Saturday, 13 October 2018

Green Energy Metals At LME Week In London: John Davies TNR Gold - Are The Supply Lines Within Reach For The Tesla rEVolution?

‘It’ starts with mining. 
Said ‘it’ is the resources often not considered by the general public but critical in many of the technological innovations of today. From our daily lives of using a mobile phone, a collection of lithium, copper, nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc and more, to every possible electronic item in our homes and business, each is dependent upon metals and minerals. 
This is never so more important then when considering the electrification of automobiles, the related battery storage sector and enormous infrastructure requirements for charging stations and ‘green energy’. To consider the emergence of electric vehicles and for that matter a possible purchase of such in the future is, whether one realises or not, is casting a vote in the supply requirements from the mining sector. 

Yet for all the talk of the ‘EV revolution’ and related matters, the question remains are the supply lines for many of the metals and minerals involved in production within comfortable reach for both existing demand and say forecasts by 2030? 
Quite simply the industry will be put to the test and as the automotive sector is jockeying to procure supply lines few G20 governments, excluding China, have invested appropriately or incentivised investment sufficiently. Furthermore the recent retracement of commodity prices, due largely in part to the global trade war, has exacerbated the matter, put new projects on hold, and potentially created a bottleneck in the future. 

As discussed at length at the recent ‘LME Week’ in London, the ‘EV revolution’, in combination with ‘green energy’ and global infrastructure has the potential of catapulting the demand of copper, as well as many other critical metals such as nickel, cobalt and vanadium, well beyond existing supply lines. Given such, and it is certainly no industry secret, senior mining companies are actively on the acquisition trail and looking for key exploration partners. 
At TNR Gold we possess the winning strategy that sees the long term and the vast possibilities ahead with the remarkable growth phases coming in the ‘EV’ and ‘green energy’ revolution and well positioned for the future with our existing projects and will continue to search globally for potential acquisitions that meet our high standards. 
We are working diligently on our various efforts at TNR Gold, in order to advance our innovative approach in capital financing, how we prioritise creating maximal shareholder value and how investors can participate in a company that understands the enormous growth in the ‘green energy' and the 'EV' revolution and the benefits each provides society for generations to come. 

Building A Green Energy Metals Royalty Company: TNR Gold Investor Presentation.

This is the essence of our business model when industry leaders are operators on the world-class projects providing us in the future with the potential cash flow royalty streams.



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How can we link Solid Values which are provided by mining which is powering Green Energy rEVolution and capital allocated to Blockchain FinTech?

Can we start talking about decentralized sources of capital for mining as well now? For us, at TNR Gold, the most interesting subject now is to build the access to the capital which is already allocated to the crypto space and plugging our company into participating in the "crypto capitalism movement" as Mark Yusko calls it, which is already opening new sources of capital. We are aiming with John Davies, TNR Gold Director: Capital Markets and Blockchain Technology - to navigate through all hype with scam ICOs and hundreds of coins which are dead already and mapping the landscape of the most trusted participants in this market. 

The idea is simple but successful solving of this problem can be Company building for us: how can we link Solid Values which are provided by mining which is powering Green Energy rEVolution and capital allocated to Blockchain FinTech? You already know about our GEM Royalty Portfolio, which will provide potentially cash flows from projects producing copper and lithium. Now is the next stage for building up the new capital base and multiplying our Green Energy Metals Royalties.

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