better by buying Tesla Electric Car than Tesla's stock during the recent underwriting". Smarter short sellers can point out to the  "disarray of the solar industry in general" after the collapse of the Sun Edison.  Everything will work now - just to cover the Big Short. They all have a very little time left ... Elon Musk will spell it all out one more time at the Tesla Gigafactory "opening" in July.

  Elon Musk has actually talked about it numerous times and this video  from the last December in France represents the short answer. It is not about money, at least not in Wall Street sense: how much have we cut from our clients last Q? It is all about the vision and goal. Elon Musk sends the last warning to $12 Trillion Transportation and Energy Industries: join disruption or be disrupted. He is already ahead the curve explained so brilliantly by Tony Seba. He is changing the world. "The Goal - Exit The Fossil Fuels Era As Soon As Possible." 
  At his new level money is of interest to Elon Musk only as a metrics to stay solvent and have enough fuel to propel his vision. In his lengthy letter to all stakeholders of Space X he has said it all - if he could choose he would stay private as long as he can with Tesla as well. And he should not really complain - Tesla has its recent financing for "Model 3 expansion" on the fly. 
  Elon Musk's real value is his ability to move very fast using the advance technology is giving him to fill the market's void. 400,000 reservations of Tesla Model 3 in a month have demonstrated that people are ready to buy the best electric cars at the right price. They are ready for the Solar power at the right price as well.

  Technology is driving us very fast to those right prices. The map from Solar City above is showing the space we need to power all USA with existing Solar Power generation technology today. Fast falling prices for lithium batteries make Electric Cars and Solar power possible.  UBS has recent finally killed Hydrogen Myth and Fool Cells for transportation in its report - pure battery electric cars will be the  future. Boston Consulting Group at the same Benchmark Battery Supply Conference in London was talking about Solar in Germany. For 40% households it makes more sense to buy Solar and Energy Storage together already! The return on the capital is higher. Elon Musk is using the market opportunity to pick up Solar City at the distressed level of valuation and bring it into the Tesla family creating the 21st Century Energy Business. We are talking here about Energy Generation and Storage business disrupting $12 trillion industries. Some of this storage will be on wheels, some at your house, some at utility scale - Elon Musk goes to the 1st level of physics: electricity is the most efficient form of energy known to us. Now we can produce Solar power cheaper and we can store it and use when we can.

  $5.3 Trillion dollars subsidies for fossil fuels world-wide according to the IMF is the void to be filled once you become competitive on price. Electric Cars with Tesla Model 3 and Gigafactory are moving there and Solar is getting there as well. So if Elon Musk will take 20% of this subsidised sector can we talk about Tesla as $1 Trillion market cap company one day? I do not know, but it looks that Elon Musk can get there much faster than Apple now. My cry to Apple was for years to Buy Tesla and now to partner up with Elon Musk and start building dozens of Gigafactories all over the world to bring us Holy Grail for mass market for electric cars $100 per kWh of lithium battery in your new EV. Than my 20/200 formula will finish Fossil Fuels: when $20k buys you EV with better performance than BMW 2 type car with 200 miles range. Holy Grail means that battery will cost only $5k in that car. The rest Foxconn knows how to do with Tesla. Will it ever happen? The question is only when now.
  Please do not get me wrong and read my disclaimer - I am not talking about any shares, business valuations and other small things along this road. We are talking here about the World just before the INTERNET. This is Energy rEVolution. Lithium Technology and the magic metal Lithium are at the very heart of it. Why Lithium and why I am personally investing in "Sugar" for all that "Warren Buffetts' Coca-Cola" business above are on the links below.

Tesla's Solar City acquisition conference call with Elon Musk.

International Lithium At Wentworth 2016 Presentation.

Lithium Race In Ludicrous Mode: The Rapid Growth Of Electric Cars Worldwide, In 4 Charts.


  "Welcome to the fast lane for electric cars everybody. Now even this very impressive chart above has changed dramatically. In our conversations cost of lithium batteries is one of the major tipping points for all cars to become electric in the very near future. The mass media and broader public are still totally missing the point of the recent, maybe, the most important announcement by Elon Musk. Tesla can already make lithium batteries for Model S and X with all-in cost of $190 per kWh. Now we should move our discussion from "If" To "When" all cars will be electric. As you can imagine, this groundbreaking shift will affect all forecasts for lithium demand as well.  We will have not 10%, 20% or 40% of EVs - ALL cars will be electric.
  As Tony Seba has pointed out: once the cost of rooftop Solar energy generation becomes cheaper than the cost of energy transmission local Solar will make all centralised nuclear, gas and other Energy sources obsolete in general. We have the Energy World just before the INTERNET. We are moving from Data Storage to Energy Storage. The same is happening with electric cars: once you can have an electric car with better performance than ICE, which is cheaper as well, whole industries will be gone. We are witnessing the generational disruption of the world as we know it by lithium technology making cheap and efficient Energy storage reality. Read more."

Cheap Lithium Batteries Change Everything: EVs Sales Rising Exponentially And Solar Energy Storage Next.


  "InsideEVs brings to our attention the major driving force behind the exponential growth of sales for EVs from the very low base.  Cheap lithium batteries change everything. Tony Seba is the best to explain why all cars will be electric by 2030.Elon Musk with Tesla Motors is doing this trick and now Tesla Model 3 will ignite the real transition to the best cars which just happen to be electric. 
  Oil and Auto industry are poisoned by their own toxic cancer hazard emissions from diesel and gas powered ICE engines and still in denial at their own peril about the dramatic shift in technology  announced by Elon Musk last month. Now even truly rEVolutionary estimations for the cost of lithium batteries by Tony Seba are not relevant any more. 
  Elon Musk has announced that Tesla can already produce lithium battery with all-in cost of $190 per kWh. Mass production of batteries at Gigafactory will bring cost even lower, next stage will be Lithium Solid State with prices at $100 per kWh and Tesla Model S and X with over 500 miles range. I believe that Elon Musk is already working on LSS at Gigafactory. Dyson has joined the lithium race as well and bought out Lithium Solid State pioneer Sakti3 with promise to invest $1 Billion to commercialise this technology. Lithium Air is still years away from the field applications, but this lithium technology promises to bring us batteries with cost below $100 per kWh and electric cars with 1,000 miles range. Solar Energy Home and Utility Storage Systems will benefit next from this dramatic decrease in technology cost and will become even larger market for lithium based batteries. We are talking here about disruption of $4 Trillion Transportation and $8 Trillion Energy Industries. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution.
  International Lithium continues to build vertically integrated lithium business with $4.5 Billion MC giant from China Ganfeng Lithium and now we have 3 Lithium projects in our Upper Canada Pool to secure lithium supply for the West and North American market. Read more."


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