Friday 31 July 2015

Lithium Race: Europe Leads Electric Car Sales With China Rising Very Fast After North America.


  Zahary Shahan has published very interesting statistics on EV sales world-wide. Europe now is leading the world, but China is rising very fast chasing North America. China is solidly on track to take the position number one in the world by EBV sales next year or, maybe, even this one. 

Lithium Race: Electric Car Sales In France Hit Record High 3,384 In June.

  InsideEVs reports the very impressive numbers of EV sales from France. Electric cars are coming in numbers on our streets now and they will be the best advertisement of these new things to come in the future. We need more and better electric cars and Tesla Model X will make the trick with mass market to follow with GM Bolt, Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf with the extended range. All these developments are supporting the dramatic increase in lithium demand coming in the next ten years and Joe Lowry numbers can be very conservative after all!

Joe Lowry: Global Lithium Demand To Rise 150% In The Next Ten Years.


  Joe Lowry provides a very sobering outlook for the lithium supply side for the next ten years. He estimates that demand will rise 150% from 160k T of LCE to over 400k T per year - I can even call it conservative in case if electric cars really will take off in the next few years. China is rapidly growing into the world largest market for electric cars matching its biggest auto-market size and state "War on Pollution". Chinese companies are controlling now 75% of lithium hydroxide production. Where all this lithium will come from? Joe is pointing out to the problems in the lithium sector with unproven technologies and junior miners without access to the capital to develop new projects. This is where International Lithium is standing out on its own. Ganfeng Lithium finances our J/V project developments in Ireland and Argentina and we have access to the latest technology from this leading lithium materials producer from China. Now our bulk sample from Mariana project in Argentina is being analysed for the potential lithium and fertiliser products by Ganfeng in China at its R&D facilities.

Dump The Pump: Warren Buffett And Elon Musk To Spark A Lithium Boom.


  I find it quite symbolic that Oil Price has published this article by James Stafford. Our lithium story is getting on the investors' radar screens, the process is slow and masqueraded by the carnage in commodity sector. People and companies who are building their portfolios cannot imaging more opportune time: Elon Musk and Warren Buffett are making the broad market appeal for electric cars and solar energy, but lithium market itself is still full of smoke and mirrors. And now just wait for the official confirmation from Apple about electric iCar to spark all electric cars market and hedge funds start fishing upstream all supply chain. This is where Lithium comes into play as the strategic commodity, where security of supply is the most important now. The disparity in commodity and technology valuations creates great opportunities for those who can think long-term and cherry pick the best assets at the rock bottom valuations. Where to go: always do your DD and follow the smart money from industry insiders. I will provide links for your research and share all publicly available information about International Lithium and our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium. Please do not hesitate to contact myself on any of the social media platforms or at International Lithium. We are here to make this rEVolution happen. Dump The Pump. Read more.


July 25th, 2015 by  
Originally published on EV Obsession.
EU vs NA vs CH EV Sales JuneFollowing sales reports on June US electric car salesEurope electric car sales, and China electric car sales, I thought it would be interesting to compare the powerhouses (and throw Canada on top of the US to make it “North America” since it’s all basically one economic region). So, below is a chart and table comparing (and also adding up these regions).
The general take-home point, I think, is that Europe is now leading the world (driven largely by the large markets of NorwayFrancethe UKthe Netherlands, and Germany), with about 25,000 more electric car sales in the first half of 2015 than North America and about 34,000 more than China. The June story is similar on a smaller scale, with Europe showing about 6,000 more electric car sales than each China and North America.
Of course, there are many relative factors you could use here to make the comparisons more interesting: per capita sales, % of total car sales, per GDP sales, etc. But I’ll leave that for another day… maybe.
Economic PowerhouseJune 2015YTD 2015
North America9,74353,420
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