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Building The Green Energy Metals Royalty Company: John Davies, Chairman Of The Audit Committee Of TNR Gold: - "Live The Code", That Being Honour, Commitment And Loyalty."

Building The Green Energy Metals Royalty Company: John Davies, Chairman of The Audit Committee of TNR Gold: - "Live The Code", That Being Honour, Commitment And Loyalty."

John K. Davies

Chairman of the Audit Committee of TNR Gold

Welcome, my name John Davies and as part of video journal entries to assist the investment community and my role as Director of TNR Gold, I wish to address a question today, 14 February 2019, specifically of TNR Gold and our royalty mining business. 

As a royalty streaming company with a direct understanding of the growth of the EV and ‘green energy’ sector as well global infrastructure, we provide investors opportunity for leveraged exposure into the metals and minerals critical to these processes, in specific copper and lithium. This is in addition to our Shotgun Gold Project in Alaska that I will address in a separate discussion. 

Of the copper, the potential undiscounted cash flow estimates of our royalty on McEwen Mining’s Los Azules project amount to $127 million over 36 years over the life of the mine but this is where I wish to point out of said project and the Mariana lithium project, we have no further capital or exploration expenses. 

Our Balance Sheet and working capital are strong, stable and fortified, simple and to the point. 

Royalty streaming is a unique section of the mining world, some call the sector a critical financing arm in early development and at TNR Gold we have carefully crafted a model that understands the vast growth of the EV and ‘green energy’ sector as well as global infrastructure and provide investors opportunity to said sectors as well as serve as a proxy hedge. 

Please visit the TNR Gold website and urge to all investors to perform your own due diligence, note our disclaimers and always follow the advice of a qualified financial adviser prior to making any investment decisions.

Finally, and I further note with pride, I have recently been appointed as Chairman of the Audit Committee for TNR Gold, I wish to make all aware the company has adopted my charge for those whom I have mentored since the 1980s of ‘Live The Code’, that being honour, commitment and loyalty.

This little company with a great ambition will not only maintain the highest standards set by Securities exchanges and accounting principles but set a new bar and commitment to you, the investment community and to our investors and partners. 

That is my promise and when I make a promise, etch it in stone.
John K. Davies

TNR Gold Receives $800,000 On Debenture Loan Repayment By International Lithium.

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - February 11, 2019) - TNR Gold Corp. (TSX-V: TNR) ("TNR" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it received CAD $807,272.60, representing principal and interest due on up to the date of principal repayment on February 7, 2019, which was due from International Lithium Corp. on a convertible debenture acquired by TNR on November 24, 2017, with a maturity date of January 31, 2019. 
"I am very pleased that we have addressed another important issue for TNR's 2019 business plan and we have considerably improved our working capital and strengthened the balance sheet," commented Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of TNR. 
"The TNR team has the full and unconditional support of the Company's investment loan capital provider who supports our business plan and long-term strategic initiatives. It's clear that the decision of our investment loan capital provider earlier this year, to extend the due date of the investment loan by 3 years, is a resounding show of confidence in TNR's long-term business strategy, asset portfolio and management team. We have the resources to concentrate our efforts on building a premier green energy metals royalty company by maximizing the value of our royalty portfolio of copper and lithium projects that are instrumental in the electric vehicle and green energy sectors, investigating new strategic acquisitions, and development of the Shotgun Gold project in Alaska. 
With increased working capital, it should be pointed out that we do not have to contribute any capital to our royalty holdings on the Los Azules copper project and on the Mariana Lithium Project in Argentina. The Company's strategy with the Shotgun Gold Project is to attract a joint venture partnership with one of the major gold mining companies given a project of this magnitude. TNR is actively introducing the project to interested parties. The essence of our business model is to have industry leaders like McEwen Mining and Ganfeng Lithium as operators on the projects that will potentially generate royalty cash flows to contribute and develop significant long-term value for our shareholders."
Director John Davies added, "TNR Gold has carefully nurtured its asset model to coincide with the enormous growth of the electric vehicle and 'green energy' sector and now, with increased working capital, we can continue to build long-term shareholder value with existing projects while carefully analyzing business opportunities." 


Please read legal disclaimer. There is no investment advice on this blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. DYOR.

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