Thursday, 3 March 2016

Wentworth Tennis Captain Receives Legal Threats And Summoned To A Disciplinary Hearing.



Thank you for the overwhelming support from Wentworth Members And 22 Captains! 

This is what we are talking about here these days.

We've been there. Unfortunately, you still have to learn.
Respectfully, yours.


"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist. 
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. 
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew. 
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me." 


“I am totally shocked by the ruthless actions of Wentworth Club CEO who has decided to silence our opposition by legal and disciplinary threats to Wentworth Tennis Captain! Needless to say that it has never happened in Wentworth Club’s  94 years of history.
Thank you all for the overwhelming support, including 22 Captains of Wentworth Club!
It is time to pay back to this beautiful country I call home for the last 14 years. Not everything is for sale in this life. I cannot stand on a side and watch how almost 100 years history of Wentworth Club - the British Heritage is being destroyed by its new owners and hired myopic CEO with a very little respect for his own motherland and its history. I have dozens of heartbreaking letters from Members of Wentworth Club who have been members for 50, even 60 years and now being thrown out of their Club. It is your land, it is your history, time is to stay together and demand respect from all coming here to enjoy democracy. 
I demand that all legal and disciplinary threats by Wentworth Club CEO will be withdrawn immediately.
I can speak, I will continue to speak out and defend British Heritage to prevent this ongoing cultural catastrophe. It is not about rich people fighting the richer ones - it is about your home, it is time to demand respect for British culture, for British way of life from all coming here. 
If we allow one small community to be destroyed today, tomorrow the last reminders of any national identity will be lost for you all. I am proud for this country and you all must be even more so. 
As UK Citizen, I will vigorously defend my right for democracy, my right to speak out with full force of English law. I count on your support of all British people, it is your country and your history, I am the only very small part of it. Do not let bullies to run your world!”

Kind regards,

Kirill Klip

Wentworth Club
Tennis Captain.
WERC and WRA ExCom Member.
Wentworth Heritage Group.

Dear Members,

The Tennis and Health Captain, Kirill Klip, has been summoned by Stephen
Gibson, CEO of Wentworth Club, to a Disciplinary Hearing on Wednesday
2nd March to discuss his ‘conduct over the last few months, with
particular reference to (his) contravention of the Club’s Rules and
Bye-Laws regarding behaviour.’ 
Kirill Klip was appointed Tennis and Health Captain by members at the
AGM in November 2015. At that AGM members also voted to reject the
‘debenture’ proposed by Reignwood. In early February, a survey
representing 477 Tennis and Health members, both resident and
non-resident, voted overwhelmingly (97%) to ‘reject the so-called
“debenture” offered by Reignwood.’ 
The Tennis and Health captain, supported by members of the Wentworth
Heritage Group, has committed himself to fighting on behalf of the
Tennis and Health members against the Reignwood debenture scheme and to
preserving the traditions and reputation of the Wentworth Club. The
Tennis and Health captain is also an elected member of both the WRA
Executive Committee and the WERC. 
Recently, our Tennis and Health captain presented a letter to Mr Gibson
that rejected the Reignwood proposals on behalf of Tennis and Health
members and questioned whether some public statements Mr Gibson had made
about the so called ‘debenture’ may have breached the rules of the
Financial Conduct Authority. In response he received a letter from
Wentworth Club’s lawyers On-Side Law, not Mr Gibson, questioning his
‘legal capacity’ to represent Tennis and Health members and the
Wentworth Heritage Group. The letter also said, ‘individuals are
entitled to express their contrary views of the Proposed Membership
Structure in a lawful way, our client will not tolerate any actions
which are unlawful or a breach of the Club Rules and/or Bye-Laws.’ 
The On-Side Law letter refers to:
“In the meantime, our client (and its representatives) reserve all their rights, including to take all appropriate steps to protect themselves against any defamatory or maliciously false comments and under the relevant harassment legislation.”
We do not believe that anyone, let alone the Tennis and Health Captain,
should be threatened with legal actions and expulsion from the Club for
expressing the views of members. It is important that we understand your
views and can present them in aggregate to the Club Committee. 
To help us please complete the following very short and anonymous survey
as soon as possible by clicking on the following link: 
(You can request it from Wentworth Club Tennis Captain if you are WC Member)
In addition, please write in support of Wentworth Club Tennis Captain to
Wentworth Club Owners and Management and Captain to the email and demand that any legal and disciplinary
threats against him are withdrawn immediately. As the disciplicary
hearing is tomorrow, please complete the survey and send the email as
soon as you can. 
Many thanks,

Wentworth Heritage Group 


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