Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Mining Alliance Of Trust: How To Cross The Digital Divide And Finance Tesla Energy rEVolution.

I would like to talk today about the very important issue - the Trust in our mining community. Not just Corporate Governance, Corporate Values, Continuous Disclosure and best industry practices guided by IIROC and BCSC, but very simple, clear and rock-solid term - Trust. You either have it or you don't. 

Today, after Nemaska Lithium announcement yesterday, we will have this issue painfully remanded to so many. In our mining business, as we have discussed numerous times, we inherently have numerous risks which are already presented in our business model: geological, economic, financial, operational, political including resource nationalism - the list goes on and on. The main question is how you can manage these risks, they are not just going away. And everything starts with people - there is no place for any bad actors in our business, we have enough of all other risks already. Every burnt investor is lost for our industry forever. Gold Bugs are literally dying and Millenials are chasing Crypto Bubbles.

We must build The Mining Alliance of Trust - we must build the new EcoSystem, the new network for mining in order to finance the production of critical materials for the Tesla Energy rEVolution. This new EcoSystem must be based not on "likes" or century-old clubs, but on Trust. Sounds like a dream? It is the dream - like everything else - but this one is beautiful.

We need every single dollar of capital available to finance Tesla Energy rEVolution and Electrify all our Energy and Transportation. We must clean our act and weed all bad actors out of the system. We need The Mining Alliance of Trust with Chair as Rob McEwen if he accepts. John Davies' The Code: Honour, Commitment and Loyalty and The Same Boat must be the guiding values and principals. Own what you are talking about, treat others money like yours. We are facing China, they are not enemies, they are Friends, but Africa is gone already and South America is next.

Tesla Energy rEVolution: How To Cross Digital Divide - GEM Royalty Blockchain Capital Presentation.

Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of TNR Gold: "Among these strategic initiatives will be research and marketing of convertible royalty debentures - debt instruments allowing conversion directly into part-ownership of our royalty holdings; M&A activities aimed at creating partnerships on the basis of our royalty holding companies and exploring the opportunities provided by blockchain technology in order to create access to capital allocated for crypto assets. We are actively seeking partners who would like to connect their digital assets with our potential future royalty cash-flow streams."


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