Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Powered By Lithium: Electric Cars $178.9 Billion Market By 2024


  I think that it can happen to be the very conservative assessment of the market potential for Electric Cars. As chart above shows, even only in case of Tesla Motors and its Gigafactory Morgan Stanley  is talking about a few Trillion industries subject to disruption of Lithium Technology. 

"IDTechEx finds that the global sale of hybrid and pure electric cars will triple to $178.9 billion in 2024 as they are transformed in most respects.
There are extensive chapters on in-wheel motors, fuel cell cars and the transformed battery situation. In-wheel motors are at last appearing in born-electric vehicles optimised for this disruptive change. 140 lithium-ion battery manufacturers and their changing success with EVs and changing chemistry are analysed. They are now threatened by Tesla planning a mega factory to dwarf all of them put together. ElectriccarsReport."

"Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) predicts China will become the world’s largest market for electric vehicles as more charging infrastructure is built and the government promotes cleaner cars to cut pollution.
China will reach that target in at most five years, said Karsten Engel, BMW’s China head, at an event in Shanghai yesterday marking the automaker’s collaboration with the city’s municipal power company. As part of the partnership, the State Grid will build public charging points at the former World Expo site, one of 46 such areas the city is targeting by the end of the year where EV owners can power their cars, according to Fan Ye, general manager of electric vehicles at State Grid Shanghai. Bloomberg."

  We are very well positioned at International Lithium to participate in these developments with our strategic partner from China Ganfeng Lithium. 

International Lithium Celebrates Its IPO Anniversary With Major Deals With Ganfeng Lithium.


  "Three years from the day of International Lithium IPO have passed away very fast, but we have made a lot of very hard work behind the scenes of our public releases to advance our assets. This month we are celebrating our IPO Anniversary by advancing major deals with our strategic partner from China Ganfeng Lithium.
  Lumina copper is in the news these days - this project is located in Salta province in Argentina, our Mariana Lithium Potash Brine project is located in the same province. With good news coming out of Argentina for all mining companies I am looking forward to advance our projects and place our company at the appropriate level in the market place properly reflecting our fundamentals. I would like to share with you my vision on our recent developments in our latest Podcast."

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