Sunday, 12 April 2020

Energy rEVolution: Powered By Lithium - "Electric Cars Produce Less CO2 Than Petrol Vehicles, Study Confirms."

Los Angeles without a smog

The Guardian reports that one more study confirms: electric cars are much cleaner than any DIEsel or even petrol cars when you are even using the electricity from the "dirty grid" - when energy mix includes a substantial part of fossil fuels sources. 

Los Angeles with a smog

In countries like Sweden and France where the energy mix is greener, the benefits of electric cars including the full life cycle starting from production can be as high as 70% compared to "Clean DIEsel" and "Not So Clean Petrol" cars. To be honest with you, I thought that we have passed this stage many years ago with my brave offer to any auto executives to spend a night in the closed garage with a running ICE engine, while I will be in another garage with "running electric motor" of an electric car. So far there were no takers of my proposal. 

Now we have one more scientific study to prove the obvious - electric cars are much cleaner than ICE Age cars and they are getting cleaner every year with our energy mix which is getting cleaner with every new solar panel and windmill connected. As we have, discussed, this very tragic situation with virus outbreak provides some hope that new Stimulus Infrastructure money will be aimed at the Energy Transition including renewables and electric cars production facilities. 

People can already see the difference with fewer ICE cars on the streets during lockdowns and they are voting with their wallets. Nobody will be buying now "Clean DIEsel" car which you will never be able to sell in 5 years time. Share of electric cars sales in the total amount of auto sales is growing. Germany and the UK are hitting new records in the EVs sales this year.

Today is the day for the good news. CoronaVirus pandemic is getting under control in the most disciplined countries and Argentina is opening mining sites. TNR Gold is plugged in the energy rEVolution with our Royalty Holding on the Mariana Lithium JV under the management of the Operator - a giant from China Ganfeng Lithium. Do your own research, as usual, you can find more information on the links below.

We are one more extremely important step closer to the potential royalty cash flow stream. We have reported a 250% increase in lIthium resources at Mariana Lithium Project in February and now Ganfeng Lithium has reported in there Annual Report 2019:

Tesla Energy rEVolution And The Light Of Hope For Electric Cars And Lithium Supply: Austria And Argentina Bring Us The Good News.

Talking about the massive switch to the production of electric cars we must address the secure lithium supply for this exponential growth. This is where TNR Gold Royalty Holding and our strategic partners Ganfeng Lithium are coming into the picture. Among with all doom and gloom, we have the Catalyst in place for GEM Royalty TNR Gold and our very own set of great news this year. In February we have announced:

"Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of the Company commented, “We are very pleased to see this more than 250% increase in measured and indicated resources from the 2017 resource estimate at Mariana and that Ganfeng Lithium is advancing this project in Argentina towards further updated PEA and pre-feasibility studies. The Mariana Project preliminary economic assessment (“PEA”), as announced in our news release of January 28, 2019, was the first PEA on the project that provided a potential value for the total NSR Royalty from Mariana’s life of mine cashflow. TNR Gold does not have to contribute any capital for development of Mariana and our NSR Royalty does not depend on the size of ILC’s potentially diluted ownership in the Mariana Project. The 1.8% Mariana NSR Royalty is an important part of TNR Gold’s portfolio. The essence of our business model is to have industry leaders like Ganfeng Lithium as operators on the projects that will potentially generate royalty cashflows to contribute significant value for our shareholders.”

The Guardian:

"Electric vehicles produce less carbon dioxide than petrol cars across the vast majority of the globe – contrary to the claims of some detractors, who have alleged that the CO2 emitted in the production of electricity and their manufacture outweighs the benefits. 
The finding is a boost to governments, including the UK, seeking to move to net zero carbon emissions, which will require a massive expansion of the electric car fleet. A similar benefit was found for electric heat pumps. 
In the UK, transport is now the biggest contributor to the climate crisis and domestic heating has been stubbornly stuck on natural gas for much of the country
Across the world, passenger road vehicles and household heating generate about a quarter of all emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. That makes electric vehicles essential to reducing overall emissions, but how clean an electric vehicle is also depends on how the electricity is generated, the efficiency of the supply and the efficiency of the vehicle."

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