Wednesday 25 November 2015

Wentworth Golf And Tennis Club, British Heritage And The Great Leap Forward From China.

All Wentworth Members:

Now There Is No WC SGM
December 17th, 2015.

What Do WC Members Want?

Wentworth Heritage Group Announcement



Dear Wentworth Member, 

"At the Tennis & Health AGM (T&H), there was a unanimous vote to reject the Reignwood idea, to expel all WC Members and to introduce a so called “Debenture proposal”, as totally unacceptable. 
As such, the T&H Captain for 2016, Kirill Klip, has formed a group of T&H members, under his chairmanship, with the sole aim of opposing the Reignwood plans through co-ordination and partnership alongside both the Golf members and Wentworth Residents..."

The way to Harmony is Patience and Trust.

Protect Pandas!

Important update:

My dear Facebook Friends,

We've been there. Unfortunately, you still have to learn.

Respectfully, yours.


"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist. 
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. 
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew. 
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me." 

  My dear friends, as you already know, I am sharing my energy and ideas on this educational blog and study all the new  knowledge you are kindly sharing with me. I am very passionate about Energy rEVolution and Electric Cars, but I have a softer side in me as well - I just love playing tennis. Today I would like to share with you a little bit of my very personal life and my values, which are guiding me through all my journeys. 
  As you already know, from my observations on markets and geopolitical trends the fundamental shift is ongoing in the world. Empires are gone, new powers are rising and we are moving very fast into the very polarised world. I will spare you today from particular headlines driving our societies these days, you can read them yourselves. I will tell you only one thing before you will read my following notes: any bad peace is much better than even the best war.
  A lot of misunderstanding in life is happening, when people are not communicating properly, when they underestimate the ability of another side to withstand the hardship and provide the adequate asymmetric response in order to protect its interests.
 As you remember, we had this bitter experience in the litigation on Los Azules copper and only after a few years of fight we got our property rights back and we are celebrating with proud people of Argentina today the new chapter for that great country. In the end we have learnt a lot, but lawyers from both sides made all the money! I am very proud that my Team has got that asset back.
  Today I am very worried that another very costly cultural misunderstanding is going on around the icon for all golfers - the beautiful Wentworth Golf Club in the UK. As you know, I am of the highest opinion of China and its very hard working people. The reality is that China is expanding, it is conquering new frontiers. As with a lot of new things which are going exponentially, it is very difficult to control everything at once. 
 I was managing very big systems as well in my life and I can understand how Volkswagen is asking now whistle blowers to come out to find the villains among its engineers who managed to fit literally millions of cars with cheating devices. This is the last joke here - I promise. I am not sure how far this bottle with my message can travel by the WEB, but I will give it a try today.
  I am afraid, that Dr Chanchai the chairman of Reignwood Group can find himself in a very awkward position as well. I just cannot imaging that after announcing the major partnership with London Symphony Orchestra earlier this year something even close can be happening with his prise asset in the UK - Wentworth Golf Club. Thanks God, we do not need any whistle blowers here, it is all already in the papers. We have never seen any representative from Reignwood Group so far and I definitely think that that they are not even aware that instead of everything promised when they bought WC, myopic management is literally destroying the Iconic British Heritage.

  Dear Dr Chanchai, please, have a look at it personally. I think that your vision for this great cultural treasure for Golf players all around the world was totally lost in translation of your guidance and strategy for the WC management. They are saying very strange things to all of us on your behalf. I will provide you first hand with my report from WC T&H AGM below for your convenience. 
  Dr Chanchai, I am your fellow chairman as well in my own businesses and we have a lot of others here on the Estate. We all can understand it so well: when something is breaking up in the chain of command and instead of your best intentions you have the major PR disaster in the UK now. We need your kind attention to this matter, please.
  Dear Mr Cameron, thank you for this opportunity to bring this matter of national cultural significance to your kind attention. Our properly written Open Letters will go out later, today I would like just to talk with you. 
  Despite a lot of critique going on about the modern state of British Society, Economy and The Lost National Identity - I would like to thank you for the main thing, which a lot of people will understand only when they lose it - our ability to talk here and express ourselves for the common good even if we are thinking in different languages. I cannot get to the corner of Hyde Park today and will use my small community to discuss what is so close to my heart here. Russian talking about protecting British Heritage in the UK with our new friends from China - this is the reality which we all should appreciate. A lot of things can be and will be better, but you have preserved the core of this society and democracy intact. Thank you. 
  And talking about a few things which can be better, once we deal with this small international misunderstanding, please, do find a little bit of time - I will talk to you why you should ban all diesel cars, as all cars will be electric very soon anyway and how our beautiful country can still benefit from this Energy rEVolution with hundred of thousands jobs created by your forward looking cabinet. It is all about Energy in the end and now we have the solution. Maybe than the UK will end the age of austerity and will not have to sell its strategic assets; and the British Heritage can be preserved for the generations to come?

Union Jack Is Down. Let's Raise It High At Again - Join The Campaign To Save British Heritage For The UK

Report from Wentworth Club T&H AGM November, 24th 2015.

Dear Members,

Thank you one more time for the honor to represent your interests as Tennis Captain of Wentworth Club.

The Club will provide minutes of AGM in a due time.

Today I would like to inform you:

1.    Wentworth T&H Members have voted unanimously to reject the proposal of Wentworth Club as unacceptable.

2.    Wentworth T&H Members have authorized myself to organize all necessary steps, including issuing open letters on their behalf to whom it may concern, in order to educate the British public about the ongoing catastrophe and prevent this cultural disaster and the demolition of the British Heritage.

3.    As Our outgoing Tennis Captain Justin Bowman has put it: “The Wentworth Club is us, we are making it – our community and almost 100 years history, which is being destroyed now.”

I cannot promise you miracles, but we will do our best to educate all parties involved in order to avert this cultural misunderstanding and historical catastrophe.

Our open letters will be properly written with all necessary details and legal care to present this situation to the relevant government and public bodies in the UK and China.

Today I would like to share with you my personal motivation, which I have presented at the AGM.

Thank you for the opportunity to pay back to this beautiful country and our community that my family calls home for the last 13 years.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Please share with your networks.

Kind regards,

Kirill Klip.

Dear Members,

Thank you for your trust and for the honor to represent your interests as Tennis Captain of Wentworth Club.

I will have to read what my lawyers have vetted to avoid the escalation of this international scandal.

And I will later pass my notes to become the part of the AGM minutes.

Now let me tell you, what you have got today in the same package with my tennis racket.

Welcome to the Elysium screening. I am afraid, that 95% of people in this room are No Good for the Wentworth Club any more.

It is a joke of course - it is actually 99%. I will apologize for my sense of humor later.

With the very heavy heart I pay today my last duty of respect to what used to be Wentworth Tennis Club.

And I have never seen such a PR disaster on Reality TV before.

It will definitely become an MBA case for the business schools.

English is my second language, as you can tell.

I can deal with spelling using my computers, but grammar and subtle nuances are always failing me.

I am still wondering when and where British Empire has disappeared.

I do apologize, but in my very personal view you have taken idea about political correctness too literally in this beautiful country.

I still cannot translate it properly: is it all about being just polite or I can try to be correct at the same time?

With me it is easy - you are getting exactly what you see.

Life is very simple: you just highlight the darkness and let the light do its magic.

Life is very tough when you face the consequences.

I am still learning. Some of you have reached very high social circles and managed to develop the incredible ability to discuss a lot, but never leave any trace: nor friends nor enemies.

It is so un-invasive that it is very hard to tell if anyone has even been here at all, before our Chinese friends have arrived.

With me it is very simple: I have studied a lot of ways to reach Harmony. The way to it is Patience and Trust. We all become friends in the end.

I call it as I see it and always ready to listen, but everybody is just polite again.

Please, forgive me if something will be coming out too straightforward today for some.

I do not like to leave any misunderstanding, when I am talking about my Home.

I am a trained mathematician and in abstract science theory there is a tool when you move the subject to the critical condition to explore its properties.

I have seen the future some people are preparing for us and it’s the Dark Side.

One day some of us can get the following message:

We regret to inform you that after analyzing your last month's biometrics provided by your mobile phone and your social activity profile on Facebook we have to withdraw your Elite Elysium membership with immediate effect. Please proceed with your family to the deck 13 - you will be sent back to Earth at 12=00.

This is the future and it is coming ...

And I can be wrong - maybe this is what you personally want for your family.

But I do not like it.

Even more, I am making my own future where we can still live on this beautiful planet and even drive an electric car to your tennis match.

And even more, I would like to invite you one more time to this future where you can still play tennis at Wentworth Club again.

There is magic, but you have to be magicians to make this magic happen.

Today we have only a very small problem with a former director of golf Stephen Gibson being promoted to the position of CEO of the Wentworth Club just to break us the news that we are not good here any more.

I think, Stephen, that you have got excited that 99% of T&H members are being thrown out of the Club at the very wrong time for China's expansion plans in the UK. In the end you personally will be remembered for your attempt to destroy this British Heritage.

I must say, that my dear friend Julian Small has gained some respect in light of latest developments and, particularly, that he has found his strength not to be any part of it. Please send him my kind regards.

That is why, I think, we never see our new dear friends  - the real owners of Wentworth Club from China.

What is even 1 Billion Real Estate project instead of British Heritage at Wentworth Golf Club compare to 30 Billion deals signed last month and 5 Trillion RMB debt market being created by Beijing in London on the orders of Communist Party of China?

The good news is that we will survive this time.

Even those who “voted with their feet” already.

Even if they take the Wentworth Club out of all of us.

It is not so important.

If we do not have Wentworth Club Community Spirit any more, who does really need it?

The bad news is that if we continue to vote with our feet instead of using our heads first the above is coming. At some point it will be nowhere to run any more.

Next year I will represent your interests at WC T&H even if it will be just for a few weeks.

My personal approach is that our very own dear Prime Minister Mr. Cameron will soon be provided with the opportunity to make things finally right for the Wentworth, how it had to be done from the very beginning.

All Members will receive class A shares (Founders Shares) and elect the Trustee Board to protect this British Heritage.

We have already paid for those shares.

New owners will get Class B shares, which will allow selling the Wentworth Club as a commercial enterprise with Class A shares protecting its cultural significance for this country.

Lawyers will pen out the details, Class A shares owners will run WC allowing them to receive normal market return, if they are good at running this kind of things.

They can do everything what is allowed by UK Laws and Social Responsibility practice.

The last bit will be translated in Mandarin; otherwise I do not know how they are going to build 6 Billion Nuclear Plant for all of us here in the UK.

I will insist with Mr. Cameron that Class B shares owners will receive full market price when they sell them, there will be no 30% cut.

Just take WC and make it better for all members: no Elysium and no Plastic Disney World either.

This is my very personal message: let's not even go there, close to our homes and families.

This is our land; we know how to protect it.

Before we all spend millions and years in courts, please do listen to Mr. Cameron and his proposal.

This is my very personal edit for the end of this comedy.

But today is not about my personal vision or me.

Today all is about you members of T&H of Wentworth Club.

What feedback do you have for me to communicate to the excited WC management?

Now, as you know, on the Wentworth Residents level we will take care about this Chinese 1 Billion Real Estate Project instead of British Heritage.

At this point I will only mention to you that Communist Party Leadership is not happy with Reignwood choice of management, which is making this reality TV PR disaster in the UK.

What do you want us to do for you as a Wentworth Member?

Are you as excited as WC new CEO or do you find that something wrong is going here?

I do hope to hear it today from members.

I have already some comments, which I request to put in the Minutes of AGM, as not everyone will be able to speak.

I hope, that after today’s meeting we will know what majority of members want and we will address it with the appropriate resolutions.

Thank you.

Kirill Klip

Tennis Vice Captain.
Wentworth Club."

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