Monday, 23 March 2020

FED Goes All-in With Unlimited QE: Gold Flies - The Best Gold Stocks To Follow.

FED goes all-in, Gold jumps to $1,540 and the best gold stocks are following already. 

Our brave scientific thesis is getting more and more confirmations every day. 

How To Navigate The Crash in The Age Of Algos, ETFs And Digital Copycats: Gold Is The Ultimate Hedge - The Best Gold Companies Are The Wealth Generators.

"After this very tough week, it is more important than ever to have the Big Picture in front of you and separate the main messages from the Panic Market Noise. We are on the same level as before. We are all set. There is NO margin. "The market is NOT going to ZERO." Trillions of dollars are being printed."

"POTUS is printing money and buying Oil to create inflation and support the shale oil industry. Very important - interest payments on student loans are waved. "Free CoronaVirus tests, and paid leave for our impacted American workers", and expand of food stamps program are being agreed by POTUS and House Speaker in the US in the major "The Families First Coronavirus Response Act." Read more. 

Gold Has Confirmed Its Status As The Ultimate Hedge In The Uncertain Times During Double Black Monday 2020.

To all our Crew

"Everybody Hurts". My heart goes to ALL. Thank you for encouragement, follow and all your support. Stay Strong. Do your part #StaySafeStayHome. Help others, share the best knowledge and learn. We can make it. We know.

We had another very challenging and brutal week for all in the markets. I would like to thank all our Shareholders for your support. And on your behalf, I would like to thank our very talented GEM Royalty Team at TNR Gold who are working hard to make our dreams happen. We are welcoming today our new Shareholders who have decided to start their own journey with us. Nobody knows the future, please always do your own research. Read more.

Smart money knows what real investment means. It means owning the business by owning the shares of the Company. Invest like Warren Buffett, who is proven to be right and sober again with his huge cash position. Nobody knows the future. I can only share with you what I am doing. 

I am going "Warren Buffett" in Gold. Buying a business and building it. No Margin. I will be back monitoring The Big Picture For Gold and TNR Gold place in this generational opportunity. Join us. Follow TNR Gold.

"...The upside is clear. Indeed, Novagold sees it well enough, since it retains a significant stake in TNR, and former Novagold director Greg Johnson now sits on the TNR board. How long it will take the rest of the market to wake up remains to be seen. 
Nonetheless Klip is confident that this is a company that’s going places. 
“We are not dreamers,” he says. “We did it with the copper. We did it with the lithium. I would like to make it even bigger with the gold. I would like to do better, to keep a 25% stake.” 
It’s a vision for growth that makes a lot of sense. In tough markets, where capital is scarce, this kind of approach may well end up being a model that others choose to follow too." 

Please always read legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

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