Friday, 15 April 2016

Lithium Technology: Electric Cars Are Not Just Faster And Better - Autopilot Saves Tesla Model S.

   Electric Cars are not just faster and better, they are safer too. Of cause you have to have a proper one like Tesla Model S in this case.  Reservations for Tesla Model 3 have reached 400,000 and it shows that people are ready to buy the best electric cars. Now we have a great problem to have - how to make millions of electric cars for all of and fast. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution.

Deadly Air Pollution: Mind The Gap - 40% The Average Difference Between Official CO2 Tests And Real Emissions.

Transport and Environment.

  "Lithium Technology for Electric Cars to save us all from deadly poisoning is here, but so are the corrupted politicians who are saving all that cancer hazard polluting rubbish from becoming fossils along with producing it auto lobby. We will get there anyway with electric cars getting not only better than ICE age ones, but cheaper as well. In the end it is just plain stupid to pay yourself to poison your own kids. This is the main driver behind the exponential growth in sales of Electric Cars. Tesla Model 3 325,000 reservations in just one week just show this future and it is electric. Dump The Pump. Very soon you will be able to do it and get 21st century and even cheaper car with much better performance. It all could be so much faster with millions lives saved literally. Read more."

Elon Musk's Tesla Model 3 Reservations Hit 276,000 - Warren Buffett's BYD Wakes Up To Security Of Lithium Supply.

  You will see more headlines now which could be attributed to the "sudden revelation" even for industry insiders that lithium price breaking $20,000 per LCE Tonne in China is not something that will come and go as a nightmare. It means that there is a shortage of lithium already even before Tesla Gigafactory and Megafactories from BYD, LG Chem, Foxconn, Boston Power, Samsung and A123are coming on-line. Tesla Model 3 has reached now 276,000 orders in less then 4 days and shows appetite for the good electric cars. We are at the tipping point for the electric cars to go mainstream. 
  SQM is moving to Argentina breaking its own myth about "One Thousand Years Of Lithium Supply". Everybody who is waiting for Lithium to be delivered from clay ... can continue to wait including Tesla. Industry insiders like Jow Lowry were talking about it for months and SQM with Lithium Americas dropping Western Lithium name with its own clay ambitions can be the best confirmation now. In our small Lithium Universe in China these days Ganfeng Lithium supplies BYD, LG Chem and Panasonic, which supplies Tesla with lithium cells. International Lithium is developing two J/V with its strategic partner - Ganfeng Lithium in Argentina and Ireland, building the vertically integrated business. Now with new strategic partners International Lithium moves to build the secure supply chain for lithium in North America. Read more."

Tesla's Elon Musk: All Cars Will Be Electric - International Lithium Presentation April 2016.

Tesla Model 3 Unveiled - electric car with 215 miles range for mass market!

  All good things take time, care and patience. Lithium Technology is here and Energy rEVolution is coming next to you with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 igniting the mass market for electric cars. Tune in today to see the future with Tesla Model 3 being unveiled. People are camping outside Tesla showrooms just to make the reservation! Netherlands is going to sell only electric cars after 2025 and India is talking to go full electric by 2030. It is all about lithium technology making batteries better and cheaper every year. And now smart phones on wheels will be taking out streets one by one.
  Slowly, but surely we are building our Vertically Integrated Lithium Business with Ganfeng Lithium with our J/V projects in Ireland and Argentina. Now it is time for Canada to shine and that wind for our sails I was talking last Fall about is coming. We have survived during the storm on the sand bank, now we know what to do when the tide is coming. I welcome all our new Partners to International Lithium, fasten your seatbelt, we are moving forward. Read more."

Tesla Model 3: Apple, Google Or Facebook? Who Will Buy Tesla Motors Now To Make Electric Cars For All Of Us?


Update from Elon Musk, this is super positively insane!

Model 3 orders at 180,000 in 24 hours. Selling price w avg option mix prob $42k, so ~$7.5B in a day. Future of electric cars looking bright!
  "Reservations for Tesla Model 3 have already passed 150,000, what does it mean? It means that people are ready to buy the good electric cars and Tesla is making the best of them. Who will buy Tesla Motors now to make electric cars for all of us?  This opportunity will be paying handsomely back to the shareholders whoever will be able to make this move, we are talking about the first Trillion Market Cap company here. Will it be Apple, Google or Facebook? And do not you worry International Lithium will find enough Lithium for all of us!         Read more."

Energy rEVolution And Mass Market For EVs: Lithium On The Rise With Threefold Price Increase In Past 12 Months.

   "We are at the very initial stage of our Energy rEVolution, but we have already a full blown shortage of Lithium in China. Now this virus will be spreading very fast into other parts of the world chasing the Lithium Universe and China's leapfrog directly into the 21st century post carbon economy. In China now 28 companies are making 51 models of electric cars, they cannot match Tesla yet, but Elon Musk and his lithium technology are coming to China very soon with Tesla Model 3. We are just at the very beginning of exponential rise for EV sales with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 coming out this and next year respectively. Tune on to Tesla Motors on March 31st to see the future.   Read more."

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