Saturday 7 November 2015

The Nightmare: Rumour Claims New Electric Car Maker Faraday Future Is Front For Apple iCar.

Lithium Chronicles: Who Is Jia Yueting, The Chinese Billionaire Linked To Faraday Future Challenging Tesla?


  "China is rising and the rest you already know … China is taking the world over, literally. I expect China to become the largest electric cars market in the world early next year. It is already the largest market for lithium and is taking on Japan and South Korea to become the largest lithium battery market in the world. This new magic super electric car is set to appear from the future in 2017 and Faraday Future is planning $1 Billion factory that will produce the next luxury electric car to challenge Tesla. Read more."

 I had a bad dream tonight and it was a nightmare. I was living in the universe where AI and Facebook were ruling the world and it was not the best one. It is all about positive Energy after all. You will understand it in a moment. It all started one raining November day in 2015 ...
  There was a rumour that Apple is actually behind Faraday Future. But what about Chinese Billionaire being behind it? Who is behind whom in Apple case? Are they together? I doubt it, but if this wild rumour is true I will be extremely disappointed.
  In that case Apple goes the easy way not to change the world and make it  the better place literally overnight, but just try to skip some cream left by Tesla from the premium auto sector. And it is not only because of my dreaming about the mass market for Electric Cars, it is about Apple One Trillion market cap dream.
 Apple will never get again the opportunity to have for the next 25 years exponentially growing market for electric cars if they have decided just to cater to the luxury high end of auto-market. Apple does not need an entry point like Tesla had. They have already pile of cash available for huge CAPEX and Lithium Technology ready to use "Made by Tesla". If not the Silicon Valley egos at play here, Apple has a clean shortcut into the mass market for electric cars. 
  Elon Musk will hardly sell Tesla Motors now, but strategic partnership to build Apple iCar based on the Tesla Model 3 power-train is possible. If Elon Musk is really up to the commercialising of Lithium Solid State Battery at the Gigafactory, than we can talk about Lithium Battery with $100 per kWh cost in the nearest future. It means that 50 kWh lithium battery will cost $5k and provide more than 200 miles range. 
  Apple can make the reality my 20/200 formula for electric cars mass market and make this dream happen. When $20k buys you BMW 2 type Electric Car with more than 200 miles range. Strategic partnership with Tesla will give Apple access to mushrooming Network of Tesla Superchargers all around the world. Tesla can get from Apple so much needed capital for the Gigafactory without additional dilution for its shareholders. The volume mass production of lithium batteries and EVs will start driving prices down making our rEVolution for real. And than there is Foxconn with its mysterious electric car for $15k. This biggest maker of iPhones and iPads for Apple is solidly planted in the largest auto market in the world in China. Foxconn is investing now more than $800 million into its own Lithium Megafactory and EVs factory in China.
  And now, in my nightmare, Apple has missed that chance. Facebook has taken the world over by 2020 with its AI and Virtual Reality called NWO. The company which allows you to make hundreds of virtual friends and is using AI to analyse everything about you - "The best project CIA ever had". It is the best "Open Source Database" very modest initial investment in the promising tech startup could buy. In that world Facebook has just passed $300 Billon market cap on its way to One Trillion market cap instead of Apple. Company which produces nothing than just fake friendships? Tell it all of us back in 2000! 
  People weakened by GMO attack were just glued to their mobile screens. Go and try to make the real friends, like ten in ten years. It is hard, it is The Hard Assets life. Facebook was making hundreds of fake friends: people felt important. AI helped to cater the things to buy for them first, dates later and than started to give The Good News … No, NSA was involved from the very beginning in that world. The same "investment boutique" like with Google …
  I will not go too far today, but all this unprecedented advance in available to us technology can lead us to dramatically polarised outcomes.
  The one where we were never asked and never  allowed to change the Corrupted Energy Space with our rEVolution. The world where majority of the population is confined to the condensed urban areas in order to achieve efficient crowd control. Where personal mobility is limited for our own good. Where myopic corrupted decisions like "Clean Diesel" made by Labor have been followed by even larger disaster with "Clean Nuclear" made by Tory and our best new old friends - communists from China. 
  Do we really have to learn by heart the names of other locations of Nuclear Plants after Fukushima to stop this madness? In that world Facebook is the last resort to make friends and only in virtual reality you can go on a road trip with your unborn kids due to the population control. They told us that there is not enough for all of us. There is not enough Sun and Wind to power that future for all of us. The Virtual Reality there is very good. NWO is very real, almost real, I can feel it. And the barcode on your hand will always bring you there: to your dream place, if your credit is not taken away. GMO, radiation and air pollution will make enough corporate slaves to keep Elysium supplies coming. This is where I better wake up. 
  Nothing is lost yet, even in spite of corporate corruption intervening with everything in our society and distorting the reality. And the One has given us all choice, at least here - as was promised. Lithium Technology is here and cheaper Lithium Batteries are changing everything. Now you can chose how you consume Energy. Pause. 

  You can produce Energy somewhere else, Transfer it and Store. Use it when you need it. This device is called an Electric Car. And do not believe that they pollute more than ICE ones (Internal Combustion Engine) it is just not true. Even with Energy mix in U.S. electric cars are cleaner and this mix is getting greener every year now. And than again "There Is The Sun In The Sky" - Elon Musk is pointing out to all of us: "It Is Just Stupid Not To Use It". The map above shows how much space we need to power all the world with Solar technology available today! Make your choice and just stop buy all that rubbish with slightly improved 100 years old ICE technology, which is polluting and literally killing everything around including us. It is quite stupid after all to pay yourself to poison you kids with cancer hazard emissions every day.

AutoGate: It's Not Only NOx, But CO2 As Well. It's Not Only Diesel, But Petrol As Well And It Is Not Only Volkswagen.



  "I have been discussing this subject for quite a while here and was even censored by Twitter, which I take personally as a compliment. A lot of information is already available on the web about all these touchy subjects and just waiting for mass media to pick it up. It is impossible to swipe it under the rug any more. 
  In 2012 WHO has reported about the Diesel Pollution As Cancer Risk, last week EU governments have pushed to DOUBLE toxic cancer hazard diesel emissions limits and postpone their implementation. All North American readers should watch Europe closely now. Which shoe will drop next? It is all there on the links below with names. Read more."


A mysterious electric car maker called Faraday Future — backed by large resources — could be a front for Apple, a report speculated on Friday.

The company only began operating out of a former Nissan research facility in California last year, but already has over 400 workers, and is aiming to have 500 by the end of 2015, said. Some of the staff include the head designer of the BMW i8, a SpaceX battery specialist, and a former interior designer for Ferrari. Others have resumes with employers like Facebook, Google, Ford, General Motors, and Volvo.

Unusually, Faraday has refused to disclose the name of its CEO. Its de facto spokesman has been Nick Sampson, a senior VP who previously served as the director of vehicle and chassis engineering for Tesla.

The company is planning to spend $1 billion on a manufacturing plant in California, Nevada, Georgia, or Louisiana, and on top of selling cars the company has claimed it "plans to explore other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership and usage models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving."

Its first vehicle is slated for 2017 and will allegedly have a battery with 15 percent more range than the Tesla Model S 85kW-hr, or about 310 miles. Other than that, only a concept render of the vehicle has been produced.

Faraday has so far refused to say where its vast cash resources have come from. "We are keeping our partners confidential," the company told the Wall Street Journal.

The fact that Faraday has already teased a car may count against an Apple connection, but the kinds of hires the company has picked up are consistent with those attributed to Apple's electric car project. Apple has expressed a particular interest in BMW's i-series vehicles.

Moreover, the iPhone maker might need to finance a front company as big as Faraday in order to prepare for the launch of a self-branded vehicle in 2019 or 2020. It's difficult to conceal the labor and manufacturing resources a car requires, and indeed numerous leaks have led car manufacturers like Tesla to publicly assume Apple has a car in development."

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