Saturday, 18 April 2020

Rob McEwen Is Ready For A Deal On His "Sleeping Giant" Los Azules Copper, Gold And Silver Project While Barrick Gold Is Flirting With Argentina Again.

I hope that you will pardon my headline for this stream of consciousness. Not a lot of people can survive a marriage during the close encounters in the quarantine. As one of the London based Masters of the Financial Universe in the good old days once told me about his wife complaining upon his retirement: "I have married you to spend my life with you, not to see you every day at lunch."

Whether these biblical gender relationship developments are spinning the world again or dangerous proximity to the elections is the real motivation, we can only speculate now. But a lot of people are experiencing the outburst of desire for Freedom and bravely ready to sacrifice others for the common good. Some of them are talking on TV under protection by the State, others are even marching ready to fight. I do not have any right to judge, but looking at those marching and their ability to practice safety during the pandemic outbreak, I will advise all to continue to exercise maximum precaution, stay safe and avoid all crowds, particularly the marching ones.

This urge to be free can't be stopped and, hopefully, we can avoid mass casualties during the Grand Opening. It is time to talk about Copper again. Tesla is back hovering above $700, providing ventilators for others and promising another near-death experience for the remaining shorts. As we have discussed, shorts are better to be ready now.

Legacy Autos are literally drowning in Debt and even FED ICU will not be able to deal with all of them. They could not compete with Tesla in the sugar high days just before March 2020 Crash, what are they going to do now? Tesla will gain even larger advance in the market share and in its technology lead. Battery Day can push the stock to the new orbit if even half of the rumours will end up close to be the truth.

Hopefully, some wise governments will point out to the legacy autos that they must now produce electric cars if they are taking money again from these governments. It is not for our amusement on this blog, but for the business sake and their own survival. People can see for the first time clean skies over their cities for a long time.

They know the difference now and ready to buy the new best cars, which happen to be electric. They vote with their wallets and are not buying cancer hazard polluting "Clean DIEsel" or "Not So Dirty Gas" cars anymore.

My brave scientific thesis remains the same: The Switch is here and rEVolution will be accelerated during our Recovery Phase. Hopefully, The US and The UK can participate in this movement. We are not ready all talk only in Mandarin yet.

As you already know, this rEVolution requires a lot of Lithium and Copper. Argentina brought us the good news already opening its mining again. Ganfeng Lithium is talking in its Annual 2019 Report about environmental permits for Mariana Lithium Project and construction of the Lithium producing facilities to be conducted gradually. TNR Gold is plugged into rEVolution with our NSR Royalty Holdings on Mariana Lithium Project and Los Azules Copper. Now we have the first Catalyst in place. Our first NSR Royalty is closer to potentially generating cash flow from Mariana Lithium Project under the management of the Operator - the largest integrated Lithium producer from China Ganfeng Lithium.

Can Rob McEwen bring the second Catalyst for our Company with his Midas touch? For sure. And even more, he is ready for a deal on his "Sleeping Giant" Los Azules Copper, Gold and Silver project. Nobody knows the future and only time will tell us whether I spent too much time moving the pieces around our chessboard with McEwen Mining, Barrick Gold and Los Azules or we will have a potential Catalyst which can be translated into multiples in valuations for some Companies.

Barrick Gold is flirting with Argentina again and made a new small deal with Gold and Silver junior last week. Pascua Lama remains a monument for the very expensive landscaping design right on the border of Argentina and Chile.

While Los Azules is benefiting from the bilateral agreement for the project development signed between Argentina and Chile. Can the desire for growth and search for "Strategic Copper" by Barrick Gold be matched with Rob McEwen's desire for a deal for Los Azules?

"Some people have more capital and know how to work in Argentina better than others. JV on Los Azules will be the major catalyst for McEwen Mining and TNR Gold NSR Royalty Holding on the entire deposit. Rob is ready now for a very interesting deal: $100 million upfront payment and 25% carry into production. We have discussed Barrick Gold's ambitions in their search for Strategic Copper and even established the strategic partnership with a Chinese company to develop Gold and Copper in Argentina including Pascua Lama."

The rest of the moves remains to be seen, but the new terms are providing a truly unique entry point in one of the largest undeveloped Copper projects in the world which can be just too good to miss, particularly during the Grand Opening stage. As always, do your own research and you can find the information about TNR Gold NSR Holding on the entire Los Azules Copper project with Mcewen Mining on the links below.  

Powered By Tesla Energy rEVolution: TNR Gold Los Azules Copper NSR Royalty Holding With McEwen Mining Presentation.

"Now we can talk about Copper for Tesla Energy rEVolution and EVs. TNR holds NSR Royalty on the entire giant Los Azules Copper with McEwen Mining. Legendary Rob McEwen is calling Los Azules - "Our sleeping giant". There is over 10.2 B lb of indicated and 19.3 B lb of inferred copper in all resource categories; plus 1.7 M Oz of indicated and 3.8 M Oz of inferred Gold resources; and 56 M Oz of indicated and 136 M Oz of inferred Silver resources. Please never mix in your investment analyses different resource categories."  

Please always read legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

"Our Team at TNR Gold has a deep financial background as well. Our unique business model provides investors with exposure to Lithium and Copper which are powering Tesla rEVolution and Gold as the ultimate hedge for these uncertain times. TNR shareholders will participate in the potential of blue sky discovery with our gold project and in potential royalty cash flows from the projects under development by industry leaders like Ganfeng Lithium and McEwen Mining. 

Nobody knows the future but potentially we can even see 3 major companies may be looking at TNR Gold portfolio for possible M&A activities reflecting our respective assets.

With Ganfeng JV - in Lithium, according to industry analysts, our NSR Royalty may represent in the future potentially millions of dollars per year as Royalty payments to TNR from Mariana Lithium JV after it will be in production. 

With NovaGold - in Gold, ShotgunGold is ready for the strong strategic partner to grow together in the Alaskan "elephant country" in the new major Donlin Gold mining camp under development on the US soil.

With McEwen Mining - in Copper. McEwen Mining is looking for a strategic partner to advance Los Azules as JV. According to industry analysts, our NSR Royalty may represent in the future potentially many millions of dollars per year as Royalty payments to TNR from Los Azules after it will be in production.

I will not be surprised personally, that after very hard work, we may see some kind of M&A activities with Gold, Lithium and Copper prices going up and our projects moving forward and their resources growing.

This is why I believe that TNR Gold provides the truly unique entry point to participate in the Tesla Energy rEVolution and Gold. This is why I am investing in TNR. This is why we are building with our GEM Royalty Team The Green Energy Metals Royalty and Gold Company. 

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