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Lithium Race: Richard Branson Says In 15 Years 'Every Car On The Road Will Be Electric'.

   We have another spokesperson from the "Electric Billionaire Club" talking about Electric Cars. Richard Branson is even more aggressive than McKinsey and follows Elon Musk and Tony Seba with their predictions about adoption rates for electric. He knows a thing or two about disruption after creating numerous successful companies which changed the landscape of many industries forever in music, air and train transportation, financials and many others. Now he is involved in Formula E and there were some reports that he will be more engaged in electric space with his own Virgin Electric Car. Richard Branson definitely knows what performance lithium technology can deliver, will he deliver his own magic touch to bring it to the millions now and fast? His star power to disrupt $12 Trillion Energy and Transportation industries will be very much appreciated now.
  While a general public is still sleeping at the wheels of cancer hazard polluting diesel and petrol cars, "Electric Billionaire Club" is busy adding billions to their fortunes.   Elon Musk is working now on his "Secret Master Plan" promised to be released shortly - I guess to add to the excitement and publicity around Tesla Gigafactory Grand Opening on July 29th.  What this one will be about? "Creating a seamlessly integrated Tesla battery & solar power product that looks beautiful", as Elon Musk twitted about the reason for Tesla buying out Solar City. Will Tesla announce the "Mobile Phone" style payment plan for its Electric Cars and Solar systems, when customers can choose  an electric car from Tesla or add to it Tesla's Solar System including Energy Storage and pay a simple monthly fee for it? Or can we expect something even more groundbreaking? For example, like how to make millions of electric cars Tesla Model 3 really super fast? I will throw the wild one: major strategic alliance announcement with Apple to build dozens of Gigafactories all around the world and license Tesla Model 3 powertrains.
  Or will it be another member of "Electric Billionaire club involved? Warren Buffett has a stake in BYD. This New Energy conglomerate from China is the largest EVs manufacturer in the world, conveniently located in the largest market for electric cars in China. Any combination of technology, skills, capital and market access in China between Tesla and BYD will throw all other automakers back in the ICE age overnight. Then Sir Branson will be definitely right on a spot with his prediction. 
  Another billionaire Sir Dyson is building his own electric cars and it will not be the vacuum cleaner on wheels, according to the reports. He bought the Sakti3 and promised to invest $1 billion in order to commercialise Lithium Solid State technology, which promises lithium battery cost dropping to the magic $100 per kWh and range for Tesla Model S and X at 500 miles. 
  All in all, we have the major developments in our electric space when billions of dollars are being invested in the fast developing lithium technology which brings very fast better and cheaper products. Welcome to the Energy rEVolution: when Solar is powering Electric Cars which are better and cheaper than the ICE age ones! Now you can better appreciate my ideas in "Lithium 2.0 Launch".

Lithium 2.0 Launch: Why Is It different This Time?

  "This chart of lithium price in China is keeping awake at night very many people now in our very small industry. Quite a lot of them have totally missed the launch of Lithium 2.0 and now the security of supply is the major geopolitical issue. Tesla is still relying on Panasonic to supply lithium cells and a lot of people are relying on the "Lithium Found in Nevada" under Tesla's Gigafactory floor.
  Ganfeng Lithium: $4.5 billion giant from China is the strategic partner of International Lithium and now financing two of our J/V operations in Ireland and in Argentina. We are going where Lithium is and not just the hype around it. As we have discussed before, Lithium 2.0 is now for real as we have the real electric cars finally on the road and GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 bring us mass market for electric cars.  Cheap lithium batteries change everything. Exponential growth in EVs sales is following by deployment of Energy Storage now. Read more".

"Ganfeng exports and produces over 20 unique lithium products. In addition, it has developed an innovative patented technology that significantly shortens the standard production process. To support their expanding global operations, Ganfeng has taken steps to secure its future supply by investing heavily in a Canadian company called International Lithium Corp (TSX.V: ILC)." Peter Cole.

Lithium Race: Richard Branson - Formula E Is Back, Faster Than Ever.


  "These are very cool pictures, Sir! Your help and magic touch are needed. China is taking over Lithium Supply. Where will the lithium come for all your beautiful cars? And if you were serious talking about Electric Cars the other day, there is a serious talk for us. Time has come to go electric, Lithium Technology is making it possible. You already know it. Now it is time to look at the basics, where the batteries are coming from and who controls 75% of Lithium Hydroxide for them. Read more."


Fuel-powered cars may soon be a thing of the past, according to Sir Richard Branson, who has suggested that within 15 years “every car on the road will be electric”.
Speaking at the London ePrix in Battersea Park, part of the 2015-2016 Formula E motorsport series, the Virgin boss detailed what he believes will be a bright future for electric vehicles.
The FIA Formula E Championship is a class of auto racing introduced in 2014 that uses only electric-powered cars and it is hoped the event will help propel and improve electric vehicle technology.
The entrepreneur's DS Virgin Racing team have been involved in the series since its initial season and have been part of the movement experimenting with environmentally friendly mobility innovations and sustainable technology.
“Formula E is pushing the boundaries forward into what will be the future, Sir Richard told CNN.
What we're doing with these race cars is pushing the technology forward so that road cars one day will be able to go hundreds of miles without having to recharge their batteries.
In 2015, electric cars accounted for just 0.1 per cent of the total number of cars on the road across the world, according to the International Energy Agency.
However, the Electric Vehicles Initiative has set a goal of putting 20 million electric cars on the road by 2020 – which would give a global market share of around 1.7 per cent.
Earlier this year, a report by Bloomberg said electric cars will be cheaper than conventional ones by 2022, with the declining cost in batteries a major factor in pushing prices down.
It projected that sales of electric cars will hit 41 million, or a third of the market by 2040 – almost 90 times the equivalent figure for 2015.
The growth of the electric cars could also have a dramatic effect on oil, according to the report, by displacing oil demand of 2 million barrels a day as early as 2023.
Sir Richard has suggested government policy could enable the growth in electric cars. If governments set the ground rules,he said, and for instance said, ‘more than 50 per cent of cars must be battery-driven in 10 years and 100 per cent in 15 years,’ we could make that happen.”
Writing on a Virgin blog he added: I truly believe the day when everybody drives an electric car is not too far away, and the advancements made through this sport will help that dream become a reality.”
He also suggests introducing Formula E street-racing in major cities such as London will help the electric car's future. 
“I enjoyed a productive meeting with the London Mayor’s office at the race,” wrote Sir Richard, “discussing the potential for E Racing to become a street sport in London next time around.
“These cars could go places no other races can go – we suggested the idea of either starting and finishing the ePrix inside the o2 Arena, or racing via Park Lane, Hyde Park Corner and The Mall.”
The new Formula E season will begin on 9 October in Hong Kong, finishing in New York on 30 July 2017. It includes three new cities - Marrakech, Brussels and Montreal - on its 14-race calendar."


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