Tuesday 10 November 2015

It Is Not Just Tesla. Nissan Leaf 2016 With 107 Miles EPA Range: "The Best Selling Electric Car in America."

  Tesla is grabbing all the headlines with Elon Musk. But it is not just Elon Musk and Tesla who is making this rEVolution possible. Carlos Ghosn with Nissan Leaf has made a lot to start the ball rolling in the right direction against all odds as well. I will always be grateful to him to have the vision and take Nissan and Renault into the Electric Space when all world was coming down around him in 2008 and 2009 - when GM went bankrupt and other auto-makers were on the brink of the same financial disaster.
  You know my very personal opinion, that Nissan Leaf is too special with "Electric - Plastic" feeling and it is great for some consumers, particularly in its price range. What we need now is the real cars like the best of ICE, but better because they are electric. Mass market in electric cars will be unleashed by Tesla Model 3 and GM Bolt competing with it. Nissan Leaf with 500 km range will have a very good chance to compete and even increase its share of EVs market if it gets a new body as well as new lithium battery from LG Chem and will be priced cheaper than GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3.

"Through the end of September, Nissan sold 85,952 LEAF in the U.S. and, hopefully after a weaker 2015, sales will rebound to new highs, thanks to the longer-range 30-kWh version. InsideEVs."

International Lithium and Ganfeng: Chinese Lithium Prices Jumped Twice In October To $11,049/tonne.


  Now we can discuss the real situation in the lithium market and how the full blown shortage situation of Lithium looks like. China is rising and has become the centre of "Lithium Universe". International Lithium strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium put up its prices for a second time in the space of month last week to $11,049/tonne! With rising Lithium prices Ganfeng Lithium market cap is rising as well, now this giant from China has reached 2.3 Billion market cap. Industrial Minerals calls Ganfeng leading Chinese carbonate supplier and you can see the chart below reflecting the market situation in China. It will come as a shock for many: 

"Chinese lithium producer Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd increased the price of its lithium carbonate last week, marking the second rise in a single month.

The company raised the sale value of its material by nearly 17%, from Chinese renminbi (Rmb) 60,000/tonne ($9,470/tonne*) to Rmb 70,000/tonne ($11,049/tonne) - Industrial Minerals"

   Ganfeng has announced in China on its website establishing of $170 million credit line  to finance expansion of its production facilities, financing of acquired last year mobile lithium battery maker and investing in the development of raw material base. The security of supply is everything. International Lithium is building vertically integrated lithium business with Ganfeng.

The Nightmare: Rumour Claims New Electric Car Maker Faraday Future Is Front For Apple iCar.

Lithium Chronicles: Who Is Jia Yueting, The Chinese Billionaire Linked To Faraday Future Challenging Tesla?


  "China is rising and the rest you already know … China is taking the world over, literally. I expect China to become the largest electric cars market in the world early next year. It is already the largest market for lithium and is taking on Japan and South Korea to become the largest lithium battery market in the world. This new magic super electric car is set to appear from the future in 2017 and Faraday Future is planning $1 Billion factory that will produce the next luxury electric car to challenge Tesla. Read more."

 I had a bad dream tonight and it was a nightmare. I was living in the universe where AI and Facebook were ruling the world and it was not the best one. It is all about positive Energy after all. You will understand it in a moment. It all started one raining November day in 2015 ...
  There was a rumour that Apple is actually behind Faraday Future. But what about Chinese Billionaire being behind it? Who is behind whom in Apple case? Are they together? I doubt it, but if this wild rumour is true I will be extremely disappointed.
  In that case Apple goes the easy way not to change the world and make it  the better place literally overnight, but just try to skip some cream left by Tesla from the premium auto sector. And it is not only because of my dreaming about the mass market for Electric Cars, it is about Apple One Trillion market cap dream.
   Apple will never get again the opportunity to have for the next 25 years exponentially growing market for electric cars if they have decided just to cater to the luxury high end of auto-market. Apple does not need an entry point like Tesla had. They have already pile of cash available for huge CAPEX and Lithium Technology ready to use "Made by Tesla". If not the Silicon Valley egos at play here, Apple has a clean shortcut into the mass market for electric cars. Read more. "

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