Friday, 13 March 2020

GEM Royalty TNR Gold: What Is Next - Gold Is The Only Ultimate Hedge In The Age Of Recalibration Of All Global Financial System.

Gold is the only Ultimate Hedge. Very unfortunately, this bloody massacre will claim a lot of very good people. Mr Market is ruthless. It is difficult, but we can all learn and, ideally, on the mistakes which have been already made by others. Yours very truly paid for his education for all Top 50 Ivy League Universities combined. And nobody can be certain yet that even this education will be any good in the end. Otherwise, all PhDs will be billionaires. But we all have the luxury of getting access to the best knowledge available this day. Then we need the discipline to apply it. We all saw the signs. Even in January decisive action could help. As you already know, these are my travel notes. Do your own research and make your own journey. If you joined me, thank you. We are all set. We are ready. Now, let's check the navigation controls. 

Gold - The Ultimate Hedge is getting back closer to $1,600 again after 3rd "Operation Sledgehammer" and despite all selling to cover for the margin calls. The Global Financial System is acting, finally, as expected. There are bans on short selling across the world, injections of liquidity and FED has unveiled The Mother of QE starting with $1.5 Trillion funds which will be made available via New York FED. 

Today it is important that we have our notes. We can all breath out, hopefully. 2000 and 2008 have been flashed out in two weeks of March 2020. Time is compressed as Energy. Now this Energy will be finding the places to release itself, in some parts it will be devastating, in others, it should manifest new opportunities and crystalise value. The Black Monday 2020 Crash is here, now all global financial system will be printing new money very hard "as there is no tomorrow" in order to avoid the Great Depression 2020. You know the rules. #1 Stay Safe. No Margin. Avoid crowds. There is no point to be smart by "being dead". We all can make it only if we get there. We have the new set up for Gold Bull on steroids. 

Chart by Northstar

We are entering the next stage of the Gold Bull market - few very important myths have been destroyed. These revelations will bring those who survived back into Gold. Myth #1: now it is evident that there is NO Gold 2.0 or "digital gold" - bitcoin has failed to act as a hedge. 

Another very important fact. Myth #2: there is no one for one "Synthetic Exposure" by any contract with any counterparty involved - all ETFs are "value gapping" in the moments of crises. Illiquid ones can be destroyed in hours. All Algos are selling at the same time using the same algorithms reading the same headlines. Avoid. You can trade it, but do not call it an investment. And we better not even start our discussion about "paper gold" here. There can be some paper, but definitely NO Gold.

Smart money knows what real investment means. It means owning the business by owning the shares of the Company. Invest like Warren Buffett, who is proven to be right and sober again with his huge cash position. Nobody knows the future. I can only share with you what I am doing. I am going "Warren Buffett" in Gold. Buying a business and building it. No Margin. I will be back monitoring The Big Picture For Gold and TNR Gold place in this generational opportunity. Join us. Follow TNR Gold.

Thank you. We are building GEM Royalty for you - our Shareholders. Contact us and request your Skype Video update. Stay safe.

"...The upside is clear. Indeed, Novagold sees it well enough, since it retains a significant stake in TNR, and former Novagold director Greg Johnson now sits on the TNR board. How long it will take the rest of the market to wake up remains to be seen. 
Nonetheless Klip is confident that this is a company that’s going places. 
“We are not dreamers,” he says. “We did it with the copper. We did it with the lithium. I would like to make it even bigger with the gold. I would like to do better, to keep a 25% stake.” 
It’s a vision for growth that makes a lot of sense. In tough markets, where capital is scarce, this kind of approach may well end up being a model that others choose to follow too."

Please always read legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

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