Monday 13 June 2016

Lithium Technology: Tesla CTO JB Straubel On Autonomous Vehicle And Battery Tech.

  We have the opportunity to listen to JB Straubel today about lithium technology making Tesla's super electric cars possible. "All cars will be electric". Now we have to make millions of them and fast. 400,000 reservations for Tesla Model 3 was a watershed event for all auto makers. JB Straubel: "It is a wonderful problem to have".
  When Apple will start building its Lithium Batteries Gigafactories to change the landscape of personal mobility ones and for all? They have capital and can access the latest technology, cheap lithium batteries change everything - when Apple will make its move to become first 1 Trillion market cap company?
 Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this tectonic shift in technology - Energy rEVolution. International Lithium is developing vertically integrated business with $4.5 billion market cap giant from China Ganfeng Lithium  and building secure lithium supply for the North America with its Upper Canada Lithium Pool strategic partners.

International Lithium And Ganfeng Lithium Discover New Pegmatite At The Avalonia Lithium Project, Ireland.

International Lithium At Wentworth 2016 Presentation.

CEO-Roaster With International Lithium Corp.: Building A Green Energy Metals Royalty Company.

  It took International Lithium 7 years of building its Lithium business and 5 years of partnership with Ganfeng Lithium: $4.5 billion market cap giant from China - to receive this acknowledgement to celebrate our 5th IPO anniversary: Watch the video."

"Ganfeng has a strong commitment to supply Lithium product to various industries worldwide,” stated Ganfeng’s Director, Wang Xiaoshen, “so we clearly have a vested interest in these projects and have been very hands-on in the evaluation of ILC’s properties. Our company is the only one in the world that has commercial production capacities to extract Lithium from both brine and spodumene, and we continually implement cutting-edge technologies to our processes. I feel confident that this is a fit for our operations and the potential these projects hold."

Race For Renewable Energy Technologies Charges Lithium Market. Chinese Lithium Leader Secures Supply Sources.

  Here is the link to answer all your questions why Lithium will power us for the next 50 years and after that Robots:

Lithium-Air Battery Breakthrough Will Make Diesel And Petrol Cars Obsolete.

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