Sunday, 18 November 2018

The Code: How To Survive In Junior Mining And Build The Green Energy Metals Royalty Company.

During our recent workshop on the very important topic of compliance and continuous disclosure policy at TNR Gold, I thought that it is important not just to exceed all industry regulations, but to share with all our audience our Values and Corporate Culture at GEM Royalty TNR Gold. Our Values are at the very foundation of our Corporate Culture, which is driving all our aspirations. 

Our Team Values are crystallised in John Davies’ Code: Honour, Commitment and Loyalty. 

This is the energy which resonates with me personally and we would like to build our Team tuned in to this very high frequency. These are not just words for us, this is the only way to succeed in a highly cyclical long-term business. 

In the line of our business: junior mining, exploration and development - we already have inherently the whole complex of risks: political, geological, technical and financial. Rewards can come only if you can manage risk properly. Everything starts with the Team, you cannot succeed with the wrong people

Our GEMRoyalty business model helps us at TNR Gold to manage political, geological, technical and financial risks related to particular projects by participating in projects which are managed by industry leaders like McEwen Mining and Ganfeng Lithium. But a few more very important things must be talked daily about in order to create the ultimate strategy for success: how to build a business to benefit its long-term shareholders.

Our Corporate Culture and EcoSystem must dismiss anything which cannot stand high frequencies of our Values. There is no place for any shortcuts. Like with everything new and beautiful there are forces trying to hold it back. It is fine. It is called Disruption and Gravity. But I would like to be very clear: my own money is on the line and I do not ask you for yours.

We are excited and very passionate, but this is "Pump and Dump" Free Zone FM. To make it easier, please, NEVER buy any shares. Always DYOR and carefully read all our disclaimers. Just spread the message. We are building the Green Energy Metals Royalty Company TNR Gold Corp. in order that Tesla Energy rEVolution can be supplied with critical materials.

We are building sources of capital with accredited investors, who are forward thinkers. There is no place for any scams building the green bright future. 

John Davies has put it straight: "We believe in what we do. TNR Gold is a company, a small company, with big intentions to better our world and as well as building value for long-term shareholders. I invite you to know more about us, our mission and our Team."

As I have replied to the very important question in my recent interview: the main asset in our Royalty portfolio is our TNR Gold Team. A few weeks ago we welcomed Natalia Lobanova and John Davies to the Board, now we have the appropriate diversity, depth of necessary skills and financial expertise to make our dream happen.

Thank you for your support! GEMRoyalty TNR Gold - we build.

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