Friday, 21 February 2020

Powered By Gold And Tesla Energy rEVolution: Why Green Energy Metals? Why Royalties? And Why TNR Gold?

Thank you.

Thank you for coming back to me here. Today I would like to thank all our shareholders and followers who are supporting our GEM Royalty TNR Gold Team. These very talented people are working very hard to make our dreams happen. The future is here, not everybody can see it yet, but megatrends are manifesting themselves. The Switch. Tesla Energy rEVolution. The recalibration of the global financial system and Gold - as the ultimate hedge for these uncertain times. 

Our Story.

It is time to tell you our Story about TNR Gold today in a more concise way. This is my personal story, I am putting my money where my mouth is, but you will have to find your winners. You will have to travel on your journey. I am just sharing my travel notes with you in my diary. I am glad if you can share the beautiful scenery with me. Join. You will learn new things. And I am ready as well. Fasten your seatbelt and, please, always make your own due diligence and consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decision. 

Let me tell you today why we are building The Green Energy Metals Royalty and Gold Company and why I hold a 22% stake in our Company on a partially diluted basis already. TNR Gold has a very tight float with all insiders holding well over 50%, including NovaGold's stake in our Company.  Last week we announced that I will be investing more capital in TNR Gold and increasing my stake now even more - at the double market price at the time of announcement.

Why Green Energy Metals, why Royalties and why TNR Gold?

Tesla is huge now - everybody knows about Tesla finally. Is it too late to play the stock which was already launched by Elon Musk, a genius traveller from the future, to the moon? I don't know. What about Lithium for Tesla and all other electric cars? A lot of people are looking upstream now on the supply chains for electric cars. This is where our partner is coming into this Energy rEVolution picture. 

Ganfeng Lithium - the largest integrated lithium producer in China - is already a huge story itself and supplies Tesla, VW and BMW. But only some people in the industry know it, despite that, Ganfeng chart goes vertical. The stock almost tripled from Summer 2019. Ganfeng Lithium stock went limit UP 10% two days this month already and was UP another 7% after that.

What is TNR? We are building The Green Energy Metals Royalty and Gold Company. We have Royalty Holdings in the projects with industry leaders like Ganfeng Lithium and McEwen Mining in Copper. We do not have to contribute any capital to develop these giant projects. Even more, we have companies like NovaGold investing in TNR Gold.

GEM Royalty business model.

How does our business model work? Ganfeng is investing Capital - many millions of dollars to build the Mariana Lithium JV project. We just announced a new Lithium resource estimation provided by Ganfeng with over 250% increase of resources from 2017 estimation to well over 4M T of LCE at Mariana Lithium JV! This is very significant - almost nobody knows about it. TNR Gold holds NSR Royalty on the entire Mariana Lithium JV under Ganfeng development - nobody even heard about it. And the most important thing here is that we do not have to contribute any capital and dilute our shareholders to develop Mariana Lithium.

And here we can come back to a simple personal fact, why CEO buys TNR Gold shares at double the market price and finances TNR? Because I personally believe that TNR Gold is very undervalued even at 5 cents. Some shares can still be bought now below 5 cents on the market. It is not investment advice, as you already know, just a pure scientific observation of the junior mining market landscape.

What else do we have in TNR? - GOLD. 

Shotgun Gold project is in the SW of Alaska. It is located near the giant Donlin Gold project in the Alaskan "elephant country" with 39M Oz of Gold resources. TNR has already found Gold as well and identified the initial inferred resources of over 700,000 Oz of Gold. All mineralisation is opened at depth and we have identified five similar geological and geophysical targets on the property. TNR is working to bring a major Gold company as a strategic partner - “Ganfeng in Gold” - to repeat the success of Mariana Lithium and Los Azules Copper with our Shotgun Gold project in Alaska now. 

NovaGold already holds a stake in TNR Gold. Greg Johnson - one of the founders of NovaGold - is on our TNR Gold Board. The last couple of weeks NovaGold announced that right of way and other crucial necessary permits were granted in Alaska. Donlin Gold is moving forward and will create the major Gold mining Camp on the US soil. TNR Gold is in that mining camp already with our Shotgun Gold project.

And what about Copper for Tesla Energy rEVolution?

Now we can talk about Copper for Tesla Energy rEVolution and EVs. TNR holds NSR Royalty on the entire giant Los Azules Copper with McEwen Mining. Legendary Rob McEwen is calling Los Azules - "Our sleeping giant". There is over 10.2 B lb of indicated and 19.3 B lb of inferred copper in all resource categories; plus 1.7 M Oz of indicated and 3.8 M Oz of inferred Gold resources; and 56 M Oz of indicated and 136 M Oz of inferred Silver resources. Please never mix in your investment analyses different resource categories.  

What is next?

Our Team at TNR Gold has a deep financial background as well. Our unique business model provides investors with exposure to Lithium and Copper which are powering Tesla rEVolution and Gold as the ultimate hedge for these uncertain times. TNR shareholders will participate in the potential of blue sky discovery with our gold project and in potential royalty cash flows from the projects under development by industry leaders like Ganfeng Lithium and McEwen Mining. 

Nobody knows the future but potentially we can even see 3 major companies may be looking at TNR Gold portfolio for possible M&A activities reflecting our respective assets.

With Ganfeng JV - in Lithium, according to industry analysts, our NSR Royalty may represent in the future potentially millions of dollars per year as Royalty payments to TNR from Mariana Lithium JV after it will be in production. 

With NovaGold - in Gold, ShotgunGold is ready for the strong strategic partner to grow together in the Alaskan "elephant country" in the new major Donlin Gold mining camp under development on the US soil.

With McEwen Mining - in Copper. McEwen Mining is looking for a strategic partner to advance Los Azules as JV. According to industry analysts, our NSR Royalty may represent in the future potentially many millions of dollars per year as Royalty payments to TNR from Los Azules after it will be in production.

I will not be surprised personally, that after very hard work, we may see some kind of M&A activities with Gold, Lithium and Copper prices going up and our projects moving forward and their resources growing.

This is why I believe that TNR Gold provides the truly unique entry point to participate in the Tesla Energy rEVolution and Gold. This is why I am investing in TNR. This is why we are building with our GEM Royalty Team The Green Energy Metals Royalty and Gold Company. 

Join Energy rEVolution and Gold - follow TNR Gold. 

Please always read legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

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