Tuesday 7 July 2015

China Gold Association Claims China Has The World's Second 9,800 T Of Gold Reserves.

  Let's not get overly excited with these numbers now, but if and when they are confirmed the world's financial landscape will be changed forever.   brought it to my attention yesterday and so far I cannot find anybody rebuffing this information. It is not viral yet, but it will be nothing less than groundbreaking with more evidence coming out. Chinese companies are buying stakes in the best gold deposits all over the world. China builds gold vaults in Honk Kong and mainland. Now we can have a different perspective on JPM building with the largest in the world private gold vault in New York bought by Chinese as well. Everything seems to be on track to be ready to back Yuan with Gold in China.

Is China Preparing For Something Big With Record Gold Deposits Acquisitions?

China Hits New Record With Over 1,162 T SGE Gold Demand For The First Half Of The Year.


  Lawrie Williams provids the further confirmation of the trend we have discussed in depth at this blog. Latest data from Koos Jansen highlights the record gold demand in China in the first half of 2015.

Growing Asian Demand In Physical Gold And Its Impact On Gold Prices.

  ANZ provides very interesting presentation of the gold demand and the rising Asia. Now we have the confirmation from the market place of what is really happening behind the scene with China and its plan for Gold. Gold has not reacted to Greece and Puerto Rico debt crises so far, even market crash In China was not able to push "the save heaven metal" above $1,200. What is really happening with gold now apart from manipulation? Actually, we can be facing 2008 situation all over again - at least in China already. Strong demand for Gold from China government, which is still accumulating record amount of gold with other Central Banks meets selling from retail investors facing margin calls on crashing Chinese equities.
 "This summer doldrums in Gold could be over very soon. Next week will be very interesting with Greece saga continued and China's rates cut after the record plunge in the stock market. Will Chinese coming back into gold finally smash the lid at 1,200 level? The news from Bloomberg Intelligence few years ago would propel gold $100 overnight easily, but today it is almost like no event in the market. While the West is chasing stocks in the Wall Street Bubble again, China is buying record amount of Gold and collecting the stakes in the best mining projects all over the world.

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