Monday, 3 July 2017

Lithium Race: First Production Tesla Model 3 Expected Friday - 20,000 Per Month By December.

It is happening, they are coming! Elon Musk has announced this weekend that Model 3 has passed all regulatory requirements and the first production Tesla Model 3 is expected this Friday. Production will be ramping up to 20,000 per month by December. We are talking here about 240,000 Tesla Model 3 per year at this rate already to be achieved in 2017! We are entering the mass market stage for electric cars.  

International Energy Agency: In Order To Limit Temperature Increase Below 2ยบ C The Number Of Electric Cars Needs To Reach 600 Million By 2040.

"The cost of lithium batteries is going down very fast and I believe that fully electric cars will rule the world very soon. Tesla Model 3 with 65 kWh lithium battery provides over 200 miles of range and will become the standard in the industry with its mass volume production from this July. There is around 60 kg of LCE (Lithium Carbonate Equivalent) in one Tesla Model 3 battery. We will need 36 Million Tonnes of LCE to be produced by 2040 to put this IEA plan into life.
To put it into perspective, the total lithium production last year was around 200,000 T of LCE. Now you can better understand why there is the real cut throat competition for the security of lithium supply which is still hidden from the most of the people by the clouds of toxic cancer hazard fumes emitted by all DIEsel cars on our roads. ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) are on the way out, all cars will be electric very soon and we are facing the total disconnect between the coming demand for lithium and the available supply. Read more."

Back Into The Future - Lithium Will Power Us For The Next 50 Years And Then Robots.

The Verge:

First production Tesla Model 3 expected Friday, Elon Musk says

Lithium Race: The Switch Is Happening Now - Electric Cars Arriving Faster Than Anticipated.

The Switch is happening now. The Tide of Electric Cars is coming onto our streets. I used to call it "The iPod Moment", now we have a better picture to show us what is coming. Smartphones were more expensive than normal phones, but they took over the market like a storm. The demand was there: customers who were willing tp pay for the access to everything on the go and under their fingertips. The same will happen with electric cars: demand is there and millions will be ready to pay for "Mobility Pay As You Go". When will Elon Musk introduce EVs with "Pay As You Go" scheme to finish ICE cars with just one new business model move? And this is what happens in our industry feeding the Hungry Dragons which are flying high over China mostly. Lithium Race is for real now. Read more.

Lithium Race: Tesla Model 3 Is The Best Of 12 Cheapest Electric Cars On Sale In 2017.

Tesla Model 3 will change everything for electric cars. The Switch will be happening when millions of people will be buying electric cars. Now we are very close to this stage. The best electric cars are becoming more and more affordable for the masses. Watch the video.

Kirill Klip, Chairman, President and CEO, International Lithium Corp.

The real electric cars are finally coming on our streets. Stage one of The Tide is coming with two Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the West to start mass-market adoption phase: GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3. Both electric cars are priced below $40,000 and give you more than 200 miles range. The Switch will happen when millions of people will be buying electric cars instead of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) ones. The demand for Mobility is already here, all we have to do is to make EVs better and cheaper than cancer hazard polluting ICE ones. Then millions of customers will start The Switch literally. Read more.

Tesla Model 3 production candidate.

The Switch And Lithium Race: Electric Boom - Dozens EV Models Available Through 2020.

Miles of electric range.

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

This is when one picture is better than thousand words. Electric Cars are coming. The Switch is here. Enjoy. And if you are missing words, they are below with links for your further research to find out for yourself why all cars will be electric and much faster than a lot of people anticipate it.

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

The Tide Is Coming: The Economist: Electric Cars Are Set To Arrive Far More Speedily Than Anticipated.

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