Monday 27 July 2015

McEwen Mining And TNR Gold: Scioli Emphasizes Pro-mining Approach In San Juan Province, Argentina.


  Finally, we have the great news from Argentina for TNR Gold and International Lithium. The front-runner in the presidential elections in Argentina Daniel Scioli has raised his support for the mining industry in Argentina. Particularly encouraging his remarks on the foreign investments:

"He would “go out to the world” to attract the necessary investments. He argued that he wished to make it clear to employers and future investors that “they will find in Argentina a land of opportunity”. 

  The sleeping giant Los Azules copper is located in San Juan province in Argentina, now project will be getting on industry radar screens with elections fast approaching in October this year. Stabilising situation in China will bring support for the copper prices. 

Los Azules Copper: McEwen Mining and TNR Gold - Copper Prices Could Turn Red Hot Thanks To Alternative Energy.

  Business Insider is making the blast of brilliant Frank Holmes article on copper and alternative energy catalyst. We are talking about it here for a while and now it is time for mainstream investors to have a look at the looming copper supply crunch. Los Azules copper project is very well positioned now to participate in this mega trend.

McEwen Mining And TNR Gold: Los Azules Copper - The Looming Copper Supply Crunch.

 Visual Capitalist provides brilliant infographic on copper supply problem. The catalyst for the market is coming with the huge boom in Solar Energy and roll out of electric cars. 

  With elections coming this fall in Argentina it is time to revisit the potential of Los Azules Copper. This giant copper project in Argentina is under management of McEwen Mining and TNR Gold holds 0.4% NSR and 1% on sale of the project. All three major candidates have announced their support for the mining industry in Argentina. According to Rob McEwen, this winter number of interested parties were visiting Los Azules. Project is for sale and it is only the question of time now when it happens. We are approaching the anniversary of Taca Taca sale by Lumina Copper, which Rob McEwen is using as the benchmark for Los Azules value. On the links below you can find more information about Los Azules and TNR Gold assets in this project. Please carefully read my legal disclaimer, all technical data provided by McEwen Mining is for information only, you should not be relying on it to make any investment decisions. "Qualified Person"  of TNR Gold as defined under NI 43-101 was not able to verify all these information. Read more.

  "Copper and Lithium become the strategic metals for the ongoing green revolution. Solar and Wind Energy and Electric Cars will drive the new demand for these metals. Solar Energy is growing very fast all over the world now. Energy Storage will be the next step to ignite this growth. This is the new focus of Elon Musk and his Gigafactory. He will introduce the home storage system based on the lithium batteries in the next few months. Copper will have its special place in this mass scale roll out of distributed energy generation systems with Wind and Solar Power. Integral part of this system - Energy Storage is getting popular now with Elon Musk Gigafactory and Warren Buffet with BYD making the headlines. These Trillion Dollar industries: Electric Cars and Energy Storage will drive the demand for Copper and Lithium in the future. Read more."

McEwen Mining:

Scioli emphasizes pro-mining approach during seminar in San Juan Province

"As we anticipated (see Bi-Monthly Mining Report of July 10), Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli vocalized his strong support for “sustainable mining” at a seminar in San Juan Province on Friday July 17. In fact, at the event, Scioli went even further than expected in emphasizing the industry's economic benefits and statements regarding his plans if elected. 
To begin with, Scioli highlighted the importance of mining to Argentina’s economy, both at present and in the future. Alongside his vice presidential running mate, Legal and Technical Secretary Zannini, Scioli said “mining has the capacity to generate USD 30 billion in the next four years and hundreds of jobs”. Similar to previous statements, he argued that sustainable mining is part of the national development agenda and “a cornerstone, like energy sovereignty, agribusiness, science, technology and tourism”. He argued that if elected, his administration would aim to strengthen the industry’s productivity and competitiveness. In doing so, Scioli emphasized that his government would seek to replicate the experience in San Juan, where Governor José Luis Gioja has managed to successfully balance the interests of various stakeholders, including companies, workers, local communities, indigenous populations and environmental groups.
In addition, the presidential front-runner made two important points about how his administration would help drive the industry's growth. Firstly, Scioli stated that he would not simply wait for foreign investors to take an interest in Argentina's mining industry. Instead, he would “go out to the world” to attract the necessary investments. He argued that he wished to make it clear to employers and future investors that “they will find in Argentina a land of opportunity”. Secondly, Scioli underlined the importance of a federal approach to mining, arguing that he would support and strengthen the “productive federalism" of the provinces. This latter point was later echoed by one of the Argentine Development foundation's (DAR) experts on mining and Secretary of the Latin Mining Organization (OLAMI), Hugo Nielson. Following the seminar, Nielson said that Scioli would like to work towards creating a more unified (and supportive) approach to mining in Argentina. Nielson revealed that if elected, Scioli would aim to sign a new federal agreement on mining with all of the provinces, emphasizing that his administration would consider the individual circumstances of each jurisdiction.
The event has been widely reported in the Argentine press and was well-attended – including by mining companies, service providers, unions and representatives from most provinces – in a large part due to Gioja's influence. Although originally designed by Nielson as a gathering to discuss technical issues, the seminar quickly developed into a political event. Gioja, a close friend of Scioli, suggested that the seminar be proceeded by a gathering of the Federal Association of Mining Provinces (OFEMI). Following the meeting, Scioli announced that Buenos Aires Province would be joining the organization (as will Tierra del Fuego). In addition, the morning of the seminar, both Argentina's mining chamber (CAEM) and a group of service suppliers released communiqués that were highly critical of the current administration's approach to mining, particularly that of federal Mining Secretary Jorge Mayoral. As a result, according to our sources, Mayoral was asked to refrain from speaking at the event. 
Cefeidas Group"

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