Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Tesla Energy rEVolution And Green Energy Metals: John Davies - Ultimately Great Returns Come To Those That Understand Business Cycles, Carefully Develop A Tactical Plan And Implement At Or Near The Bottom.

"One of the greatest issues of investing is recognising cycles and rather than joining fellow investors near the end of the movement it is critical to position oneself as the shift begins. Much has been said of this for as long as there has been a marketplace but ultimately great returns come to those that understand business cycles, carefully develop a tactical plan and implement at or near the bottom. Certainly this is no easy feat and in widest majority of cases, it is the stuff of legends to be ahead of the curve.  

Only in the rarest of situations is it obvious to foresee a coming shift and that is the precise point in time many believe what is occurring today in the metals industry.  
Our world is going through enormous technological shifts along with tremendous infrastructure needs. From each corner of the globe, whether the growth of the ‘EV revolution’ and related battery storage sector that China is leading within investment research, to the ‘green energy’ movement to supply the world environmentally sustainable solutions, and of course cyclical infrastructure requirements, each places enormous demands upon mining. 
These advancements have the potential to significantly progress our world and help improve standard of life and share a common denominator: 
Whether one is considering bellwether copper, lithium, nickel and cobalt needs in the ‘EV revolution’, zinc and vanadium as it relates to infrastructure and possibly batteries, or many other metals, none of it is possible without mining.  

In the coming decade, the resources required from many of these innovations, including but not limited to the metals noted above, will be put to the supply side test and many experts suggest prices will escalate considerably.  
Yet mining investment has not kept pace with forecasted demands and recent retracements, brought on in part due to concerns of a global trade war, have in fact exacerbated the problem and increased the potential of significant upward price shocks.  

For investors it is crucial to see ahead of this curve, to be strategically sound contrarian with a long term approach and, to borrow upon a term from chess, see the move before the move.  
At TNR Gold, our team has the winning strategy to see that move before the move and will constantly strive to build value for our long term shareholders." 


Green Energy Metals Royalty Co. TNR Gold: Mariana Lithium And Ganfeng - Chinese Lithium Giant Agrees Three-Year Pact To Supply Tesla.

We have discussed a lot with you here our Green Energy Metals Royalty Co. vision and the world-class assets in TNR Gold Royalty Portfolio. The new presentation by Rob McEwen has properly introduced you to "the sleeping giant" Los Azules Copper with McEwen Mining as the operator. TNR Gold holds NSR Royalty on the entire project. This is the essence of our business model when industry leaders are operators on the world-class projects providing us in the future with the potential cash flow royalty streams. Today our Lithium Story comes back to life. 

TNR Gold has founded International Lithium Corp in 2009 and now we hold NSR Royalty on Mariana Lithium project in Argentina where Ganfeng Lithium is the operator. Our strategic priority is to protect this holding. News about Ganfeng and Tesla lithium supply deal confirms our long discussions on this blog about the security of supply for critical metals for Tesla Green Energy rEVolution. 

Finally, Tesla is coming to secure the lithium supply from the real source. There is some information that this deal is not new news and part of the Ganfeng IPO PR promotion, but it is not so important here. The logic was quite straightforward: Ganfeng supplies lithium to Panasonic, Panasonic supplies Tesla with lithium cells. Now Tesla will receive lithium supply directly from Ganfeng. 

Ganfeng's IPO in Hong Kong will start another chapter for this company, hopefully, Mariana Lithium will have its important place in that book as well. TNR Gold Royalty model secures the exposure to Green Energy Metals like Copper and Lithium without any additional allocation of capital and industry leaders like McEwen Mining and Ganfeng Lithium provide necessary de-risking profiles to our holdings. Our congratulations go to the hard-working teams at Ganfeng Lithium and Tesla today!

InvestorIntel: TNR Gold Fine Tuning Royalty Model For Green Energy Metals.


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