Friday, 10 April 2020

NovaGold Breaks $10 "Catching Fire" With USD $3.3 Billion Valuation And Warming Up All Alaskan Elephant Country For M&A: New Major Gold Mining Camp On The US Soil Will Provide Thousands Of Jobs.

NovaGold broke $10 US Dollars and was "catching fire" on Thursday rising to USD $3.3 Billion valuation warming up all Alaskan Elephant Country for M&A activities around it. The project now is fully permitted and this infrastructure will provide life-changing opportunities to all South-West of the great state of Alaska. We are witnessing the major new Gold mining cap being built on the US soil which will provide thousands of so much needed jobs to the proud people of Alaska. 

Sustainable responsible mining will bring new life to remote places where new wealth will be generated producing Gold - solid values in the uncertain times. This wealth will be feeding thousands of families all around the mining camp and even all across the US. Mining equipment, heavy machinery, sophisticated automated trucks, renewable sources of energy - this is where the stimulus money should go. Building the infrastructure for long term growth. For new generations to come.

Gold is cooperating and closed the week with solid advance to $1,686. Horrific jobless claims brought another 6.6 million applications. FED is putting a new "stimulus" Depression fire fighting plan with $2.3 Trillion worth of assets purchase program which will go all the way down Exter's pyramid to municipal and corporate debt. 

FED balance sheet has already swollen to the unimaginable just at the New Eve Night $6.083 Trillion Dollars. And its only the beginning. Gold is rushing UP trying to keep up with the exponential expansion of the monetary base of all global financial system. 

"...The upside is clear. Indeed, Novagold sees it well enough, since it retains a significant stake in TNR, and former Novagold director Greg Johnson now sits on the TNR board. How long it will take the rest of the market to wake up remains to be seen. 
Nonetheless Klip is confident that this is a company that’s going places. 
“We are not dreamers,” he says. “We did it with the copper. We did it with the lithium. I would like to make it even bigger with the gold. I would like to do better, to keep a 25% stake.” 
It’s a vision for growth that makes a lot of sense. In tough markets, where capital is scarce, this kind of approach may well end up being a model that others choose to follow too." 

News about Electrum Group partnering in the new venture with gold mining legends Rob McEwen and Eric Sprott for exploration in Alaska will ignite the new wave of interest to the juniors operating in Alaska. Alaska jumped to the 5th place among safe mining jurisdictions and giant 39 Moz Donlin Gold project is getting more and more attention. Electrum Group is the major shareholder of Nova Gold which is developing Donlin Gold in JV with Barrick Gold.

With gold prices reaching new highs this year mining analysts are applying higher metrics to value "gold in the ground" when comparing juniors and their projects. Nova Gold is trading as high as USD $3.3 Billion market cap reflecting its 50% stake in Donlin Gold. It gives more than $170 valuation per oz in the ground. This is an increase of almost 45% compared to the valuation in July 2019. All projects are different, but previous Gold Bull market valuations started at $20 per oz of the inferred resources - the very initial level of resources. Now, these charts from AuCu Consulting are showing different Averages starting from $42/oz for different stages of resource definition for Exploration Companies. 

New mining deals will give us a better sense of the valuations. Eric Sprott and Rob McEwen will make sure that Alaska is shining bright on the radars of investors now. Increased gold prices are making the great state of Alaska as one of the most attractive in the industry: "leverage in the place where you can keep the rewards"And their own gold price projections can bring real fireworks to the exploration opportunities. As always do your own research and you will have to pick up the winners.

TNR Shotgun Project, NovaGold And Gold In The Alaskan Elephant Country: Giant Donlin Gold Project Obtains More Necessary Permits.

Now we know why NovaGold was going vertically, celebrating higher gold prices, as we have discussed before. Giant Donlin Gold project is moving forward with more necessary permits being granted to develop this major gold mining camp on the US soil. This infrastructure development will bring life and so much needed jobs to the whole mining district in South-West Alaska. 

TNR Gold is advancing our Shotgun Gold project in this mining district near Donlin Gold JV between Barrick Gold and NovaGold. Today, after TNR Gold AGM, it will be time to point out again a few details available publicly in NRs and all public filings on SEDAR and SEDI. Greg Johnson, one of the founders of NovaGold is on the Board of our Company and NovaGold has been building its stake in TNR Gold from 2010 when 50% of Shotgun Gold was acquired by TNR Gold from NovaGold consolidating our ownership. 

These positive developments support sustainable mining in Alaska and provide the necessary infrastructure development for all our region. TNR Gold has in place now another very important milestone on the path to realising our vision and strategic plan to advance Shotgun Gold and build upon our initial gold discovery. Please do your own research, visit our website for NI 43-101 report and all presentations. Below you can find more information for your DD.

Please always read legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

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