Wednesday, 13 April 2016

HedgeHog Trader: TNR Gold Owns 25% Of International Lithium, Alaskan Gold Project And Royalty On Los Azules Copper.

  Very talented HedgeHog Trader is following International Lithium and has made another impressive call on TNR Gold this time on April 4th. I will repeat that nobody knows the future and you have to make your own DD all the time. I have bought another 1 million shares in TNR Gold recently and now our both companies enjoying the small token of recognition by Mr Market after many years of our hard work at International Lithium and TNR Gold.  You will hear now a lot about Tesla, Lithium and Electric Cars.  New lithium companies will be popping up like mushrooms and some of them will be very good. In our both companies we have many years of development and the best partners in the industry we can get. TNR Gold enjoys the partnership with Rob McEwen on Los Azules Copper Royalty and International Lithium is developing projects on two continents with Ganfeng Lithium.  Now finally we can see the results coming up as the commodity cycle turns around again, share price will go up and down, but the great Team and our assets will stay.
  Please read my legal disclaimer carefully and never make any investment without consulting your preferred qualified financial adviser. Nothing on this blog provides any investment, financial and/or tax advice. You can get all information on TNR Gold and International Lithium on SEDAR and SEDI in official filings. 

TNR Gold holds:

3. 25.5% in International Lithium, which develops J/V Mariana Lithium project in Argentina being financed by giant from China - Ganfeng Lithium. 

  Please carefully read my legal disclaimer and you can find all latest financial information about TNR Gold and International Lithium on SEDAR. Please never make any investment decisions without consulting with your preferred qualified financial adviser. Read more.

HedgeHog Trader: Alpha Signals Indicate International Lithium Shares Are About To Blast Higher Again! 

  "HedgeHog Trader is very kind to share his attention with International Lithium story. Nobody knows the future, once he made his call we are just working harder to make it happen. The real story is out there now. Tesla Model 3 with 325,000 orders just in one week shows the future and it is electric! People are ready to buy good electric cars. Now we have the good problem to have: how to make millions of them and fast. International Lithium team works hard to make this Energy rEVolution happen for all of us.
  Please read my legal disclaimer carefully and never make any investment without consulting your preferred qualified financial adviser. Nothing on this blog provides any investment, financial and/or tax advice. Read more."

TNR Gold And McEwen Mining's Los Azules In Argentina - Copper Miners Pin Hopes On Electric Cars After Tesla's Success.


  "Timing is everything. And you will never have the perfect one, so once decided - just be there. And if you managed to survive "the wrong timing" and can even add to your position, just do it. This is the only advice I can share. 
  Argentina is changing very fast now under the new leadership and we can stretch our imagination that one day it will not only export its commodities like Copper and Lithium, but actually will become the power force behind the Energy rEVolution. Elon Musk with 325,000 orders for Tesla Model 3 has confirmed that consumers are ready to buy the best electric cars. Now Financial Times spells you the connection between The Next Industrial Energy rEVolution and Green Energy Metal - Copper. Copper goes everywhere in the 21st century: you will find it in electric motors, in new charging stations and wiring, in Wind and Solar installations with Smart Grids. China has a military plan to acquire and build its own resource base for strategic commodities like Lithium and Copper. Argentina can do much better than just supply the Hungry Red Dragon, it can produce lithium batteries and electric cars at least for South America one day. It is not such a stretch in the end: Chinese BYD backed by Warren Buffett is building its lithium batteries Megafactory in Brazil next door; and electric buses and lithium batteries plants in Argentina. International Lithium and TNR Gold are very well positioned in creation of the secure supply chain for strategic commodities for Energy rEVolution with Lithium and Copper. Read more."

TNR Gold and McEwen Mining: Los Azules Copper - China Wants To Buy More Copper Mines To Secure Its Supply.



  "Collapse in commodity prices has come with China economy downturn and will go with its transition to the internal consumption - security of supply for strategic commodities will always stay. China is moving very fast into the Next Industrial Energy rEVolution. Electric cars and Solar Energy are the new strategic industries and part of the 5 year plan. To secure the raw materials for this leapfrog jump directly into post carbon economy there is the military plan in action. China is already centre of Lithium Universe and controls 75% of Lithium Hydroxide which goes into Tesla Batteries. Now it is the follow up plan to secure the Copper supply when asset prices are depressed. Las Bambas was the first step and now next projects will follow. Los Azules giant copper project in Argentina is very well positioned for TNR Gold and McEwen Mining for these developments. Read more."

President Of International Lithium And Non Executive Chairman of TNR Gold Buys 1 Million Shares In TNR Gold.

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