Monday, 28 March 2016

Breaking From Carbon: New Record $286 Billion Invested In Renewables In 2015 Vs $5.3 Trillion Of Subsidies To Fossil Fuels.

   Now we can have a better understanding why Rockefeller family is divesting from fossil fuels, economics does not work any more. This amount is still pitiful 5% compare to the subsidies of $5.3 Trillion (IMF) Received by Fossil Fuels industry, but we are slowly getting there. When Elon Musk and Warren Buffett are assaulting $12 Trillion industries of Energy and Transportation, you better take notice. Lithium Technology is changing our world very fast: now we can drive electric cars and charge them with Solar, we just do not have to burn Coal and Oil any more. Cheaper lithium batteries change everything, making real energy security possible with Smart Grids integrating Solar and Wind with electric cars. For a long time it was a wishful thinking and only talking, now the real money is coming into renewables and it makes all the difference. Solar is still below 1% of Energy Generation, Electric Cars sales are below 1% as well, but both are growing exponentially now, with costs going down. The World is just before the INTERNET in the Energy Space.

International Lithium At Wentworth: Back Into The Future - The World Just Before The INTERNET.

International Lithium Announces Closing of Private Placement, Advances Operations In North America.

International Lithium President, Kirill Klip comments “International Lithium is beginning a new phase of strategic developments through new potential acquisitions and strategic partnerships. The availability of affordable electric cars is almost here with models like GM’s Bolt and Tesla’s Model 3 coming into production this and next year. This will greatly increase the demand for lithium batteries in North America. Our new strategy recognizes this opportunity and we seek to meet the demand for lithium in North America’s massive automotive markets. Together with Ganfeng Lithium we continue to advance our projects in Argentina and Ireland building on a vertically integrated lithium business in China, the centre of today’s lithium industry where prices for the green energy metal are currently escalating. Newly formed alliances with companies like Pioneer Resources, will help us focus our expertise in recognising opportunities and building up a resource base, while minimising our capital outlay to advance the projects to build the secure supply of lithium for the North American market.” Read more."

Tony Seba: Lithium Race And Why Warren Buffett Is Betting Huge On Disruption of $12 Trillion Industries?

  "Because the colour is Green, but not just any green - it s the colour of money. We are entering into the next explosive stage of disruption for the $12 Trillion Energy and Transportation industries. Tony Seba is brilliant as usual, but this video stands out even among his perfect presentations. Every sentence, every bullet point is like a nail into the coffin of subsidised, unsustainable any more Energy and Transportation industries based on burning Oil and 100 years old ICE technology spitting cancer hazard emissions which are slowly killing us all. Numbers are mind boggling and logic is precise, invest next 30 min to save you from poverty for the next 30 years. Oil, Coal, Nuclear and even Gas and Biofuels will become obsolete, totally dominated by Solar and Warren Buffett is the largest investor in Solar now already! I am writing for years about his connections to BYD and Chinese electric cars and lithium batteries markets. And now Tony Seba repeats that all cars will be electric very soon. I was following Tony Seba for years building our International Lithium company. What is the difference now? Big money are coming in, the tide is coming. Listen to the numbers and now try to squeeze all those Trillions of dollars into Solar, Electric Cars, Batteries and Lithium for them. Read more."

SeeNews Renewables:

Nearly USD 286n invested in renewables last year, new record

Global new investment in renewable energy by asset class 2004-2015 (in USD billion). Source: Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2016 report ( 
March 24 (SeeNews) - Investment in renewable energy grew by 5% to reach USD 285.9 billion (EUR 256bn) globally in 2015, a record-breaking year, with developing economies bringing nearly 55% of the total.
In terms of capacity, 134 GW of renewables were installed around the globe, which compares to 106 GW in 2014, shows a report from UNEP-Frankfurt School, available here. These numbers do not include hydropower projects bigger than 50 MW.
Developing economies accounted for USD 156 billion in renewable energy investments in 2015, an increase of 19% year-on-year. China, of course, was the major contributor to that figure. Yet, developing countries excluding China, India and Brazil boosted renewables investment by 30% to a new high of USD 36 billion. Developed economies, on the other hand, saw green investments inch down by 8% to USD 130 billion.
The solar and wind energy sectors attracted the most investment last year, reaching USD 161 billion and USD 110 billion, respectively. Growth for solar stood at 12%, while wind investment expanded by just 4% year-over-year. However, new investment in all other renewable technologies was down by between 23% and 42%.
The report uses figures by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). The latter will publish in early April data on clean energy investment in the first quarter of 2016.
(USD 1 = EUR 0.896)"

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