Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Lithium Race: Volvo Cars Strong Commitment To Electrification - From 2019 All Volvo Cars Will Be With Electric Powertrains.

This is the great news and I do hope that they know what they are talking about at Volvo. Either they have totally missed Tesla or they are thinking that Tesla Motors is not a premium car maker. But jokes aside, this is another major development in our electric space from another now Chinese-owned automaker. 

Volvo is committing to all cars from 2019 with electric powertrains. They will be either fully electric or hybrids. Lithium battery prices are going down so fast that hybrid technology will become obsolete in the next few years. It can happen exactly when Volvo is going to make at least 5 pure electric model and 1 million in sales by 2025. 

Electric cars are coming much faster than a lot of people are anticipating it. Lithium is at the very heart of this Energy rEVolutionInternational Lithium is plugged into the very dynamic EVs and Energy Storage markets in China with its holdings in JV projects with Ganfeng Lithium, a giant from China.

The Switch And Lithium Race: Electric Boom - Dozens EV Models Available Through 2020.

Miles of electric range.

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

This is when one picture is better than thousand words. Electric Cars are coming. The Switch is here. Enjoy. And if you are missing words, they are below with links for your further research to find out for yourself why all cars will be electric and much faster than a lot of people anticipate it.

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Lithium Race And The Coming Tide Of Electric Cars: Tesla Has Now 8 Vehicle Programs In The Works.

The next generation of Tesla Roadster.

Electrek reports about 8 electric vehicles in the works at Tesla and now you can better understand what I call the coming tide of Electric Cars. China is investing billions of dollars in The New Energy Plan creating its leapfrog into the post carbon economy by building the manufacturing base for the 21st century based on renewable energy and electric cars. Elon Musk has made electric cars unstoppable in the West almost alone - just compare the state level support in China with their military discipline to secure the full supply chain for Energy rEVolution and constant cry from auto lobbyists and Big Oil in the West.

Tesla is still way ahead of any closest competitors in the EV space. Elon Musk made it in a silicon valley style: get big fast and go online. His very bold move with Gigafactory is slashing lithium battery costs down and Chinese companies are mimicking it with their Lithium Megafactories. And Tesla's ability to collect data online from billions of miles driven by its electric cars and update them as our mobile phones has made a dramatic reduction in time and cost of EV R&D possible. That is why China is already flexing its financial muscles to get Tesla inland with "Chinese Facebook" Tencent taking 5% stake in the company recently. So do we still have a chance not to hold that bag after Energy rEVolution will claim its victims after all?

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