Saturday, 2 April 2016

Brilliant Minds Jim Puplava And Jim Rickards: "The New Case For Gold."

 Jim Rickards has timed his new blockbuster perfectly for the recent explosive move in the Gold market reflecting the crisis in the world financial system. "Gold is not investment - it is money. Nothing is fixed after 2008: "Too Big To Fail are just Bigger". Two brilliant minds: Jim Puplava and Jim Rickards discuss in depth the financial system, FED and the coming monetary crisis. This is the best presentation of The New Case For Gold.

Perfect Timing - Jim Rickards' New Release: The New Case For Gold.

Financial Sense:

Jim Rickards on his Book: The New Case for Gold

Jim welcomes Jim Rickards to discuss his new book: The New Case for Gold. Through his depth of experience and sound analysis, Rickards offers a thought-provoking and compelling case for gold in today’s turbulent world. He takes on six popular arguments against holding gold and shows that none of them hold up to analysis and scrutiny. Rickards also looks at gold from a historical basis and notes that even legendary economist John Maynard Keynes favored gold at many times throughout his long career. James Rickards is Chief Global Strategist of West Shore Funds, where he focuses primarily on alternative investing, macroeconomic trends and global currency & monetary policy."

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