Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Lithium Race To Mass Market For EVs: Apple Electric Car Could Be Manufactured In Austria By BMW Maker Magna.


  We have another rumour swirling around Apple Electric Car. It is coming to change our world overnight - it is impossible to keep the lid on this kind of groundbreaking development for Apple forever. Tesla Model 3 now has more than 400,000 reservations in just two weeks and it was a total shock to the auto industry. Hot money is chasing the supply for EVs as now it is apparent that the future will be electric. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of rEVolution.

Is It The Apple Electric Car We Are All Waiting For The Lithium Race To Become For Real?

  Maybe today we will receive more information from Motor Trend whether this is really the Apple Electric Car we are all waiting for to start our lithium race to the mass market for real. Elon Musk with Tesla Model 3 and 325,000 reservations in one week has shown us that people are ready to buy the best electric cars. Now we have the great problem to have - how to make millions of them very fast. Lithium Technology has made it possible and Lithium is the magic Metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution.

Lithium Race: Bottled Electricity - Does Apple Lease Former Pepsi Bottling Plant For Electric iCar? 

  "As you already know, that the Next Big Thing is based on the Miracle of Bottled Electricity. Lithium Technology allows us to store electricity: the most efficient form of energy known to us - in the very efficient way. Tesla Motors has demonstrated what it means in practice: acceleration of Porsche 911 and smooth silent drive for 300 miles on a single charge. Now cheaper lithium batteries change everything. In order to become first 1 Trillion Market Cap company Apple has to play Electric iCar right. People will pay premium for Apple, but I was always advocating strategic alliance with Tesla. Tesla has all technology in place, Apple has capital, huge brand and Foxconn cheap manufacturing base. Two last pieces to the puzzle: Foxconn is building its own electric cars plant in China for $800 million and Lithium Batteries Megafactory. Mysterious Foxconn electric car for $15k can be another groundbreaking development. In the end Tesla Model 3 can provide the best powertrain and almost all iPhones and iPads are made in China by Foxconn. Lithium is at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution. Stay tuned for our new mix tracks for the International Lithium launch party. Read more."


German publication Frankfurter Allgemeine is reporting that Apple may be planning to use Austrian-based automotive contract manufacturer Magna to manufacture the Apple Car. According to the report, Apple has allegedly created a “secret lab” in Berlin with 15-20 engineers from a number of German car companies.
The Magna Steyr plant in Graz, Austria will also produce 100,000 units of the new G30 BMW 5 Series. Magna Steyr, whose customers include MINI and Mercedes-Benz, will wind down production of two MINI vehicles beginning this year.
It was also reported then that Apple execs visited Austria to meet with Magna to discuss the car project. Magna was one of the companies present at a global car body conference attended by Sixty Eight Research, a firm widely believe to be a front for the Apple Car division.
In the meantime, Apple continues to expand its rumored car division on US soil also. The Silicon Valley company has reportedly been quietly purchasing and leasing a variety of buildings, while hiring high profile employees.
[Source: Business Insider, concept images from CarWow]

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