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Lithium Race With Its Own Shadow: Apple 'In Talks To Buy McLaren'

Motor1 Apple iCar Imagined.

  It looks like Tim Cook does not really need to buy McLaren just to sell software after all? Poor Apple - they are talking to every tree just to get into the automotive business, now you can better appreciate what Elon Musk has achieved alone with his team at Tesla. My previous post reflects all my frustration with the progress Apple is making towards its dream of the first $1 Trillion dollars market cap company.

"What is really important that EVs sales in China are totally dominated by the Chinese automakers. Now we have 25 companies which are making 51 models of electric cars in China. And ... 200 companies are  developing 4,000 new models of electric cars! Not all of them will be Teslas, but we can see what state-level military planning can do. When in the West will we see our new "Manhattan Project" aim to destroy the corruption holding us all back for years with "Clean Diesel" and "Not So Dirty Petrol" cars? Nothing is perfect anywhere and China will take a lot of titles in this field as well, but I am talking about us - when will we start thinking longer than the next turn on the road or Q results? Elon Musk has taken us very far with his own money, holding the ground of the best Lithium Technology and Electric Cars alone against all China state-level planning military machine. Now we need millions of electric cars and very fast. Who will make it? When finally Apple electric car is coming if ever? Where are all those Titans of the E-Commerce, Technology and INTERNET who are swimming in cash - searches, RTs and likes are great, but do you really need them when you cannot breathe anymore? All questions are rhetorical, nothing will change before you start it. Stop buying cancer hazard polluting ICE-age garbage, join our call "Ban Diesel UK" and spread the message.
  For those who like to connect the dots and blessed with more than 30 seconds attention span, I will provide a few links showing what is really happening in the Energy rEVolution Universe now. Read more."

Lithium Dreams: How The Apple iCar Could Crack The Automotive Industry.

  "We are waiting for the electric car from Apple for so long that it is almost totally fading from the news flow these days. The counter-rumour that Apple is not really working on the electric iCar, but just on autonomous driving software was very effective as well.  
  Dear Tim Cook, just bring it on! Just send enough defibrillators to every HQ of all automakers in the world and announce that Apple is making the real electric iCar!  Please have some mercy: they are literally choking on their own cancer hazard pollution "surprised" that it is really so bad, like 12 times above the limits even for the new diesel models. according to CNBC 
  And if you are not making it, let's all just move on and we can forget about Apple becoming the first Trillion Dollars Market Cap company. You can release another ten types of Apple Watch and double the size of the iPad - you will not get there. You need a new drive, a new market - like $4 Trillion transportation industry to crack.
  You will not be able to buy Tesla anymore, Elon Musk has made it alone. Even we are developing our lithium projects without your billions already. Everything is in place: Lithium Technology, people are waiting for the best electric cars like Tesla Model 3 to buy and you have the CAPITAL. Enough to start making millions of the best electric cars only Apple can make and sell with your iconic brand.  Stop sitting on your cash offshore, make a strategic alliance with Tesla and start building Lithium Gigafactories on every continent. Bring the prices of lithium batteries down to $100 per kWh fast. License the Tesla Model 3 powertrain and built your iCar around it. Make it with 200 miles range for $20k and save the world or charge twice and get to the Trillion Market Cap faster.
  This article is the best compilation of all available information on Apple iCar I have seen. Great job, Greg Kable! You can find my personal history of waiting for the Apple Electric iCar on the links below. And I do hope, that the real Apple iCar will be looking much better! At least like imagined by Motor1 above. The most important new information for my followers - if it is true we can be very close to my millions of electric cars: read more.

"Those who have held talks with the Apple president during the past 12 months, including executives from AudiBMW, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz are under no illusion of the company’s intentions. They are convinced Cook has already given the go-ahead to the partly autonomous iCar and expect it will be launched by 2021 as a precursor to a fully autonomous successor model to be introduced around 2026 as regulatory conditions are altered to allow features such as fully automated parking.
Apple’s goal? An initial 500,000 sales annually, according to those that have met with Cook. That might not sound like much for a company that manages to shift some 230 million smartphones each year. However, it is an acceptable target for a company new to the automotive scene and 10 times what another one of California’s electric car start-ups, Tesla, managed in 2015. As a further point of reference, combined sales of the BMW i3 and i8 totalled just 29,500 last year."

Lithium Race: South Korea’s Battery Technology Expected To Be Used By Apple For Its Electric Car.


  Are they making it or are they not? Rumours are running wild about Apple and its electric car and now I have another one this time from South Korea. 

  "We have another rumour swirling around Apple Electric Car. It is coming to change our world overnight - it is impossible to keep the lid on this kind of groundbreaking development for Apple forever. Tesla Model 3 now has more than 400,000 reservations in just two weeks and it was a total shock to the auto industry. Hot money is chasing the supply for EVs as now it is apparent that the future will be electric. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of rEVolution."

Lithium Race: Bottled Electricity - Does Apple Lease Former Pepsi Bottling Plant For Electric iCar? 

  "As you already know, that the Next Big Thing is based on the Miracle of Bottled Electricity. Lithium Technology allows us to store electricity: the most efficient form of energy known to us - in the very efficient way. Tesla Motors has demonstrated what it means in practice: acceleration of Porsche 911 and smooth silent drive for 300 miles on a single charge. Now cheaper lithium batteries change everything. In order to become the first $1 Trillion Market Cap company, Apple has to play Electric iCar right. People will pay a premium for Apple, but I was always advocating a strategic alliance with Tesla. Tesla has all technology in place, Apple has capital, huge brand and Foxconn cheap manufacturing base. Two last pieces to the puzzle: Foxconn is building its own electric cars plant in China for $800 million and Lithium Batteries Megafactory. Mysterious Foxconn electric car for $15k can be another groundbreaking development. In the end, the Tesla Model 3 can provide the best powertrain and almost all iPhones and iPads are made in China by Foxconn. Lithium is at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution. Stay tuned for our new mix tracks for the International Lithium launch party. Read more."

The Telegraph:

Apple 'in talks to buy McLaren'

Apple is reportedly in talks with McLaren, the British luxury car manufacturer, over an acquisition or strategic investment that would be the clearest indication yet of its plans to shake up the motor industry.
Talks between Apple and McLaren Technology Group have been underway for several months over a deal that would be worth upwards of £1bn, according to the Financial Times.
The Woking-based company counts the McLaren Formula One team and McLaren Automotive, the high-performance road car manufacturer as subsidiaries, but also an applied technology division.
Apple has long been rumoured to have ambitions to build its own electric car, but the project is believed to have stalled in recent months with the company focusing on developing the software behind other manufacturers’ vehicles."

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