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Ganfeng And International Lithium In EV Race: 25 Companies Are Making 51 Models Of Electric Cars In China Already.

Lithium Race: World’s Top 10 Selling Plug-In Electric Cars And Top 10 Manufacturers – May 2016.


  We are all excited by Tesla's headlines and the coming new catalyst for the lithium market with the opening of Gigafactory later this month, but the real story of the lithium race is happening in China right now. China has become the largest auto market in the world for electric cars last year and BYD has become already the biggest manufacturer of electric cars in the world this year. Waren Buffett holds the stake in BYD and this New Energy conglomerate is taking the world with its electric buses and electric cars. This year BYD has moved into utility energy storage as well in the U.S.  with EDF.
  It is called The New Energy in China and is a part of the 5-year plans which are exercised with military discipline for the last few decades. Electric Cars, Solar and Wind power with lithium battery domination are all parts of the building of this strategic industry in China to rule in the 21st century.
  25 companies are making 51 models of electric cars in China already and they are not all Teslas yet but are getting very fast there. The whole new strategic industry is being created from scratch and companies like Ganfeng Lithium are growing very fast from $3 million dollars in sales in 2000 to $4.5 billion in market cap now. Ganfeng Lithium is the strategic partner of International Lithium and finances our two J/V projects in Ireland and Argentina. In this EV race into the 21st-century Energy rEVolution, the security of lithium supply becomes the most important factor for the leaders to keep their dominant position in the fast-changing market place.

Joe Lowry: The Top Five Lithium Market Myths.

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  Joe Lowry is sharing with us another insight into his "Opaque Lithium Kingdom" and I will share along with his previous post some links providing more info on the $4.5 Billion giant from China Ganfeng Lithium and its approach to secure the supply of lithium raw materials.

"Ganfeng exports and produces over 20 unique lithium products.In addition, it has developed an innovative patented technology that significantly shortens the standard production process. To support their expanding global operations, Ganfeng has taken steps to secure its future supply by investing heavily in a Canadian company called International Lithium Corp (TSX.V: ILC)." Peter Cole.


Chinese-Made Electric Cars

Listed below are highway-capable plug-in EVs built in China by either native car-makers or foreign-sino joint ventures. The database here covers mainly passenger cars; electric buses and trucks in general are not included. The first table documents pure-electric models, and the second plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). We will update the database regularly following the development of the China’s EV industry. Please click on individual models for photos and specs. 
All-electric passenger cars
MakerModelBattery TypeDriving Range (km)Top Speed (km/h)List Price (Yuan)Release date
BAIC (Beijing Auto)ES 210Lithium Ion 175130346,900Dec. 2014
EU260Ternary Lithium260140254,900Nov. 2015
E150 EV Lithium Ion 140125249,800Mid 2013
C30 EV Lithium Ion 200160
Beiqi FotonMidi EV Lithium Manganese170140100,000 after subsidies
BMW BrillianceZinoro 1ELithium iron phosphate150130400,000March 2014
e6LiFePO4400140309,800Limited release in 2010
K9LiFePO4250-30062.1mphest. 2,000,000Oct. 2010
BYD-DaimlerDENZA EVLiFePO4253150369,000/ 399,000April 2014
ChanganBenni EV Lithium Ion 150120Less than 100,000 after rebates
E30Lithium Ion 160125About 100,000 after rebates100 Changan E30 EVs started to serve as taxis in Beijing in Feb. 2012.
Eado EVLithium Ion 160140About 200,000H1 2015
Chery eQ EV Lithium Ion 200100159,000- 164,900Nov 2014
Riich M1LiFePO4120- 150120149,800- 229,800Nov. 2010
Dongfeng E30LLithium Ion16080Late 2014
Dongfeng NissanVenucia E30Lithium Ion160A fleet started to serve as taxis in Dalian in September 2013.
FAWBesturn B50 EVLithium Ion140147
FAW ToyotaRanz EVLithium Ion120
FAW VolkswagenCarelyLiFePO4110145
GeelyEmgrand EVTernary Lithium253140251,800- 265,800Nov 2016
Great WallHaval M3 EVLiFePO4160130
GreenWheel EVJimma (Jummer)Lithium Ion 160110
HafeiSaibao EV Lithium Ion 180- 200130180,000
HaimaFreema EV LiFePO416090160,000Public trial in 2011 
JACiEVLiFePO416095169,800Sept. 2012
Kandi EVK11 (Panda EV)LiFePO480802014
Lifan 320 EV LiFePO4100- 150120
620 EV LiFePO4200120
SAIC (Shanghai Auto)Maxus EV80LiFePO4170179,000- 499,000Nov. 20, 2014
Roewe E50LiFePO4180130234,900Nov. 5, 2012
Shanghai GMSpringo EV (Chevy Sail EV)LiFePO4130- 200130258,000Nov. 2012
ZotyeZotye Zhidou (ZD)Lithium ion12080108,8002014
Cloud 100 EV Li(NiCoMn)O215085150,000
E200 Lithium Ion 12080
E30 Lithium Ion 15080
5008 (Nomad II) EV LiFePO4200100210,000early 2010
M300 EV LiFePO4200120250,0002010
Plug-in Hybrid Cars
MakerModelBattery CapacityList Price (Yuan)Release date
BMW BrillianceBMW 530Le40AH698,900Jan. 15, 2015
BYDQin 13KWH189,800– 209,800Dec. 17, 2013
Shangest. 139,800– 169,800H2 2015
Songest. 250,000H2 2015
Tang18.4KWHest. 300,000H2 2015
Yuanest. 200,000H2 2015
Chery Arrizo 7 PHEV9.2KWHLate 2015
FAW VolkswagenAudi A6L e-tron14.1KWH2016
GAC (Guangzhou Auto)Trumpchi GA5 REV13KWH199,300– 219,300Oct. 2014
SAIC (Shanghai Auto)Roewe e550 (550 PHEV)11.8KWH248,800– 259,800Nov. 2013
VolvoS60L PHEV11.2KWH505,900– 559,900April 22, 2015

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