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Join The Lithium Ion rEVolution: Four Slides From The Benchmark World Tour 2016 | Benchmark Minerals.

   My very good friends from Benchmark Minerals Simon Moores and Andrew Miller are on the road again educating the investment public about Energy rEVolution and supply chains of the critical commodities to feed the electrification of our Transportation and Energy sectors. We are talking here about $12 Trillion industries being disrupted by Lithium Technology.  They are among my most trusted sources of our Lithium Universe. You can find their brilliant slides in my presentation below and for the most recent information follow them on Twitter and subscribe to the service. If you are lucky, you can still get some places on the Benchmark World 2016 Tour. It is highly recommended.

Update September 9th, 2016:

Elon Musk Moves To Tesla Solar Cities: The Goal - Exit The Fossil Fuels Era As Soon As Possible.

"...Technology is driving us very fast to those right prices. The map from Solar City above is showing the space we need to power all USA with existing Solar Power generation technology today. Fast falling prices for lithium batteries make Electric Cars and Solar power possible.  UBS has recent finally killed Hydrogen Myth and Fool Cells for transportation in its report - pure battery electric cars will be the  future. Boston Consulting Group at the same Benchmark Battery Supply Conference in London was talking about Solar in Germany. For 40% households, it makes more sense to buy Solar and Energy Storage together already! The return on the capital is higher. Elon Musk is using the market opportunity to pick up Solar City at the distressed level of valuation and bring it into the Tesla family creating the 21st Century Energy Business. We are talking here about Energy Generation and Storage business disrupting $12 trillion industries. Some of this storage will be on wheels, some at your house, some at utility scale - Elon Musk goes to the 1st level of physics: electricity is the most efficient form of energy known to us. Now we can produce Solar power cheaper and we can store it and use when we can. Read more."

Lithium 2.0 Launch: Security Of Supply - Galaxy Resources To Buy General Mining In Lithium Takeover.

  "This chart of lithium price in China is keeping awake at night very many people now in our very small industry. Quite a lot of them have totally missed the launch of Lithium 2.0 and now the security of supply is the major geopolitical issue. Tesla is still relying on Panasonic to supply lithium cells and a lot of people are relying on the "Lithium Found in Nevada" under Tesla's Gigafactory floor.
  Ganfeng Lithium: $4.5 billion giant from China is the strategic partner of International Lithium and now financing two of our J/V operations in Ireland and in Argentina. We are going where Lithium is and not just the hype around it. As we have discussed before, Lithium 2.0 is now for real as we have the real electric cars finally on the road and GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 bring us mass market for electric cars.  Cheap lithium batteries change everything. Exponential growth in EVs sales is following by deployment of Energy Storage now. Read more."

International Lithium At Wentworth 2016 Presentation.

Benchmark Minerals:


The lithium ion battery megafactories are being built and low cost, abundant cells are on their way. As a result, the way we store and use energy is about to fundamentally change.
As part of our industry leading World Tour 2016 series of seminars, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has outlined four must read slides that explain the story.
  1. The lithium ion battery industry is young… 
Commercialisation in the niche battery sector takes a long time. It is only in the last ten years that the lithium ion battery has taken off owing to its uptake in smartphones. This is despite chemistry being invented in the 1970s and first being commercially used in the early 1990s.
Benchmark believes we are now entering a fourth phase of battery commercialisation with pure electric vehicles and utility storage markets coming of age.
Welcome to the era of the advanced lithium ion battery.
A young industry
2. China is driving new lithium ion demand
While the Tesla Gigafactory 1 is no doubt the catalyst behind the rapid and significant change in the battery industry, it is not the primary driver of demand.
Benchmark Mineral Intelligence data shows that 70% of new lithium ion supply is coming from China where at least 7 battery megafactories are under construction.
slide 1
3. Production costs continue to fall 
The introduction of megafactory scale is the main driver of cost reductions in the battery industry. According to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence forecasts, lithium ion battery production costs are set to fall 15-20% a year for the next five years – the rate of decline is increasing.
slide 2
4. Convergence of disciplines breeds rapid change 
Energy storage is forcing convergence between historically separate industries of energy, automotive and technology. Abundant, low-cost lithium ion batteries are set to change the vehicles we drive and the energy we consume at peak times, a trend that will have wide-reaching implications for all three sectors.
slide 3

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