Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Electric Cars Jolt: Tesla, BMW And Nissan Meeting In Secret To Discuss Supercharger Network.


  After just a few days of Elon Musk going Open Source on Electric Cars by opening his Tesla's patents to all we have the first reports about Electric rEvolution taking charge. Charging Infrastructure - or I better put it as: the lack of it and, particularly, absence of the industry standard was the huge drag for the mass adoption of electric cars. If these three major players in the electric cars space can adopt the industry wide standard we will have the first boost to the market very fast here.
  Next step will be the Tesla Gigafactory with its impact on the cost, reliability and capacity for the Lithium Batteries. Elon Musk is talking about 400 miles range for Tesla Model S and Model X and $35k price tag for the Tesla Model E with 200 miles range! As we have discussed before, other players in the Lithium market are getting ready for this Tide.

International Lithium: Ganfeng Lithium Acquisition of Lithium Battery Company To Build The Vertically Integrated Industry Chain.


  "I have the public report from China to share with you today. Our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium has announced this week the major acquisition in China in order to build The Vertically Integrated Lithium Battery Business. It is the very exciting time for Electric Cars with Elon Musk giving this market another ignition with his Open Source move. Mobile Devices is another very fast growing market and I am looking forward that our Lithium projects will deliver the further confirmation of their economic potential to become in the future the raw materials supply base for this Vertically Integrated Lithium Industry Chain. Read more."

Electric rEvolution: Elon Musk Goes Open Source - Opens Tesla's Electric Cars Patents To All.

  "Elon Musk makes his next totally unexpected move and makes Electric Cars Open Source by opening  Tesla Motors patents to all. Now we are talking about the real breakthrough and the unleashing of the creative power of technology to tackle our addiction to the Oil Needle. Lithium based technology is here and Elon Musk have just made it available to all who would like to build Electric Cars. There are reports that BMW has already met with Tesla this week discussing Electric Cars.
  As you remember, I was wondering how fast Chinese could reverse engineer Tesla Model S in any case, so Elon Musk makes his move in advance and opens his cookbook. He has mentioned once before that he does not really believe in patents and that Chinese will use it just as the recipe book. Now all this technology is in the open and we can expect the real tide of Electric rEvolution happening. Today we can all appreciate much better his vision for the hundreds of Gigafactories to produce Lithium Batteries for Electric Cars across the Globe. Read more."

Tesla's Elon Musk Expects 'Hundreds' Of Gigafactories As Lithium Battery Production For EVs Triples In Three Years.


"It's interesting what's happening in the electric vehicle field. It used to be that BMW and Tesla were competitors. Then – and of course they're still competing, especially in the public mind – they were working together on ... something. Maybe. And now, the Financial Times reports that the two luxury automakers are meeting with Nissan. Again, maybe. 
The scuttlebutt is that the three companies are interested in working together on something to do with charging electric vehicles, potentially a global recharging standard. Currently, when it comes to fast charging, BMW uses the SAE Combo standard, Nissan uses CHAdeMO and Tesla uses its ownSuperchargers.The meeting was prompted by Tesla opening of all of its patents the other day, FT says. Speaking during the recent annual shareholder meeting, Musk said he was "more than happy to have other manufacturers" use Tesla's Superchargers but that, "there is no other electric car that can accept anything close to 135 kilowatts." Let's assume the technical hurdle can be overcome. 
With any potential patent/licensing problems out of the way, these discussions with BMW and Nissan might be revolving around this other angle that Musk mentioned: "They (other automakers) just have to contribute to the capital cost, so figure out what percentage of the time are their cars using the Supercharger network and then they can make a contribution proportionate to their customer usage of the Supercharger network." That certainly sounds like something that could take some time to figure out. AutoBlogGreen."