Sunday 4 February 2024

Gold in the USA, the Alaskan Elephant Country: the Pitch for Elevation to Climb a Huge Wall of Worry, Ignition Stage - TNR Shotgun Gold

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Gold in the USA, the Alaskan Elephant Country: the Pitch for Elevation to Climb a Huge Wall of Worry, Ignition Stage - TNR Shotgun Gold

We were talking here about the 20-year top for the US Dollar. Now will be a perfect time to revisit the big picture for the US Dollar, Gold and Silver.

FOMO is driving everything in the markets these days. We are getting closer by the day to this ignition stage for Gold and Silver now. 

"US Dollar was going parabolic making high after high this year. FED missed the coming Inflation Shock after printing trillions of dollars, was well behind the curve and turned hawkish breaking all markets and bursting all bubbles simultaneously."


"The brutal sell-off in the markets has confirmed an almost 100% correlation between Bitcoin, Tech Stocks and even S&P while the correlation between Gold and Bitcoin happens to be now nearly zero. Gold is The Ultimate Hedge."

Gold becomes The Ultimate Hedge for all portfolios constructed with equities, bonds and crypto-assets. Incrementum provided us with a very interesting reminder about FED, Gold and rate hikes by Greenspan.

A lot of very smart people will be surprised to find out that "Gold bottomed soon after Greenspan's 1st hike in 1999 - 1st rate hike on 30th of June 30, 1999, and low of Gold for the Cycle on 20th of July, 1999".

Gold surged past the Pandemic's record, Gold made a new all-time high at $2,080 and finished 2023 with the highest monthly close in history at $2,063. The previous all-time high at $2,072 was made by Gold on December 1, 2023. 

We have been waiting for the breakout from this giant Cup-and-Handle formation after the "pandemic" all-time high at $2,070 made by Gold in August 2020.

"Now we have the generational breakout in the making. Gold finished 2023 with the highest monthly, quarterly and yearly close in history at $2,063. Next is a climb to $2,500, $5,000 and over $10,000. Graddhy is painting the beautiful road map for Gold to surge in the third wave of this Bull Market towards $10,000 - $15,000 range per ounce." 


Otavio Costa provides us with his big-picture view of Gold. As usual, even a very small percentage of funds flowing from equities and crypto can start the real fireworks in the Gold market.

Patrick Karim is painting with his beautiful charts the wonderful picture of the magnitude of these fireworks and potential targets for this Next Leg Up of the Mega Gold Bull Market. Gold and Silver miners are very cheap.

We are getting closer to The Next Catalyst for Gold. The whole new generation of investors has to learn the hard way history lessons. They must find real, solid values after being used, disillusioned and thrown away by "The Ponzi on Steroids". "The Thousand and One" digitized scams known to humans remain scams even on the blockchains.

Gold mining stocks are ready to follow the Gold breakout after its Golden Cross and to drive their owners into the future climbing up over a huge wall of worry.

Gold and silver miners have been hitting another major oversold condition in the marketplace and explorers are extremely undervalued. The right entry point will always defy the probability of your investment success and now we have another truly unique entry point for the best mining stories.

Central banks continue to accumulate Gold while retail investors are chasing Crypto Dragons.

"High gold price reflects strong demand
Another year of blistering central bank buying, together with resilient jewellery consumption, offset sizable ETF outflows. 

Annual gold demand (excluding OTC) of 4,448t was 5% below a very strong 2022. Inclusive of significant OTC and stock flows (398t), total gold demand in 2023 was the highest on record at 4,899t.
Central bank buying maintained a breakneck pace. Annual net purchases of 1,037t almost matched the 2022 record, falling just 45t short." (World Gold Council, 31 January 2024)

China continues to accumulate Gold and reported a jump in reserves.

Do not miss the wake-up call when Gold will be hitting the next all-time high coming out of this very powerful long-term Cup-and-Handle formation.

TNR Gold shareholder NovaGold is putting the Peak Gold situation into perspective after reporting another set of great exploration results at the Donlin Gold Project in Alaska.

Barrick Gold CEO has been talking about "unlocking the tremendous potential of Donlin Gold" and it is time for us to discuss the value proposition of Shotgun Gold. Smart money is accumulating the best Gold Stories to climb over a huge wall of worry following another major leg up for this Gold Bull Market propelled by the debasement of all currencies.

My belief is TNR's Shotgun Gold Project can potentially grow and become a foremost, immediate satellite site Gold deposit to Donlin Gold's Mining Camp infrastructure. This vision is based on our exploration work and academic studies like the ones from Dr Tim Baker in which Shotgun Gold Project is not only listed alongside Donlin Creek as one of the "Major Porphyry Gold Deposits" but is also projected to contain the similar porphyry intrusion-related type system as Donlin.  

Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman

TNR Gold Corp.

Shotgun Gold is a Project located in South West Alaska, USA, in the same regional area as Novagold’s Donlin Gold Project.

Lang’s & Baker’s 2001 academic study specifically identifies both projects as "major porphyry granite-related gold deposits" that are related to a widespread magmatic gold mineralising event. Riveting stuff. What it implies in layman’s terms is that both projects arose from the same geological kitchen sink, leading one to the supposition that they should both possess similar favourable geological properties. 

To that effect, Shotgun’s general mineralisation style resembles the neighbouring Donlin Gold project. For instance, Shotgun’s particular intrusion is associated with 69.7Ma magmatism while Donlin Gold holds 70ma magmatism.

Shotgun’s particular boon is in the details. Shotgun’s mineralisation has been identified to possess little-to-no "nugget effect". A high ‘nugget effect’ means high variability between samples that are closely spaced. "No nugget effect" implies tight-fisted uniform mineralisation of a bulk tonnage gold system. There’s no need to dig up empty rock space so the stripping ratio for any potential mine will be low, keeping costs way down.

What’s more, when a system’s topographical layout lines up neatly at the top of a ridge-like Shotgun's, it means the extraction of resource systems in similar conditions is very efficient - there is no need to remove layers of empty waste rock by tentatively stripping the ridge. Instead, one decisively takes the top of the hill in its entirety. Shotgun’s targeted bulk tonnage gold system runs from the very surface down to *at least* a depth of 150m (Open). "Open" means exploration to date has not identified the end of the mineralization from the drilling performed so far.

For the Shotgun Gold Project, Shotgun Ridge is just one of the multiple gold target areas controlled by TNR Gold. "Shot", "King" and "Winchester" add to the collection to form a distinct district with five (5) separate gold exploration targets identified so far. 

The Company is actively introducing Shotgun Gold to potential partners to decisively drill the entirety of these prospects. The objective of such a partnership would be to expand the known area of mineralisation, define new mineralised areas and conclusively assess the Project’s potential top-end valuation.

We need to bring US$10mln in to drill the project very strongly,” says TNR Gold Executive Chairman Kirill Klip. “The first US$5mln to take the project from the current 700,000-ounce resource up to the two million ounce mark, the rest to drill out five nearby targets. There’s no reason to suppose that our ground cannot hold multiple mineralised systems.”

Please read my legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blogs. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

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