Sunday, 4 September 2016

Ban Diesel UK: Lithium Race Towards Clean Air In London - Uber Unveils A Fleet Of Electric Cars.

  The word fleet sounds too much for just 50 electric cars from Nissan and BYD to be deployed by Uber on London streets with millions of cars emitting over the limits cancer hazard pollution every year. But it is the great start for promoting electric cars by the great company. High-frequency use of Uber's electric fleet will multiply the effect: more and more people will see the real alternative to ICE-age cars available today. The best effect will be to use Tesla Model S to really show how far the lithium technology and electric cars can already go to tackle the horrible air pollution in our cities. Lithium Technology is here to Ban Diesel UK! Please note, how Warren Buffett's BYD is making its way with electric cars in the West now.

Join "Ban Diesel UK" Campaign: DieselGate In Europe - How Officials Ignored Years Of Emissions Evidence.

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"Meeting minutes, correspondence and conversation records that SPIEGEL ONLINE and the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet have obtained now show that the European Commission and member states knew, since 2010 at the latest, that the extremely harmful emissions from diesel cars were strikingly higher than legal levels.
But apparently none of the officials wanted the automakers to tell them why this was the case. According to EU officials, pressure from countries with a strong auto industry, most notably Germany, significantly reduced interest in an investigation. Instead of doing something about the environmental policy violation, the Commission and the member states passed the buck to each other. This undignified back-and-forth even continued after the VW scandal about manipulated diesel cars in the United States was exposed in September 2015. Spiegel. Links to the full article are below." Read more.

Lithium Race: Fully Charged - BYD e6 Electric Taxi From Warren Buffett Built In China For London.

  "BYD became the number one manufacturer of electric cars in the world this year taking over Nissan and Tesla. It is time check out what actually they are making to electrify our future and why this company is so important for the Energy rEVolution. BYD is the conglomerate from China with Warren Buffett holding a stake in it. BYD is the biggest manufacturer in the world of electric buses, they are building its own lithium batteries Megafactories in China and Brazil, its electric cars are the top-selling electric cars in China. This year BYD has launched its utility energy storage in the U.S. and now is investing in lithium mining in China to secure the supply of this strategic commodity for the Energy rEVolution. Today we have the opportunity to know more about this company and its new electric taxi for London with Fully Charged. Watch the video."

Lithium Race: World’s Top 10 Selling Plug-In Electric Cars And Top 10 Manufacturers – May 2016.


  "InsideEVs provides the latest data on electric cars sales. Tesla Model S is closing on Nissan Leaf with its 16,824 sales this year from January to May vs Leaf's 22,982. As no surprise to us, BYD is the world's top EV manufacturer with 33,209 electric cars produced vs Nissan's 24,246, with Tesla claiming the 3rd place with 21,677 EVs made. Elon Musk is aiming for 80k - 90k Teslas to be produced this year. Now let's put it into perspective with his announcement of 500,000 Teslas to be produced in 2018 and 1 million EVs by 2020! But the real story is happening in Asia right now, China has become the largest market for electric cars last year already and you can see the new names coming into the EV Top Ten Manufactures like BAIC with 10,464 in sales.  There are now 28 companies producing 51 models of electric cars in China already!  Read more."

The Telegraph:

Uber unveils a fleet of electric cars

Fully electric cars will now be available on the Uber app as the taxi firm tries to help tackle air pollution in London.
With the first battery-powered vehicles hitting the capital's roads from Wednesday, the company said more than 50 fully electric cars will be available on the app in the capital by the end of September.
Uber said it also has plans to introduce the vehicles to at least one other UK city this autumn.
Jo Bertram, regional general manager of Uber in the UK, said: "People already associate Uber with hybrid cars, but we now want to go a big step further with fully electric cars on the road from today.
"We are determined to use technology to help tackle the challenge of air pollution in London and across the UK.
"Our car-sharing service has already saved more than 1.3 million miles and 231 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide.
"With electric vehicles - and more people sharing their journey and leaving their own cars at home - there's even more we can do."
More than 60 per cent of Uber journey miles in London already take place in hybrid cars, and the car-sharing service UberPool which launched in the city last year has saved more than 98,000 litres of petrol.
The new Uber option has been been brought to the roads in partnership with car manufacturers BYD and Nissan.
A three-month study into the electric vehicles programme will be conducted by the Energy Saving Trust.
It will look at the feasibility of running large numbers of private hire vehicles in the UK, as well as the experience, driving patterns, economics and capacity of London's current network of charging points to support the cars.
And if the programme is successful, Uber expects to have hundreds of fully electric vehicles running on its app next year.
Ms Bertram added: "Of course there are challenges ahead. A bigger roll-out of fully electric cars needs a good network of charging points and the economics must add up for drivers too.
"That's why the three-month study by the Energy Saving Trust is so important.
"We look forward to seeing the results and sharing the findings with the Government, Transport for London and the Mayor."

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