Wednesday, 27 July 2016

International Lithium And Ganfeng: Big Investment In Argentina - Anuncian Millonaria Inversión Minera Para Salta.

   I have a message for our followers, investors and stakeholders from Argentina. Our story is getting out now with the rapid advance of Mariana Lithium brine project in Salta. New approved budget of USD 12 million dollars for Mariana will make all the difference now on the way to a maiden resource being calculated and a pilot plant applications. Ganfeng Lithium is a $4.5 billion dollars market cap giant from China holds 19 patents for lithium products. This access to capital and the most advanced lithium extraction technology provides International Lithium with its unique position in order to develop our Mariana J/V to potentially produce the lithium product end-users like Ganfeng are using. 
  I was very pleased to meet recently with Argentine Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary R. Carlos Sersale di Cerisano in London at Argentina Investment Forum. Vladimir Werning Chief of Staff in the Finance Ministry and Member of the Board of The Central Bank of Argentina was very interested in our project as the positive example of his country coming back into normal business life. Now we have another major vote of confidence for the proud people of Argentina.

Ganfeng Lithium And International Lithium Approve USD 12 Million Budget To Accelerate The Mariana Lithium Brine Project In Argentina.

“Our combined perseverance over the last five years has culminated in this momentous milestone. We look forward with our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium to the advancement of the Mariana Lithium brine project towards operational permitting” states Mr. Kirill Klip, President, International Lithium Corp. “This is a clear indication that our careful approach in identifying high quality projects at an early stage of development, whether they are brines or pegmatites, and sourcing strategic partners to assist in the development of these assets is proven successful. ILC intends to apply this approach and rapidly advance the Company’s portfolio of high quality lithium projects in this increasingly vital market segment.” Read NR.

International Lithium Discovers Deeper Aquifer At the Mariana Lithium Brine Project In Argentina, A Joint Venture With Ganfeng Lithium.

  We are very pleased to celebrate our 5th IPO anniversary with our strategic partner $4.5 Billion giant from China Ganfeng Lithium. These new discoveries at Mariana Lithium Brine J/V project in Argentina and at Avalonia Lithium Hard Rock J/V project in Ireland show International Lithium's very deep technical Team at its best, delivering the results  based on the advanced exploration technologies developed by ILC both for lithium brine and lithium hard rock projects. On behalf of all shareholders, I would like to thank all ILC Team and particularly Gary Schellenberg, Anthony Covacs, John Harrop, Bruno Kasper and Mike Sieb for these outstanding exploration results bringing Mariana and Avalonia projects to the new level of development.

Mr Kirill Klip, President, International Lithium Corp. comments, “The recent exploration results show that Mariana is exhibiting the potential to be a significant source of lithium brine. The joint venture project, together with Ganfeng Lithium will strive to acquire the necessary data to rapidly advance the project to a pilot plant testing facility. We are currently experiencing recognition in the capital markets as to the importance of lithium supply and Argentina comes to the forefront of jurisdictions that have the ability to develop a secure supply of lithium raw materials for electric vehicles and the increasing energy storage markets.”

International Lithium And Ganfeng Lithium Discover New Pegmatite At The Avalonia Lithium Project, Ireland.

 "We have another discovery at our Avalonia J/V project In Ireland with $4.5 billion giant from China Ganfeng Lithium."

 "Gary Schellenberg, CEO, International Lithium Corp. comments, "This programme was successful in both delineating further mineralization at one of the project's main lithium pegmatites, and testing earlier stage targets we have advanced along the belt. Developing the pegmatite at Aclare is a high priority, but we also firmly believe in the potential for significant undiscovered pegmatites along the entire 30-kilometre belt. We are particularly looking forward to returning to explore the extensive pegmatite boulder trains at Moylisha"

International Lithium At Wentworth 2016 Presentation.

CEO-Roaster With International Lithium Corp.: Building A Green Energy Metals Royalty Company.

  It took International Lithium 7 years of building its Lithium business and 5 years of partnership with Ganfeng Lithium: $4.5 billion market cap giant from China - to receive this acknowledgement to celebrate our 5th IPO anniversary: Watch the video."

"Ganfeng has a strong commitment to supply Lithium product to various industries worldwide,” stated Ganfeng’s Director, Wang Xiaoshen, “so we clearly have a vested interest in these projects and have been very hands-on in the evaluation of ILC’s properties. Our company is the only one in the world that has commercial production capacities to extract Lithium from both brine and spodumene, and we continually implement cutting-edge technologies to our processes. I feel confident that this is a fit for our operations and the potential these projects hold." Read more."

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Informante Salta:

Anuncian millonaria inversión minera para Salta

El Proyecto Mariana de litio en Salta, obtuvo la aprobación de un presupuesto de 12 millones de dólares para acelerar los estudios de exploración y desarrollo del proyecto localizado en el Salar de Llullaillaco, cerca del límite con Chile.

Después de una reciente visita muy alentadora, ejecutivos de GFL e ILC revisaron y aprobaron una propuesta de presupuesto para completar los estudios técnicos definitivos. Estos estudios son fundamentales para la presentación de solicitudes de permisos ambientales para realizar pruebas a escala piloto de evaporación en el sitio del proyecto Mariana.

Para lograr esto, las compañías ampliarán el actual programa de perforación y el objetivo de tener un recurso para una parte del Salar de Llullaillaco en el otoño / invierno de 2016. Además, las empresas contratarán a los resultados de la reciente evaporación a escala de laboratorio y encalado prueba para diseñar y construir una serie de estanques de evaporación de las pruebas a pequeña escala en el sitio.
Hidrológica, la caracterización de acuíferos, y los estudios ambientales serán programadas para cumplir el objetivo de permisos, así como pruebas de bombeo corto y largo plazo.

"Nuestra perseverancia combinada en los últimos cinco años ha culminado en este hito trascendental. Esperamos con nuestro socio estratégico Ganfeng de litio, el avance del proyecto de salmuera de litio Mariana hacia una fase operativa", afirma Kirill Klip, presidente, litio Corp. Internacional. "Esta es una clara muestra de que nuestro enfoque cuidadoso en la identificación de proyectos de alta calidad en una etapa temprana de desarrollo, ya sean salmueras o pegmatitas, y que obtienen los socios estratégicos para ayudar en el desarrollo de estos activos, han sido exitosos. CIT propone avanzar rápidamente en una cartera de proyectos de litio de alta calidad de la compañía en este segmento de mercado cada vez más vital ".

Sobre Corp. Internacional de litio

Lithium Corp. International es una compañía de exploración con una cartera activa de proyectos, una fuerte identificación en gestión, el apoyo financiero robusto y un socio estratégico y la piedra angular de los inversores Ganfeng litio Co. Ltd., fabricante líder de China de productos a base de litio.

El enfoque principal de la Compañía es el proyecto de salmuera de litio-potasio Mariana, una empresa conjunta con Ganfeng litio Co. Ltd. dentro del "Cinturón de litio" sudamericano reconocido, que es el receptor de la gran mayoría de los recursos de litio a nivel mundial, las reservas y la producción. El proyecto Mariana abarca 160 kilómetros cuadrados, en una cuenca donde hay una rica evaporación del mineral, que se ubica como uno de los salares más prospectivos o "lagos de sal" en la región."