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Smart Grid And Energy rEVolution: World’s Largest Lithium NMC Battery Storage System Built In South Korea.


  Here comes the second part of our Energy rEVolution. Energy and Transportation are $12 Trillion industries being disrupted as we speak by Lithium Technology. Now we can store energy and use it when we need it. Solar and wind becomes available on industrial scale 24/7 to power our houses and electric cars. We do not have to burn oil any more and later even natural gas. Cheap lithium batteries change everything and Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution. Next step is a local energy distribution and smart grid, which will save for Africa, India and even China trillions of dollars leapfrogging the grid and central energy generation model. 

Smart Grids: EDF Launches Energy Storage System In Illinois Using BYD Lithium Batteries.


  "All recent lithium hype, which is now sipping into the mainstream media is generated by electric cars with sales still below 1% of the world-wide auto sales. We are at the very beginning of this fundamental shift from burning Oil to the Energy rEVolution based on Solar, Wind and Lithium Technology to store energy. In Energy space we have The World Just Before the INTERNET. 
  Sales of Electric Cars are going exponentially and finally good ones are coming for the mass market: GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 will ignite the next phase of EV adoption. What can be the best ad for the new technology than Tesla driving next to you? Only a lot of them and in different colours. 
  Now we are opening the new chapter of Energy Storage and Warren Buffet's BYD is already in the headlines again. Lithium technology allows to leapfrog the Grid stage straight into the Smart Grid of Distributed Energy Generation. Places like Africa, India and China can now save a few trillions of dollars by following mobile communication networks making fixed telephone lines business obsolete. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution. Read more."

Donald Trump, Energy rEVolution and Inverted Pyramid.

... Donald Trump will never go really too far, but he is the symbol that Pyramid is turned upside down. Few short years ago all your money could not buy all centralised broadcasting networks, now suddenly you do not have to do it any more. I am out of politics, but writing here about investment mega trends. We have just finished one and moving into the next one. Next Big Thing. Few billionaires are already on top of it busy adding more billions as well as all China with its military plan to dominate this space. We are talking about Power, it is based now on Centralised Energy Control. Corporate slavery and debt servitude are the last holding supporting structures after Information Control is lost, but Energy is the core. And Energy still means Oil by the large account, but not only any more. Solar and Wind power generation costs are dropping very fast down. And now we have the miracle. Lithium Technology allows us to store energy - a lot of it and use it When We Need It! 
  This magic device is called an electric car and  Elon Musk with Tesla has demonstrated its full potential. Cheaper Lithium batteries are changing everything. Electricity is the most efficient form of Energy known to us. Now you can produce energy somewhere else, transfer it, store and use it when you need. Or even better: you can put Solar on your roof and go literally off the grid with Home Energy Storage. Utility scale energy storage systems are helping to make Solar and Wind power fully integrated into the smart grids. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution and this new distributed energy generation system will bring the real energy security.
  Nothing will be easy this time as usual, Inverted Pyramid is unstable by nature and after Energy rEVolution with distributed energy generation based on Solar and Wind maybe the distributed Power will be coming in place? But let’s first survive the next disruption with Energy rEVolution and try to build up our middle class back with it from being totally extinguished. As with all big changes, there will be very big risks and even larger opportunities. About them are my previous pieces below.

  It is time for me to come out and to put a face to this blog. I have studied my English by listening to Master Yoda in the "Star Wars" and now I have my own Lithium ones. Not a bad start, I guess, even for a movie script. Can I sell some rights or something to Leonardo DiCaprio for his upcoming blockbuster "Deception" or "Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" Cheat"? Something like my story how I am still Censored by Twitter on DieselGate? I promise - I will put all this money back into International Lithium as always. And do not you worry: the only burning thing in all this story is the ground under the feet of the Boardroom Corporate Cheaters.

  But I am very bad at selling. And I am not very good with my spin either, this must be why I have never made it big with Oil. I was building "Big Grey Ships", than time has come to learn better English and I was trading pure things like Gold and Silver. Precious Rock and Uplifting Techno always kept my BSmeter sharply calibrated. Sweet memories. One very good old friend came once to me and after very expensive red asked me with the "devilish" smile: "you are not building anything any more, you are just trading all that glitter, what will be left after …" Or that smile! Now I am building again "Big White Hovercrafts" - electric ones, well not really at least yet … "Every investment is the unsuccessful speculation." This is another very expensive "joke" to share with you today. That smile was not "devilish", he was from The Other One and they saved me. 

  Now you know the story, everything is happening very fast these days. All our society is at the bifurcation point, we will either transgress into the higher level of consciousness really fast or all our world will be just teared apart by ourselves, but this entry is not about the High Frequencies and Brothers holding us back. There is the right time and place for everything. Today here it is all about AC/DC and our ability to store electricity: the most efficient form of energy known to us - in lithium batteries. Today we are talking about Lithium "Star Wars". Paraphrasing: "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." The idea is very simple: let's stop BS just around us, just with one thing - do not put your own kids anymore in danger, there is The Solution and there is your free choice - Lithium Technology provides you with the one now. Read more."


There are a variety of uses for grid-level battery storage as it prevents fluctuations and stops the requirement of “peaker” plants, and also allows a small amount of backup power. There is also a constant 60 Hz frequency. Kokomo is developing the largest lithium NMC battery.

A traditional generator pushes up output to counteract any dips in frequency. However, there are problems. Firstly, there is a slow response; sometimes there is overcompensation, and lastly, there is a waste of fuel. The answer seems to be energy storage systems, and here there will be a quicker response, savings on fuel use and frequency control.

The South Korea Electric Power Corporation is involved and is convinced that savings will end up being three times the price paid, as well as less damage to the generator. Ike Hong of Kokam’s Power Solutions Division proclaims that as well as power density, there is also a strong performance provided. Improvements provided by using the ultra-high power NMC include treatment to the surface that lengthens the life of the battery, a design that cuts back on internal resistance meaning less energy is lost. Finally, there is not a prismatic structure but a pouch-type cell structure.
World's Largest Lithium NMC Battery Storage System Built in South KoreaWorld's Largest Lithium NMC Battery Storage System Built in South Korea
World's Largest Lithium NMC Battery Storage System Built in South Korea
There is a unique cooling system that affects only the temperature of the rack instead of the whole container. Storage is usually the issue when it comes to things such as electric vehicles, and there should be a drop in price and performance improvement. As a result, industry and consumers win.

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