Thursday, 12 June 2014

UK Will Send Traders Rigging The Markets To Jail. Will It Include Gold Manipulation And Naked Short Selling?


  We have a small victory for the common sense in the UK today. BBC reports "Osborne pledges criminal action against banks and traders":

"More action to tackle wrongdoing in the financial sector will be unveiled by Chancellor George Osborne on Thursday.
The measures will include making the manipulation of the foreign currency markets by banks a criminal offence. In a keynote speech he will promise to target "the unacceptable behaviour of the few and ensure that markets are fair for the many who depend on them". 
There has been increasing concern about whether the multi-trillion pound foreign exchange market was rigged. In his annual Mansion House speech, Mr Osborne will pledge the extension of legislation used to clean up after the Libor interest rate-fixing scandal. BBC."

  And the very important piece for us here:

As well as bringing the forex currency market under this legislation, it will be extended to those who trade in commodities, and also to the fixed income market, where the most common type of products traded are bonds. BBC."

  Will we have at least some justice for our beloved Gold now as well?

I Vote To End Gold Manipulation: FSA Fines Barclays For Manipulation Of Gold Price - Join Me.

 "Manipulation cannot lasts forever even if the very powerful forces are behind it. You already know that I am not talking here just about one trader, one bank or even one country. We are talking here about the highest levels of power involved in this masquerade.
 Why Gold is so important for everyone, not just for the super wealthy who can afford to put it aside for the rainy day? Gold is the most important indicator of the rate at which FIAT money are losing its value - its real purchasing power. If you can manipulate it - you can pretend that everything is fine and DOW and S&P 500 will beat All-Time-High every month as we have now. But just look below at your childhood McDonalds Menu - something is not so right, isn't it?
  My personal vote is nothing, but if I am not alone it will be finished one day. Please donate your tweet for the good cause and share this post if you want to change it as well.

TNR Gold: Shotgun Gold Project - Why Do We Need New Gold Deposits?

  "This picture above is stronger than thousand words written by the FED's hired academics and even Austrian School of Economics - it cuts through the verbal mist to the bone of Inflation definition and what it really means. It means that your FIAT money are losing it purchasing power. It happens every day, day by the day. How much you can see from the McDonald's menu from 70s. 
  And below is the chart representing "Strong US Dollar Policy" in action implemented by FED from the day of its inception in 1913. Some people even think that Federal Reserve is as Federal as Federal Express, but we will not go that road today. Read more."

  It is the very important first step on the cracking down on the illegal activities in the market place. How resolute will be authorities now? Will they start with the rehypothecation for which London is really famous as virtually having no limits for leverage - after the ongoing scandal with the missing collateral in China? 

"In my personal opinion, we are witnessing the same game of rehypothecation as it is happening with FED, BIS, Investment Banks and Gold. This, actually missing metal as collateral, will be the very bullish set up for the commodities markets. After initial selling due to the margin calls and unwinding of Paper Positions in the market, Mr Market will realise that all these metal accounted for the supply and demand picture is NOT there. Industrial demand will stay in place, but Supply which was supposed to be hoarded in the warehouses is missing: the collateral was used a few times for the different transactions. Read more."
  Will we have the catalyst for Gold and Silver price now Eric Sprott was talking about in his The Chinese Gold Vortex?

The topic of gold price manipulation seems to be making its way into the mainstream. Regulators in Germany made the first foray into gold manipulation with their investigations of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) now infamous Gold Fixing.6  
Now, we hear that the CME Group (which owns the COMEX, where paper gold trades) has been sued by three traders for allegedly selling order information to HFTs ahead of the broader market.7 
Simultaneously, academic studies have found evidence of manipulation in the gold market and a consultancy (Fideres) even claims that “global gold prices may have been manipulated 50% of the time between January 2010 and December 2013”.8 
We have long suspected manipulation, but it is now clear to us that both the physical and paper bullion markets have been tampered with for quite some time, to the advantage of those that are naturally short gold (i.e. the bullion banks and other gold dealers). With the increasing amount of scrutiny from the public, academia, regulators and now lawyers, manipulators should have a progressively more difficult time preventing gold from reaching fair value. Sufiy."

  Will the legislation be extended to cover the all important illegal Naked Short Selling?

"Manipulation is rampant in all markets: HFT Flash Boys, LIBOR, FOREX, Pensions, Energy ... Gold. Some of the former conspiracy theories are going in the court rooms now, others are still waiting for their time. But nothing could be compared with naked shorting and manipulations in the illiquid junior mining stocks. Dirty tactics are used all over the market like the banging the juniors into the close, suppressing the prices during the accumulation. You can get the idea from the reports made by Jim Puplava  on Financial Sense and the summary: Naked Short Selling: The Problem. Read more."

  I do not know when the wind of change will reach Canada, particularly, in the suffering Junior Mining market, but I would like to share with you my congratulations to Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock:

 SEC announces charges against 4 officials at Penson Financial Services for violations