Sunday, 22 June 2014

Going Viral Today "Powered By Lithium: Harley-Davidson Goes Electric - This Is Not A Joke!"


  My post on LinkedIn "Powered By Lithium: Harley-Davidson Goes Electric - This Is Not A Joke!" is going "viral" today with more than 5k reads now. Thank you All for stopping by and sharing! This is the very serious endorsement for everything what I am trying to do in the Electric Space. If you like it, please, help me to tell our story - share my posts and donate your tweets, the rest we know how to do.

Strategic Partner, Ganfeng Lithium, Announces Initial Budget for Joint Ventures with International Lithium.

Let's not forget what we are up against here:

NATO: Russian Spies Against "100% Safe Fracking", Two-thirds Of US Shale Oil "Could Be Stolen By Chinese Hackers."

"I am not sure that even "evil Putin" can go as far just to protect our houses in UK from fracking, earthquakes and us from cancer coming with the contaminated water in order just to sell his Oil. China is buying it anyway? But let's just stop messing with it and Just Stop Buying It!? Let's all go Electric. Elon Musk has shown us how it could be done going Open Source On Electric Cars with Tesla's patents open to all now.
  Who can Stop us? Exxon, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Total, Eni, Statoil, ConocoPhilips? Anybody else from The World' 25 Biggest Oil Companies? They are all becoming green and even like BP - Beyond Petrolium. Just wait, they are working on anotherNeedle just to keep us all happy with the Hydrogen. By the way the same "Russian Spies" must be behind the 20% stake of BP in Russian Totally Evil Rosneft?
  But lets get down to business from our conspiracy theories here, mass media keeps it very quiet as it must be "the Chinese Hackers who stole Two-thirds of US Shale Oil Reserves"? I was not able to confirm this report and please do not rely on it in any sense. I will repost my research in these high octane matters as Iraq situation reminds us all what is it all really about as Oil Is Running Out. The Ugly Truth is That There Is No Cheap Oil Left Anymore. Read more."

  At International Lithium we are doing our part to change the world into a better place,where the exhaust pipe could be found only on the old pictures one day.